Earthquake/Tsunami Friday Ratings

Friday’s numbers are out, officially now, and they were big for CNN. I was going to say that Piers Morgan beating Hannity was huge…but then I saw that Spitzer beat O’Reilly in the Demo. That’s really gotta sting.

What’s interesting is what CNN did in the Demo from evening to primetime. John King, USA failed to hold on to The Situation Room’s Demo numbers. Spitzer’s In the Arena failed to hold on to King’s Demo numbers. It wasn’t until Morgan comes on that the downward trend reverses itself and the Demo numbers start climbing on through the first hour of AC 360. Incidentally the biggest separation in the Demo between CNN and FNC occurred at 10pm with a nearly 2:1 ratio.

Looking at MSNBC and you really get a sense of what Keith Olbermann’s departure has cost the network. The channel traded the evening in the 180-270K Demo range except at 9pm when Maddow spiked the numbers big time to 456K. It was like Maddow was Gulliver and all the other MSNBC hours were The Lilliputians. That’s not good. You can bet that Olbermann would have done as well if not better than Maddow so MSNBC is missing the “1” in its 1-2 punch. Why MSNBC chose not to extend her to two hours instead of running tape at 10pm is a mystery. It certainly didn’t help the network in the ratings.


26 Responses to “Earthquake/Tsunami Friday Ratings”

  1. Piers was good at news coverage. He should be doing an In The Arena-type show instead of mindless pop culture interviews.

  2. Maybe somebody at CNN really does know what they’re doing. Finally some competition for FNC – it’s a good thing.

  3. lonestar77 Says:

    I agree, Joe. I don’t know how well versed he is in politics but he seems (to me) to have everything else that you’d look for. I can’t exactly put my finger on it but he just seems to have a strong on-air presence like an O’Reilly. It seems like he’s just wasting away interviewing Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber or whoever else he has on his show. Although, I did enjoy the Kid Rock interview.

  4. lonestar77 Says:

    The Mediaite headline regarding this story:
    “Quake Coverage Ratings: CNN Wins Demo; Fox News Wins Primetime; MSNBC Skips Story”

  5. I think “In The Arena” would be a better show if it was less about Spitzer and more of an ensemble. E.D. Hill and Will Cain aren’t there the whole time.

    CNN should do a political “View” type show (without the shrill women). E.D. Hill and Will Cain on the right, Spitzer and Roland Martin on the left. It would be more dynamic that way. Maybe you think this is a horrible idea, but it would get better ratings than the trash that CNN is putting on right now.

    As for John King’s show, I say bring back Rick Sanchez.

  6. ^ No one ever does a ‘two x two’ show. Could be interesting.

  7. Crossfire was set up like that for a while. It sucked.

  8. It would suck, but it would be a more interesting train wreck then what CNN is putting on now.

    CNN would never do that anyway. They built the show around Spitzer.

  9. whitneymuse Says:

    I am not a CNN fan nor MSNBC; but it was clear that CNN caught great images and also showed the impact on ordinary Japanese of the effected region. I Briefly visited the Fushimi area in a small town Higashi-Fushimi that has some of the best food stands outside that RR station; (all the RR stations have this food)….Native japanese will agree that the Foo is the best in Osaka.

    They all heap scorn on Tokyo food. I have a discriminating palate and the food in Japan is All great .

    Even ate raw horse meat at a very high-end restaurant.

    My host said it was important since the people wanted to have a sashimi appearing dish so that they too would have the proverbial blue Fin tuna looking dish in the mountains where their are no blue Fin.

  10. Ooh, Whitney, you’re gonna hear about that one.

  11. whitneymuse Says:

    I could have said, ” I was disappointed in FNC’s coverage.

    It missed so much and was bad. (to me).

    They’re trying hard to cover the story, finally.

  12. whitneymuse Says:

    It’s Monday, (March 14) as the 3rd reactor is blowing up NHK reports that another reactor is out of control, and Bill O’Reilly continues with his #1 rated program taunting the piin-heads and Patriots; however, it’s a bit out of place.

