Chris Matthews in a Comcast World…

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Ben Fernandez profiles Chris Matthews in an article that’s almost as much about MSNBC’s future in a Comcast world…

Matthews said he didn’t know Comcast’s ruling Roberts family. He met cofounder Ralph Roberts once, at a fund-raiser for Hunting Park. “The only guy I know really well is David,” he said.

That would be David Cohen, a political insider in Washington and Pennsylvania. Now executive vice president at Comcast, Cohen was chief of staff for Ed Rendell – whom Matthews referred to as “Eddy” – when he was mayor of Philadelphia.

In person, Matthews looks taller than he does on TV, and youthful for his age – he’s 65. He’s now one of the nation’s longest-serving cable news hosts.

“Larry [King] is the only one who would have beat me. And he’s gone. I don’t think of myself in that way anyway,” he said. “I’m so energized.”

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5 Responses to “Chris Matthews in a Comcast World…”

  1. I now know why Chris had been going off the rails recently. He’s going senile!

    Seriously, though, he looks more 55 than 65. It’s probably the light hair that does it. Not too shabby for a guy who wrote speeches for FDR.

  2. Cute.

  3. whitneymuse Says:

    I was aware of his association with Carter; the FDR is a new one for me.

    It will be good to turn the boys and girls at MSNBC slightly askew.

    Their keel has been healing too far left; for credibility.

  4. FDR? You must be kidding… FDR died 66 years ago this coming April

  5. Y’all need to work on your sense of humor. Josh was kidding.

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