CNN Royal Wedding Plans…

New Zealand’s Throng has a story on the preliminary plans CNN International has to cover the Royal Wedding…(via All Things CNN)

Firstly, Richard Quest sets the scene ahead of the big day with a weekly series throughout April of observations and insights, guests and reports. Beginning on Monday April 26th, Piers Morgan’s coverage kicks off as he broadcasts his nightly show from London with a mix of topical guests and newsmakers. Anderson Cooper will anchor AC360 live from London from Wednesday April 27 through Friday April 29.

“As the tension and excitement builds in the days before the Royal Wedding, CNN intends to be a visual real-time diary of the many and varied ways that people around the world choose to mark and experience the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton,” said Katherine Green, Senior Vice President and General Manager for CNN International. “The wedding day itself will capture the imagination of millions of viewers and CNN guarantees its global audience a front row seat for every minute of the pomp and ceremony of the big day.”

Related: The Wall Street Journal has a story on the media circus that will surround the Royal Wedding…


3 Responses to “CNN Royal Wedding Plans…”

  1. I kinda like Richard Quest. He’s the only reason that I could possibly imagine watching any of it whatsoever.

  2. Richard Quest is a fun guy. I think he has a show on CNNI. They ought to put it on CNN Domestic. His show would be more fun than Fareed Zakaria GPS (Global Piece of $h!t).

    Sorry, that was mean and juvenile. His show is too wonky for me. I can only take about 10 minutes of it.

    Quest could keep my attention for at least 15 minutes.

  3. Quest used to be on Sunday nights, back when CNN wasn’t afraid to pipe in CNNI on a regular basis. It was a good show.

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