Don Imus’ Time Nearly Up? Charles McCord’s Time Apparently is…

FTVLive is reporting that FBN execs are really close to separating themselves from the I-man. Kind of hard to believe after watching Kevin Magee’s performance on the show but FTVLive does have a very good track record on such matter, albeit one that sometimes takes a very long time to pan out.

Very Related: The New York Daily News’ David Hinckley writes that Imus’ sidekick, Charles McCord is likely to retire within weeks…

Several media sources said Thursday that Charles McCord, whose role on Imus’s WABC radio and Fox Business Network morning shows has always gone far beyond his official position as newsman, is retiring after 48 years behind the microphone.

McCord’s departure would alter the Imus show, where for over four decades Imus and McCord have developed one of radio’s longest lasting partnerships.

Sources indicated McCord could leave within the next two or three weeks.

McCord leaving IS a big deal.


13 Responses to “Don Imus’ Time Nearly Up? Charles McCord’s Time Apparently is…”

  1. Connell McShane is taking over for McCord, eh? Sounds to me like McCord was pushed out the door.

    Which begs the question: How much sway does FBN have over personnel decisions concerning Imus since he’s being simulcast?

    Lets think back.. Remember when MSNBC put Brewer & Robach on his MSNBC show?

  2. Josh Kalb Says:

    Charles wasn’t pushed out the door. How could FBN, which accounts for less than 10% of Imus’ audience, have that much sway?
    Imus is doing better on the radio than ever, so Citadel wouldn’t McCord gone either.

  3. Josh Kalb – So you think Imus chose McShane to replace McCord?

  4. glounthaune Says:

    On a positive note though, wont it be fun when he the Iman turns around and eviscerates all his current “friends” over at Fox. It’s only a matter of time. He hinted at it already this morning.

  5. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    I figured FBN is probably figuring out a way to transition Imus out given the fact that they decided to replace Charles with a FBN’er. Before you know it, another FBN’er might join the show….and then Imus will slowly be pushed out and that’s that.

  6. Josh Kalb Says:

    Yes, I think Imus, in concert with FBN and Citadel management, decided that McShane was the best replacement. He is already a big part of the show and you can tell Imus likes him. The I-Man also likes Dagen McDowell a lot so maybe she will get a wider role as well.

    McCord is over 65, so retirement isn’t that big a surprise. Most people expected Imus and McCord to retire at the same time.

  7. We know that they are planning on televising the Imus Ranch Radiothon. After that who knows what the plans are? Charles McCord’s last day is May 6th, the last day of the Annual Imus Ranch Radiothon for children charities.

  8. It’s the Banner up top on WABC77 website.

    Imus one the #1 slot last week PPI for the radio side.

  9. I meant “Won”

  10. starbroker Says:

    For those who don’t remember

    And after this performance by Magee it was pretty obvious that Imus is out once his contract is up.

  11. Speaking of FBN.. Saw this over on TVN:

    Brian Sullivan Jumps From FBN to CNBC

  12. Star, Magee doubled down on Imus after that incident to some media writer…I think TVNewser. That’s why I’m hedging still.

  13. I don’t know how the Imus show is doing nationally, but the Boston affiliate, WTKK, recently dumped him completely. So now he is without an affiliate in a top 10 radio market, which can’t be a good sign.

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