  13. I should think that God is the ultimate ‘pinhead’ this week.

  14. They covered the explosion before O’Reilly came on, no new significant info was available during the show, and even now there isn’t a whole lot to be said about it.

  15. But Billo did a nice job of getting Generic Hot Nuclear Expert to explain how a terrorist could still get maximum damage from crashing a jet into a reactor without penetrating it. That’s always nice.

  16. ”Hey Ahmed, check this out!”

  17. My limited understanding is that such a crash would be really bad, but not as bad as you’d think. Far worse would be crashing into that Chevron tank farm you can prolly see looking toward Pt Richmond.

  18. Hey! Some of those tanks have rivets personally placed there by yours truly. And they’re holding..

  19. whitneymuse Says:

    Used to drive by those CVX tank farms as I was heading to meeting in Sacramento or Stockton…..and, that area east of Oakland keeps CA bathed in gasoline so I wish they didn’t leave it so vulnerable. And that’s EQ territory up there. Heck what isn’t EQ territory in CA.

    To see automobiles on the roofs of homes is evidence of the power of the Tsunami. Gosh.

  20. whitneymuse Says:

    I enjoy Bill-o and he’s a pro, so glad he speaks broad strokes to cover the fluid situation. The pictures and interviews of the Japanese people breaks my heart. Visited and hung out in hat area while visiting my parents who were doing an outreach thing in a little village called Higashi-Fushimi; those homes are not Quake-proof by any stretch.

    The sky scrapers are on huge shock absorbers, etc.; the homes leave a lot to be desired. Has friends who called their places “rabbit hutches”…we have a 3000 sq. Ft home and it’s “comfortable” …in Japan only the rural or wealthy have homes over 2000 sq. feet.

    And, waves wiping the land on top of everthing else.

  21. whitneymuse Says:

    Thank goodness, American Morniing, seems to have stopped their meltdown with Romans. CNN can do it.

  22. The problem FNC has with this story is that they haven’t figured out a way yet to blame the disaster in Japan on Obama.

    They had the same problem with the uprisings in the middle east but after a few days they worked out an angle that made it Obama’s fault no matter how it turned out.

    I’m sure by this weekend they will have a figured out how to make the disaster all about something Obama has done or not done in the past; maybe he bowed down to the emperor or something; and it will all make sense to FOX viewers.

    Anyway at that point FNC ratings will spike back up to their normal top spot and all will be well in the country. 😉

  23. whitneymuse Says:



    In Japan everyone bows.
    It’s almost like shaking hands in the US; It’s part of why the we haven’t seen rioting or bad tempers flaring through all this stress.

    Once had a very learned Japanese man tell me that he thought if was an adaptive behavior to the crowded conditions one their island nation.

    It’s charming and one “gets into it.”

    Just don’t have a rip in your backside when you bow a deep respectful one.

  24. “In Japan everyone bows.”
    Whitney;I’m well aware of the custom. It’s a lot like the kissing on both cheeks that Europeans favor as a greeting. The added bonus of bowing is you don’t share germs like you do when shaking hands.

    Unfortunately many FOX viewers don’t share your cosmopolitan education and consider bowing a sign of submission and weakness.

  25. dwpender Says:

    Friday’s ratings show that there remains a large audience who never has and never will watch “24 hour news” networks with any regularity, who turn to CNN for any kind of international crisis coverage.

    Hannity’s Friday ratings were actually UP over a normal Friday. CNN beat his rating with viewers who usually aren’t watching any cable news network and soon will revert to their regular routine.

    In any event, do you think FNC prefers 2.5 million viewers with another network getting 2.6, or 2.0 million while doubling its nearest competitor?

  26. whitneymuse Says:

    I found it humorous too; it was fun, then when I got into it the subtle part is if you want to show big time “respect” you hold it and go low…like anything like hat it has its own elegance and a lifetime of American collides with this ancient ritual.
    The cartoon of two meeting and bowing an bumping heads comes to mind.
    (I know what you mean about the reactionary to see a bow and go nuts, too)

    Think very “impolite” pr extremely uncultured would be the Japanese thinking.
    As if I know for sure..;)..

    The CNBC folks are doing a great job on their Japanese articulations, too.

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