TJ Holmes Done with American Morning…

Holmes just issued this tweet

Signing off on @cnnam. Today is my last day with this show. Thank you all for your support. Hope you will continue to support this show.

This begs the obvious question: Has CNN found a permanent replacement for that show? If so, who? If not, who’s next going to fill in for an extended period?

Update: CNN says Christine Romans is sitting in with Kiran Chetry next week.

23 Responses to “TJ Holmes Done with American Morning…”

  1. Josh Kalb Says:

    T.J. seemed like the ideal co-host. If they go with someone else he better be good.

    They might have other plans for T.J. I can’t imagine putting him back on weekend mornings.

  2. whitneymuse Says:

    Too bad, he was a good personality as a reader and good do fill, well. There’s something very wrong at that agency; IMO, the rats are jumping off right and left. The one guy left to be near his prego wife, but that’s the only one that doesn’t fall into the “rat” category.

  3. […] T. J. is on his way as of today. In his place behind the AM desk with co-anchor Kiran Chetry will be Christine Romans next week […]

  4. big67deal01 Says:

    Those in charge at Fox News didn’t give in to Chetry’s diva demands, but it appears that CNN is doing everything in their power to keep her while everyone else seems disposable. The ratings for AM are horrible, yet Kiran gets to stay while a revolving door of male co-hosts are paraded before us on a regular basis. What’s the deal? Has anyone considered the idea that maybe Kiran is the problem? She may be very hard to work with.

  5. whitneymuse Says:

    This is sad; I can understand John Roberts wanting to be with his wife-to-be; but doesn’t look too good for the morning team at CNN.
    Am not a big CNN watcher at that hour since on the west coast and if watching it’s usually for business news and that’s CNBC , for me.
    Agree with the DIVA remark about Chetry, too. (if it was true that she wanted a firing of a co at FNC…(that’s what was alleged, right?)
    (just for old-timers, remember the fellow that was on Weekends that loved to talk golf, he had the full braces?)

    BTW, Off topic, I see a bunch of red lines on this; and it may be type-o or not; I have a slight disability and if I’m messing up…I’ll ban myself or make some changes,as I agree that misspellings and typing errors make it too hard to read.

    BTW, am I the only one having problems with the size of the font and the white type on Black?

    Thanks, and apologies for the previous mis-typings to the person that called it to my attention.

    Honestly not trying to mess up, here.

  6. whitneymuse Says:

    Wikipedia still has a John Roberts and Kiran Chetry picture and mentions nothing about the lineup change; guess it’s Monday for us news hounds.

    Maybe it’s a way to keep us early morning news consumers tuned into their AM show and count our eyeballs.

  7. Hey Whitney, you’re doing fine. Don’t go banning yourself on my account. Whatever extra effort you’ve put into clarifying your comments is working. It wasn’t the typos so much as the missing words. It sounded like you were racing ahead, and I was having a hard time following your points. I mentioned it because I started skipping your posts, then thought, “I wouldn’t want someone skipping MY posts.” I’m sorry of it seemed harsh. I’m not the most tactful tool in the shed.

    Find the zoom’s on the lower right of Windows screens. I have mine on 125%, sometimes jack it up to 150. My eyes have gone to crap in the last year.

    When I type comments to ICN, it’s on a black-on-white background. Are you seeing that?

    Joe “also on the West Coast” Remi

  8. whitneymuse Says:

    Appreciate your comments;

    This board is one of the most informed and interesting commentary on the news cable news personalities and ops; accidentally found it when I was upset with (Could have been with Beck) and just jumped into the discussion.

    I’ll go looking (after this writing) for the font sizing you mentioned in yours.

    At least the white type on black gives a very high visual S/N so there’s a plus on that score.

    And, yes, that idea of having an increase of 200% in size would be just the cure…was an avid runner all my life…and then had a minor oops that left the fingers and hands compromised; hit the wrong keys because the digits don’t work physiologically as they should sometimes and my eyes do exactly lead and exactly my fingers are lagging…

    My compliments on your great perception; Someone with that kind of talent could hang your shingle out and even get a fee for the service.

    You said, “On the lower right of the Windows screen” …Are you referencing the Control Panel? (that’s the only font sizing that I’m aware)

    My OS BTW: OT,

    Win 7 Pro, Quad AMD Phenom II Black; now only 12 GB RAM is working….the darn clip holding the DIMM into the MOBO, fell off and one DIMM won’t firmly seat into the slot without that little blue plastic clip; solution was to pull the DIMM and jsut run with 3 (4 GB
    RAM DIMMs if anyone has these crummy MSI Mobos, too, with a blue DIMM clip that fell off and not doing its job.

    I’ll go back to the Control panel and see if that helps (because you’re right this font I’m seeing is ~8 point and that’s tiny!

  9. If you press Control and + on your keyboard, it should make the font larger. At least it does with mine.

  10. whitneymuse Says:

    Just back from that suggestion re Font sizing…my excursion was to Control Panel and it requires logging off to take effect; there’s also, at font choice; however, I’ve never been very successful at maintaining a Font selection change.

