What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/20/11

What’s Hot:

Japan Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Meltdown – It dominated most of the week until…

Libya Military Action – pushed it off the TV screen…

CNN Ratings – As is typical under major breaking news situations of an international nature, CNN’s ratings have spiked because of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

What’s Not:

Trish Regan – Regan decided not to accept being demoted from CNBC and will leave the network…

Japan Special Hot Potato – CNBC put out a release announcing a special on Japan only to subsequently issue a follow up release announcing its cancellation.

The TV News Viewing Public – Apparently Al Jazeera footage is more readily accepted if it has a CNN logo slapped on it; revealing a bias by the TV viewing public.

Going Left doesn’t always work – MSNBC’s primetime ratings this week have been comparatively weak compared to the competition given all the breaking news going on. More telling, MSNBC aired one Chris Jansing special from Japan at 11pm ET on Tuesday which drew higher Demo numbers than either The Last Word and Ed Schultz and had a higher percentage of Demo viewers than Rachel Maddow. The takeaway: News viewers this week weren’t looking for opinion as much as they were looking for straight news and facts. This should have been something MSNBC should have taken advantage of as the week progressed except something happened…

NBC either redeployed or evacuated talent from Japan – Including Jansing who was supposed to do reports from Japan the whole week according to Rachel Maddow on Tuesday and who on Friday aired a report showing her “evacuation” complete with the word “evacuates” in the lower thirds. This “revelation” did not go un-noticed by yours truly and I put out a tweet on it in case the Media Writers didn’t catch it. Some did and wrote about it. Many either did not catch it or chose not to write about it. But it did cause NBC PR to put out a statement that there had been no “evacuation” and that this was just a normal redeployment in reaction to the changing storyline but without NBC addressing or explaining the blatant contradictory evidence that aired on MSNBC suggesting otherwise. Here the Media Writers as a collective group utterly failed in their duty to note this discrepancy and seek out an explanation from NBC. Which was probably what NBC was wishing for. Way to shirk from your duty Media Writers. A big fat ICN raspberry to the lot of you…

Update: Brian Stelter, due to his reporting in tonight’s NYT, is hereby exempted from the raspberry…


3 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/20/11”

  1. whitneymuse Says:

    This was their chance; no wonder tuned into MSNBC, that I never watch and moved to CNN, that seems to have cught the wave.

  2. You obviously worked hard writing this week’s entry, Spud. Good job!

  3. whitneymuse Says:

    Yes, Spud, it’s much appreciated. As a long time Fox news watcher, Fox finally did a summary of the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami; now finally has is covering the Libyan war.

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