Free for All: 03/28/11

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  1. I think Trump is a liberal plant, bringing up all this ‘birther’ crap. Why. In God’s name. Is Fox giving him airtime? If Fox is so in-the-pocket of the Republicans, then why the heck isn’t somebody telling him the stfu about it when he’s on the network? It’s pretty bad when Sarah Palin is the only one who knows how to handle such a ridiculous issue. This whole thing is not a good sign for the Right. You heard it here first.

  2. The networks give him airtime because he’s entertaining. The more normal candidates like Romney and Pawlenty won’t go near the birther thing, especially once the campaign actually starts.

  3. My NCAA bracket is royally screwed. :-\

    Spud, how awesome was it watching Kevin Harvick take Jimmie Johnson to school yesterday? 🙂 Vintage Kevin Harvick.

  4. @Laura: Honestly, it’s what a large amount of conservatives believe. I live in a very very very conservative district just outside Baltimore, and the overwhelming majority of people here believe Obama was born in Kenya.

  5. missy5537 Says:

    Laura et al, why is this so ridiculous? Birth certificates ARE required by many employers and for licenses of many types all the time.

    It’s the fact that he won’t reveal it that’s puzzling, plus the fact that he’s spent millions, according to Trump, to not do so.

    When I got a job years ago, I was told that many people hired into the company stating they had degrees, yet they were never asked for their diplomas. What would you have them do, act insulted, like 0bama is doing? Wouldn’t a better solution be to actually produce the diploma?

    John McCain DID have to present proof of his birth, as did GWB. What is the big deal here, and why are “birthers” so crazy? If he’d just present the damn thing, the issue would be resolved.

    For the record, I believe he was probably born in Hawaii,

  6. “For the record, I believe he was probably born in Hawaii,”

    And I believe there probably no Martians living on earth. 🙂

  7. @Missy: It’s the fact that he has released his birth certificate, numerous times, that’s so puzzling to me.

    I recommend less FOX and less WorldNetDaily.

  8. Thanks Fritz, I wasn’t going there.. 😉

    As previously evidenced, I have an almost anaphylactic reaction to charges of ‘racism’. Having said that….I don’t know, maybe Republicans have given up on ever getting the black vote. Cuz you know, this ain’t gonna do it. I don’t pay enough attention to Rush or Hannity to know if they’re giving this a lot of play, but they shouldn’t be giving it any. If anything, they should be condemning it.

    We have one of the weakest Presidents in decades, with one failed policy after another, and we have public figures who seem to be contesting the results of the last election. I realize that those ‘public figures’ are few and ridiculous, but they get play. Combine that with all that’s lacking in our ‘serious’ candidates, and there’s a slight problem. I tell myself ‘It’s early’, but it’s like Christmas that seems to come earlier every year. Or something.

  9. Fritz, are you sure that Obama isn’t a martian? That will probably be Trump’s next talking point, if it is even possible to go further off the deep end than he already has.

  10. What the hell are you gonna do, have him recalled like Gray Davis? See how well that turned out…

  11. I’m going to dutifully avoid this topic because, a). Laura has already done a better job than I could of explaining why it’s so stupid, and, b). I have no idea what “anaphylactic” means..

  12. missy5537 Says:


    But I want to go on record as telling each and every one of you that I have several advanced degrees, own billions in real estate, have received hundreds of awards for humanitarian issues, and am stunning in the “looks” department.

    So do you want me to produce proof of any of these claims?

    Forget it!

  13. Everyone is covering Libya and the President’s speech tonight, but on Studio B it’s a FOX URGENT, which I guess is supposed to be more alarming than a FOX NEWS ALERT. Let me get this straight, the urgent breaking news is that we’re fighting in Libya and the Prez is gonna talk about it? Uhh..we knew that.

  14. @joeremi The cable nets go overboard with their “BREAKING NEWS” nonsense.

    It was ridiculous during Haiti when, five days after the earthquake, the headline said “BREAKING NEWS — Haiti Earthquake”.

