The New CNN en Espanol…

The New York Times’ Larry Richter writes about changes to CNN en Espanol…

NEW programs, new talent, new sets, a fancy new studio in Miami and a new logo featuring an outsize, stylized tilde. In an effort to broaden its appeal to Hispanic viewers in the United States, CNN en Español, the Spanish-language branch of the cable news giant based here, is undergoing a fundamental reconfiguration of both its content and image.

Gone is the repetitive traditional half-hour hard-news block that has been the Spanish network’s sustenance since it began broadcasting 14 years ago this week, replaced by informational, magazine-style shows meant to reinforce the new slogan “Live the news.” Three of those programs made their debuts last week: a business, investment and money-management show called “CNN Dinero”; a late-night wrap-up called “Conclusiones”; and a live, three-hour morning show called “Café CNN.”


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