    As a suggestion I messed with the True type clear when got my first Win 7 and that made the resolution of the type even worse; IMHO, there’s a lot of improvement that Redmond could do for their Win 8 and that’s just a pet peeve voiced here.

    If these excursions into ancillary operating system pet peeves are out of order, I can understand; it bends me a bit when we who have less than perfect near vision are subject to the OS that doesn’t do what the developers are being paid to develop.

    Even purchased an Apple Mini to see if that would help, but it’s still here, un-used; that’s for another day.

    Speaking of another, remember to set your clocks ahead one hour before retiring (tonight 3-12-2011)…

    BTW, one year I manually set my computer time ahead; AND guess what the boys and girls at Redmond had already sent an update that when implemented had already taken care of the daylight savings advance; thus, requiring my good efforts to be manually reset to have the correct time.

    (I know that at least one of us benefited from this suggestion)…

    OT Atta boy, Bill Gates,

    (we aren’t advocating going back to DOS) but since we made you the third richest man in the world and simultaneously one of the richest libs in the world, I would like a more perfect communication tool from Redmond if your’re going to charge us perpetually for its use.

  11. whitneymuse Says:


    You’re GREAT!

  12. – Laura, you’re great! –

    She gets that a lot.

  13. Control and – (minus) takes it in the other direction, for what it’s worth.

  14. whitneymuse Says:


    Aha…that’s what I get for being so new (and bold) to jump into this thread without history; have that thick skin from being like that and its good of you to point that out, too.

    Speeds the learning curve, as well as keeps humility fresh.

    Did anyone hear that the reactor (japan) was an older GE design?

    Seems I heard that sometime between its first report and now (Saturday,3-22)…I know the Chief engineer at Chubo-denki (not well, a man with a daughter (Midori) and family and these guys must be sick that their great industrial infrastructure is failing so publicly on a global level too.

    That’s why I asked about whether anyone knows if this reactor was really an older GE design.

    One thing, for sure that the resultant litigation will tell us.

    Being Japan it just won’t be splattered all over the media; that said, if the Japanese wish to shed some of this awful pub, they may wish to point the stink-finger at the designers, notwithstanding its obvious “Act of God” earth-motion that spawned the events.

    Bends me out that it will slow (maybe forever) our building more safer design nuclear.

    We can’t even extract known oil reserves because it might disturb the perceived mating of the caribou…

  15. whitneymuse Says:

    Josh Kalb
    Said he seemed like the real deal, and I thought the same; he even fit into Chetry’s world, I’ve been so focused on the gobal markets at that hour in the morning, thought maybe I was missing something so had a monitor on watching that interaction, and he made it appear that he was enjoying the banter with her; which begs the question what is that woman like to be with on a longer term?

    Didn’t she get prego there?

    Good, I don’t have to watch because this thread will monitor where TJ makes the reappearance.

  16. Beyond the fact that Chetry is not ugly – duh, most people on TV aren’t – I don’t get the appeal. She has the personality of curtains. Pretty curtains.

  17. they looked awfully tick off, last Friday.. I thought it was something personal, but maybe its was just a bad business split…
    this is a hot seat, and anyone who sits in it does with steel claws, be it man or woman.. so its not unlikely that Kiran is as much a tyrant as the males who have sat there.
    they get paid based on who dominates.

    Its a dog chewing dogs butt, and if one is not of some level of egomanic, they probably won’t get there.
    its also about selling sex, the men fit a mold and the women fit a mold, if they don’t evoke the interest of someone wanting to bang them, then they don’t get the job.

  18. Being real is a challenge, they are script players, they have to have a face for each story which plays to the camera.
    Its showbusiness, and opinion pushing, they don’t report the news, they paint it with their slant.
    new reporting stopped when 24/7 drama and sound bite media usurped what use to be news.

    they make the price of fuel go up by endorsing the rise with a drama sequence.
    You can send in a story about something positive, no news person will respond, because they are about blood, guts and gore, or contempt and contentions, because they thrive on emotion evocation.

    the world is made into a daily hell, by rating seeking networks who make a fortune pushing pills.

    They create a drama fix, and sell pills, now how is this much different than drug addictions and pushers, being one in the same loop.

    I often wonder how do they sleep knowing they have played with the stature of the nations mentality…

    We’ll never have the character of a Cronkite nor will there be another Huntley and Brinkley.

    today its about a pretty face, that smiles while talking, and flirts to play on sex appeal… and then drown the public with a series of 3 minute tid bids, that try and buy into capturing someone to wait through a pill pushing commercial.

    its show-business people, NEWS in the broad media does not exist anyone.

  19. whitneymuse Says:

    joeremi, and et al.

    Never watched the CNN AM show until now; but CNN has done a fine job on the Tsunami-earthquake in Japan.

    And, Romans takes away that female-male thing that may be what fired up Chetry; who knows.

    The only way we know she is agressive is the purported comment that she wanted the Co-Host on Fox & Friends (((((gone)))))

    Could it be she was a former Miss America (Gretchen Carlson)
    and Chetry blah blah blah.

    That alone coujld take a career to overcome.

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