  15. lonestar77 Says:

    I live in the most conservative (I believe, based on % voting Republican) in Texas and I don’t know anyone who honestly believes he was born in Kenya or Indonesia or on Mars. I was going to use another planet, but I didn’t think everyone else would find it as funny as I do. I’m pretty childish that way.

  16. ^ Well, I thought it was funny as hell.

  17. Andy, I’m not convinced every person who says Obama is from Kenya honestly believes it. They just get a kick out of saying it..especially if you and I are listening.

    Laura makes an excellent point (with big words I don’t understand): What are they trying to accomplish? If they convince enough people Obama is an illigitimate President, they’ll recall him? That’s not gonna happen, and even if it did, you’ve got President Joe Biden. Works for me, but I don’t think that scenario works for Donald Trump and the rest of the stupid moron birthers out there.

  18. Joe, Shep’s shows never use the Fox News Alert thing anymore. They use the Urgent thing instead. I think Shep hates the Fox News Alert thing as much as the rest of us.

  19. jackyboy Says:

    I think the point is that this issue should be dead and done, this kind of scrutiny should have happened years ago, not when the guy is over two years into his presidency.

    Do I think Obama is not doing himself any favors withholding the information? I do, but seriously Trump has to let it go.

  20. @jackyboy What is Obama with-holding?

    Here, I am showing you a copy of his U.S. Birth Certificate!

  21. jackyboy Says:

    I was not aware of that, disregard that part. My bad.

  22. Apparently a lot of people are “not aware of that”. It’s bizarre.

  23. mlong5000 Says:

    I have a lot of worries when it comes to Obama..his place of birth isn’t one of them.

  24. Is it possible that we’ve finally resolved this issue? One can only hope.

    In any case, why exactly should the President be showing that around, when so many of us are willing to make fools of ourselves over it? Present company excepted, I would bet that most of the people who profess to ‘believe’ in this silliness would not be persuaded by that document, or any other. They zealously guard that ‘nagging’ doubt, as though it’s an article of faith. It’s a basic element of conspiracy-theories, and it’s quite depressing.

  25. “There’s something fishy going on here. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just KNOW it.”

  26. You can Google yourselves to find the story about Gov. Ambercrombie and Hawaii admitting they can’t find the stupid birth cert., but the short answer is that the image Andy linked to is not real.

    Missy, I assume you mean both GWB & John McCain had to show their birth certificates for purposes of receiving their military commissions earlier in life because neither had to in order to run for president… and military requirements are not the same thing.

  27. Here we go. I didn’t have a copy of my birth certificate until I was 35. I sent for it and found out I didn’t exist as the person on my I.D. and SS card. My parents had me before they got married, and gave me my mother’s maiden name. Somehow they managed to change my last name later without ever fixing the birth certificate. I had to legally change my name.

    The moral is: Birth records from 48 years ago can get a little murky.

  28. Hmmm… I guess Donald Trump only recently decided to be a Republican, and he’s in favour of universal health care depending upon which day it is.

  29. – Trump –

    He’s a plant, I tell ya. Could the Dems be that smart?

  30. Birth records from 48 years ago can get a little murky


  31. I’m out riding so I’m just gonna have to guess on the speech.

    “Let me be clear. Look..”

    How’d I do?

  32. It was a good speech and GWB-ish in some ways.

  33. It was a good speech, but I’m still not sure if anyone knows how long Libya will be a mess. Heck, the whole middle east is a crap hole so I’m guessing it will be a while.

  34. I don’t expect the president to know how long Libya will be a mess.

  35. savefarris Says:

    How far has our opinion of Obama fallen when the first reaction is … “Man, he’s almost as good a public speaker as George W. Bush!”

  36. ^ Barack Obama is always a more eloquent speaker than was George W. Bush and this one was no exception, but GWB’s speeches usually had more depth.

  37. Al, I certainly don’t expect him to know that either. The President projected a calm but resolute tone, and I think he hit the right notes.

  38. savefarris Says:

    Granted, I haven’t watched every single episode of “The Last Word”, but every episode I’ve seen has at least one segment dedicated to “birthers” and how crazy Lawrence thinks they are.

