What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/13/11

What’s Hot:

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami – Starting late Thursday night the cable nets were all over the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

NBC News vs. Brian Stelter – That a network might find something a media writer might write objectionable is not surprising. Media writers are always writing things that networks might find objectionable. That the blow back would come publicly on Twitter was very surprising…

Brianna Keilar – Keilar was tapped as a White House Correspondent for CNN.

What’s Not:

Morning Joe – The decision to stick mostly to format on Morning Joe instead of going wall to wall on the Japan earthquake and tsunami was a bad one.

Charlie Sheen – Sheen continued to stay in the news and cable news continued to pander to this not THAT newsworthy subject…


9 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/13/11”

  1. I eventually got around to watching DVR of that MJ. I agree that it was lame, but the problem was obvious: They had a politics panel lined up that – when covering the disaster at the top of the show – weren’t equipped to handle it. And that includes Scarborough; he was completely out of his league covering breaking non-political news.

    Willie was fine with it on Way Too Early. They should have canceled MJ and let him roll with it.

  2. Mika is supposed to be the real anchor on that program. If she wasn’t going to be able to do it, then let Chris Jansing anchor coverage.

  3. Mika is useless when Joe is there. He had been gone most of the week, and should have remained so. She may have had a chance at a decent newscast then.

  4. MJ does not know how to do “regular” much less “breaking”news. It looks like they are grooming Willy to be much more than what he does on MJ. He was on the Today show as a guest host for a number of days recently and gosh, he was even a guest on Martha Stewart making moons the other day. My guess is he will not be on MJ that much longer and he will go onto bigger things.

    Maybe I am biased – I love his dad and the stories he does for CBS Sunday Morning.

  5. my2cents Says:

    I didn’t find MJ’s lack of Japan coverage to be much of a problem. I’m not down with constant and repetitive wall-to-wall coverage for big disasters on themed shows like that. If it’s a news hour type program, go for it, but they should have either went on with coverage of the quake with their news people like Richard Lui and/or Willie Geist, or just do the political coverage like they were on MJ. It’s a political show, not a news show. It’s all about discussion and commentary, and they certainly discussed the disaster in the first 30 min or so, if I remember correctly, so they didn’t necessarily ignore it.

    Unfortunately, MSNBC’s decision making in breaking news usually hasn’t been that great, but there is always room for improvement. I believe they had the same issue during the Mumbai attacks a couple years ago, and they were still running that lockup/predator crap. It was a big embarrassment and taught them a lot in improving their coverage. It didn’t make them completely change their coverage, but they did improve a little.

  6. ucfphillys Says:

    I tend to agree with “my2cents,” I got more out of the morning joe show on Friday (Im biased b/c im very much into what MJ talks about everyday), then I would have if it were wall to wall. However, I checked my other DVR for the Today Show on Friday, and they did go wall to wall. Im pretty sure the decision was made in concert with Today, giving an opportunity to have “counter programming” (I think thats the correct term)

  7. starbroker Says:

    This will certainly ruin the day for all of those “haters” around here who have no clue what they are talking about:

    Pew State Of The Media 2011:

    Here’s how FBN did in 2010-

    Fox Business Network grew its revenues by 26% and cuts its losses by $16.7 million.

    Fox Business $105M in revenue

    and one that will really crush the clueless ones:

    Rupert Murdoch, the head of Fox, has long maintained that FBN will achieve profitability in 2012. The channel has grown slowly but steadily toward this objective since it was launched.

  8. my2cents Says:

    Who is actually surprised by that, star? Of course a news channel of some sort will eventually make a profit. If any network wasn’t making a profit, they would never bother to exist in the first place, especially as long as they have. But, in contrast, how are those ratings doing? What do they have now, like 5 viewers, up from 2? Why would their ratings ever do well anyway? It’s a supposed business channel that spends a lot of their time not talking about actual business and pushing the same kind of agenda as Fox does. Even CNBC does great in its coverage of business, and they get nothing in viewers usually.

    The problem FBN creates for Fox News viewers is they will have to decide which one to watch sometimes… so instead of watching Glenn Beck, they might want to see Gerri Willis, which hurts Beck’s viewers, and vice versa (as if FBN doesn’t already have that problem). It obviously doesn’t benefit the show that isn’t being watched. So, all profit aside, the ratings will never get anywhere with the strategy they have going. FBN just gets canceled out by the more well known, popular and available channel to viewers.

  9. jackyboy Says:

    ^Are you forgetting that FBN is still a very young network doing a lot of experimentation and plenty of room to grow?

    Anyways, besides the Japan Earthquake nothing else happened terribly newsworthy. Congratulations to Brianna Keilar though, glad to see her join the CNN white house team.

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