Thomas Roberts to Make 30 Rock Appearance…

Two Sundays ago, Thomas Roberts made the Hot list because his profile is sky high right now. Well, he’ll probably make it on the Hot list again this week for the same reason. Now Roberts is going to make an appearance on NBC’s 30 Rock. To say that Roberts is getting a “push” is putting it mildly. Nobody from MSNBC’s dayside anchor rotation has ever gotten this level of exposure after being with NBC News for such a relatively short amount of time. Nobody. We’re in uncharted territory here. Feel free to extrapolate on the reasons why this is happening in the comments. I could use the help because I’m at a loss to understand it.


12 Responses to “Thomas Roberts to Make 30 Rock Appearance…”

  1. terance Says:

    Feel free to extrapolate on the reasons why this is happening in the comments. I could use the help because I’m at a loss to understand it.

    IMO, TR’s getting the ‘push’ because he represents the g@y community.. Plus he’s not a bad anchor at all.

    That said, it sure beats pushing a minority that has lack luster ‘talent’ just because their skin color.

    Guess it all boils down to diversity and projecting what ya want people to think of your network. Translation: MSNBC is tolerant and won’t hold somebody back just because half the country doesn’t approve of their lifestyle.

  2. Could it be that 30 Rock is running out of plot ideas, so now they need to bring in MSNBC anchors?

    Actually, I think it has to do with who he is. Roberts is the only openly gay cable news anchor (I don’t count Jane Velez-Mitchell as an anchor), which makes him different than everyone else. That, and he’s actually good at his job.

  3. laura l Says:

    — half the country doesn’t approve of their lifestyle. —

    Which ‘half’ are we talking about? The ‘half’ that doesn’t agree with g@y marriage, but who really don’t care what people do in private? Or the ‘half’ who can’t deal with an honest disagreement without imputing bigotry to the other ‘half’?

  4. Whatever the reason is, it’s irritating. He’s alright as an anchor I guess, but I’m sick of his face.

  5. And now sitting in for Martin Bashir..

  6. ^ I have the perfect response to that, but the Irritable Overlord might be watching..

  7. I still don’t get why Richard Lui is relegated to “sidekick” duty. Does he have less airtime than he did at HLN? I guess he took the position because it was more “serious’ and in New York.

  8. joeremi Says:

    I’m so sick of MSNBC’s schizophrenic shuffling of dayside anchors. Jansing is in Siberia for a couple years; then she gets her own named two-hour slot; then it’s cut in half for the new Flavor Of The Month..who is sitting in for EVERYBODY. Bashir just started, does he really need time off now?

    Speaking of schizophrenic dayside moves, where’s Carlos Watson?

  9. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    ^ Fired

  10. joeremi Says:

    – Fired. –

    Yeah, I got that. My point was, Watson got the big rollout – appearing on MJ regularly, subbing for other anchors – then got his own show. Six months later, poof. No more show, no more Carlos Watson. That’s crazy.

  11. ndhapple Says:

    In fairness to MSNBC, Carlos Watson is a terrible anchor. Although, MSNBC should have been able to see that from his stint substituting for Judy Woodruff on ‘Inside Politics.’

    Oh, back when CNN’s daytime was worth watching…

  12. joeremi Says:

    I didn’t like “cool guy leaning on his desk”, either, but the way they promoted him as The Next Big Thing, then unceremoniously dumped him, was cheesy.

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