    Can you really be arguing that the other side shouldn’t be talking about something when you yourself won’t shut up about it?

  39. If Fox News would stop airing birther nonsense, LOD wouldn’t have any birther clips to play. Until mainstream conservative media shut this idiocy down, mainstream liberal media have an obligation to debunk it.

  40. Watching the speech, you guys aren’t kidding. It’s like George Bush, without the mushroom clouds and yellow cake.

  41. Tweet from TV’s Andy Levy:

    – Regardless of our political beliefs, surely we can all agree that President Bush has never sounded more eloquent. –

  42. Yesterday on Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace made a point of saying that the Obama White House sent Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates to every Sunday morning show except Fox News Sunday, even though FNS consistently has more viewers than two of those Sunday shows. He seemed very angry about it. I believe O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg are going to discuss why Clinton and Gates would not appear on Wallace’s show.

  43. libertyandjustice Says:

    Probably like everyone else I was hoping Andy’s post was legit . When Cavan we expect the retraction from Andy and Kos.
    I was hoping Andy’s post was true. So when will Andy and Kos correct the record? Or are they just to corrup to care?

    Yes it’s very late in the game but like many of you I have had to produce a birth certificate to prove my citizenship several times. Is this president above law? I just wish he would order it released instead of being cute about it. Hell they were able to find joe’s they sure as he’ll should be able to do the same fir Obama.

    Missy, love your post and I believe you. that’s the image I have always had of you.

  44. @savefarris LOD thinks they’re crazy because they are crazy… what a shocker!!!

    The BC was released, three years ago. Every sane, rational person knows Obama was born in America and his BC has been released.

    And I love the WorldNetDaily billboards — somewhere, a fool and his money have parted.

  45. L&J: Andy is partially correct. An official and entirely legal document in lieu of Barack Obama’s original birth certificate was released by the State of Hawaii in conjunction with the release of same by the White House. Accompanying that release was a signed statement by the.. director of Hawaii (something or other) on official paper certifying that document’s legitimacy and accuracy. For all practical, legal, and constitutional purposes, that document should be the end of it.

    Unfortunately, the conspiracy nuts do have a slim point to fall back on and you can research that yourself if you care to. Bottom line: It doesn’t matter – he qualifies for office anyway.

  46. libertyandjustice Says:

    How many of us would of been refused a job if we had not been able to produce our birth certificates. Again, I wish it were not an issue but we should not be picking and choosing what parts of the constitution to follow or not.. Got to catch a flight home . See ya

  47. I wish it were not an issue but.. guys keep bringing it up. Do you have any idea how ridiculous righties look playing this card? Or does Laura need to chime in and remind you again.

    The big players on the right should shut this down, starting with Roger Ailes. He’s a political strategist at heart, and this is classic political opponent-smearing. Ailes is not a newsman. It shows.

  48. Some select jobs do require the applicant to provide a birth certificate. Requirements for the position of POTUS, however, are outlined by the constitution and by both federal and individual state’s election laws. Thus far, none them require a candidate to produce one. If you don’t like that, write your congressional and/or state legislature representatives.

  49. Limbaugh: “So we have joined a war for Europe’s oil.”

    Sound familiar?

  50. savefarris Says:

    I wish it were not an issue but.. guys keep bringing it up.

    By “you guys”, you mean Larry. Right? He’s spent more time on the birther issue than Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly, and Levin COMBINED.

  51. Farris, you’re playing a silly game. You’re pretending that mainstream conservatives pushing the insane and selfdefeating birther conspiracy are less important than one liberal attacking them. Try harder, son.

  52. libertyandjustice Says:

    Southwest, has wifi, sorry. I get a kick out of you libs who just think you can assert your point and that makes it true. Al, you may have a point but that point is for the courts to decide and I think that case is in process. Afterall, the constitution does say “natural born”. (please correct me if i am wrong)I admitted it looks bad challenging this but it’s the law and the principle. I’m mot going to be bullied into disregarding the constitution. I’m fine with the courts interpreting the constitution. I’m not comfortable with the media doing it for us . Ya ya
    ya, the libs call logic insane, what else is new? Btw, we could amend the constitution. I would support that. At least we would be protecting the constitution. It’s a great document. Appologies in advance for my typos.

