MSNBC and Starbucks Expand Relationship…

MSNBC and Starbucks announced that the two have expanded their relationship to include supporting innovation in education and community…


Formalized Relationship with DonorsChoose.Org to Champion Change Makers in Education

SEATTLE/NEW YORK – March 30, 2011 – MSNBC and Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ: SBUX) have renewed their relationship with an added commitment to education and community revitalization. The announcement was made today on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the network’s morning program co-hosted by Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist. One of the goals of the relationship is an ongoing commitment to highlight and contribute to communities nationwide with a focus on education.


Starbucks chairman, president and CEO Howard Schultz joined “Morning Joe” to discuss the renewed relationship with MSNBC and shared commitment to education:

Schultz along with American Federation of Teachers’ Randi Weingarten and Harlem Children Zone’s Geoffrey Canada join “Morning Joe” to discuss the state of education in the U.S.:

Since the relationship began in 2009, MSNBC and Starbucks have spotlighted cities across America in need of assistance. Going forward, the two organizations plan to combine their unique assets to highlight examples of innovation and initiatives across communities where education and support is critical. Starting in April and every month on “Morning Joe,” one individual who is a champion for education will be highlighted. These change maker profiles will include teachers, parents, entrepreneurs, students, and members of the community who are utilizing new ideas to create a positive impact on local education and local communities. Additionally, “Morning Joe” will broadcast live from four schools making a difference in the community within the next year.

MSNBC and Starbucks will also extend their relationship with through a variety of featured opportunities., an online non-profit, allows public school teachers from every corner of America to post classroom needs, and any individual can contribute through the site. will assist in identifying projects in need and education change makers to highlight. Additionally, all MSNBC employees will receive a pre-paid donation gift card and is featured on the Starbucks Digital Network.

“The ‘Morning Joe’ and Starbucks relationship has been a perfect fit from the start,” said Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC. “I’m thrilled we’re now going to build on our relationship and together commit to highlighting the best in American education. We are going to bring attention to success stories all over the country – to innovation and educators who are making a difference. There’s so much great work being done, its time to celebrate those people and their ideas.”

“Starbucks and MSNBC can bring a collective focus on the opportunities to make change in communities across America,” said Howard Schultz, chairman, president and CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company. “Our relationship will find community and education change agents to support this endeavor and we hope we are able to collaborate with many other like minded companies, non-profits and community organizers across the country to enhance this mission. With Starbucks stores located in many communities across America, we are excited to bring this focus to our long-standing efforts in volunteerism and community service, conversation and the spirit of human connection.”

MSNBC and Starbucks originally joined forces in June 2009 with a marketing relationship that introduced viewers to “Morning Joe” Brewed by Starbucks. As part of the original relationship, MSNBC and Starbucks recognized the opportunity to work together and effect change in local communities. MSNBC and Starbucks sponsored the “Brewing Together Day of Service” in November 2009, which involved a live broadcast and day of service from John McDonogh High School, a public school in New Orleans. The project was extended to spotlight education entrepreneurs with a broadcast from Alexander Elementary School in Tampa, Florida in March 2010. The live broadcast involved an in-depth conversation about fixing America’s education system.

Additionally, Starbucks launched the Gold Coast Blend: Morning Joe Edition coffee grocery channels nationwide in November 2009. In this new extension of the relationship, Starbucks plans to make Gold Coast Blend: Morning Joe Edition available in select Starbucks retail stores. More information will be available at a later date.


16 Responses to “MSNBC and Starbucks Expand Relationship…”

  1. whitneymuse Says:

    It’s too early for the west coasters; me, I’m usually with the CNBC morning show (pre-market open)…why not do something there, too?

  2. missy5537 Says:

    Thanks for letting us know. Looks like I’ll stick with Tim Horton’s!

  3. 4 bucks for a cup of coffee?

  4. I’ve never had Starbucks in my life. It’s becoming a lifestyle choice.

  5. I saw a Morning Joe blend with the MSNBC logo on it once. Kinda freaked me out.

  6. A bagged blend is next.

  7. lonestar77 Says:

    Tim Horton’s coffee is awesome. We don’t have them around here but I went there everyday when I was is Canada for a couple weeks.

  8. savefarris Says:

    Given that MSNBC is involved, is this program really going to highlight “innovation” or is it going to highlight “these are the talking points that Arne Duncan gave us”?

  9. – bagged blend –

    Sorry, that’s what I meant; I saw it at Walmart. A bag of MSNBC Morning Joe coffee just seemed weird to me, like, “How do I get my head around that my familiar cable news logos are on a shelf at Walmart?” Could be just me, though..I’m easily startled.

  10. Ah. That is what you said. I never look at coffee or I woulda seen it.

  11. imnotblue Says:

    I wish I drank Starbucks coffee… just so I could no boycott it.

    Okay, that’s not true. I just don’t get my coffee on “the outside” (as Jerry once said). Although, I did try the McDonalds coffee they were hyping for a while… not bad, and darker than I thought it would be.

  12. Folgers Half Caff with hazelnut at home only. There’s a lot of things I’ll spend stupid-money on, but a cup of coffee ain’t one.

  13. imnotblue Says:

    I tell you, though… I really really love my Keurig K-Cup machine. In fact, I’m having a cup right now.


  14. My mother brings the Keurig with her on Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s an addiction.

  15. imnotblue Says:

    I’m not at that point, laura… but I understand it.

    Doctor Brother got me mine (well, half of mine), and it really is a life-changing machine.

    I’m just glad I can “borrow” the coffee cups from work. Otherwise it would be pretty expensive to run.

  16. lonestar77 Says:

    I only pay for starbucks when I’m traveling for work so I can expense it. I drink coffee every morning at home but I have no idea what kind it is because I don’t buy it and I don’t make it. Besides, it all tastes like coffee to me.

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