  53. missy5537 Says:

    Farris, who is Larry?

    And L & J, thanks for the compliment!

    BTW, I just want to tell you guys that I’ve decided to be a surgeon! If any of you would like any free “operatin'”, please let me know.

    (Just don’t ask me to produce my medical school diploma. But trust me, I’ll do good job, I promise!)

  54. libertyandjustice Says:

    This Joke is for my old friend Joe. Remember, it’s a joke.

    A dedicated Teamsters union worker was attending a convention in Las Vegas and decided to check out the local brothels.
    When he got to the first one, he asked the Madam, “Is this a union house?”

    “No,'”she replied, “I’m sorry it isn’t.”

    “Well, if I pay you $100, what cut do the girls get?”

    “The house gets $80 and the girls get $20,'”she answered.

    Offended at such unfair dealings, the union man stomped off down the street in search of a more equitable, hopefully unionized shop. His search continued until finally he reached a brothel where the Madam responded, “Why yes sir, this is a union house. We observe all union rules.”

    The man asked, “And, if I pay you $100, what cut do the girls get?”
    “The girls get $80 and the house gets $20.”

    “That’s more like it!” the union man said. 

    He handed the Madam $100, looked around the room, and pointed to a stunningly attractive green-eyed blonde.


    “I’d like her,” he said. 

    “I’m sure you would, sir,” said the Madam.  Then she gestured to a  92-year old woman in the corner, “but Ethel here has 67 years seniority and according to union rules, she’s next.'”


  55. -the constitution does say “natural born”. (please correct me if i am wrong)-

    You’re only half wrong: Yes, the constitution says that. No, neither the constitution nor federal law has defined just what that means. Put another way: If there’s any chance in ‘ell that Barack Obama does not meet the “natural born” eligibility requirement then neither did John McCain. To my knowledge, all court cases along this line of reasoning have already been dismissed.

  56. Is Greta ever going to challenge this person? The President can’t outright call for Gadhafi’s ouster because that would change the terms of the humanitarian declaration. Any <Iidiot knows that. Plus, she made up a number, and Greta ignored it.

    “Hi, I’m formerly well-respected Greta Van Susteran. I’m going to let some chick who ignored her campaign handlers before the election, then quit her job to make a lot of money, say some mindless stuff while I sit here quietly. Next!”

  57. jackyboy Says:

    ^Yea Palin needs to clean it up, that was pretty sloppy.

  58. ^ Indeed.

  59. Palin is hopeless. She doesn’t study, and doesn’t care. It’s Greta I have a problem with. I expect her to do her homework.

  60. my2cents Says:

    He’s spent more time on the birther issue than Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly, and Levin COMBINED.

    Highly doubtful, especially since LOD has only been on the air for 6 months. If we took your word on this, that means LOD has talked about the birthers in 6 months more than Limbaugh, Hannity, and other far-right ideologues put together, since Obama became President. Being a regular viewer of MSNBC, and watching him, I guarantee it’s impossible.

  61. -Palin doesn’t study or care-

    Her previous work tells me that she’s entirely capable of careful and detailed study, so I must conclude that she doesn’t currently care enough to respect the viewers for whom she’s paid to inform. For this I’ll be quite pleased when she and FNC part company.

  62. Palin hasn’t studied or cared in months, and that’s being kind. Everything that she says sounds as though it just popped in her head at that moment.

    Even the program that she did with Geraldine Ferraro was like that, despite the nice things said about it. She benefited greatly from the reflected glow of a substantive woman. She kept yapping about ‘bustin’ through this and ‘bustin’ through that. Walls and ‘ceilins’ and God knows what all. And she said something about Ms Ferraro following in the steps of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. Um, those people lived, like, 150 years ago. It was almost insulting, though I know it wasn’t intended that way. It was the ignorance of a person trying to show everyone that she knows about history and stuff. I’d like to think that Ferraro was far too classy to say what she really thought of her.

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