What’s Hot/What’s Not: 04/17/11

What’s Hot:

Imus and FBN – First word emerged that Charles McCord, Imus’ long time sidekick would be leaving the show in a few weeks. Then FTVLive said it was hearing that FBN was likely going to drop Imus.

Brian Sullivan – Sullivan jumps from FBN to CNBC.

Thomas Roberts – Not only does Roberts fill in for Martin Bashir as he did at the start of this week, but he’ll also fill in for Dylan Ratigan as he also did at least once this week. Is there anything that MSNBC won’t let Roberts do? Ok, that’s a sweeping generalization but you’d be excused for asking it because it seems like Roberts is everywhere. This is Roberts’ 3rd time on ICN’s Hot list in the last four weeks and I don’t make these notations lightly. The level of exposure Roberts is getting for such a relatively new hire is unprecedented in MSNBC’s history.

Brooke Anderson – Anderson is jumping from HLN’s Showbiz Tonight to syndication’s The Insider.

Soledad O’Brien – In a Page Six story that mainly talked about getting rid of John King, USA, Page Six also noted that CNN was trying hard to create a vehicle for Soledad O’Brien as a replacement. The first pilot didn’t go over too well apparently but another was shot this week and ICN had the low down on what happened.

Kate Bolduan – Bolduan has been tapped by CNN to be a Congressional Correspondent.

Contessa Brewer – The stork is coming, the stork is coming!

What’s Not:

John King, USA – Obviously, this makes the Not Hot list thanks to Page Six.


9 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 04/17/11”

  1. Brian Sullivan… looked at his pic and still have no idea who he is. I can’t be alone because his job change hasn’t shown up on his Wiki page yet.

  2. Not Hot: Martin Bashir’s oopsie, in front of an audience of dozens.

  3. Not: Fox News Watch is a fading shadow of his former self. It was just too much for Fox News to have one serious show with serious people and a minimum of left/right yip yap. They just had to bend, shape, flake, form and lip gloss it into a 30-minute-version of every other damn thing that they put on the air. I used to look forward to that show, and get extremely ticked when it was preempted (which happened rather often back then). It was practically painful to get through this week. I’d love to know what the ratings are now, compared to a few years back, and was it all worth it.

  4. Fox News Watch is wretched. A bunch of members of the mainstream media complaining about some manufactured “other” mainstream media. Apparently this “liberal MSM” can be criticized for every opinion every liberal commentator utters. The show makes no sense.

  5. Josh Kalb Says:

    I liked Brian Sullivan. Maybe FBN will hire Trish Regan since she left CNBC. FBN would come out ahead if that happens.

  6. Josh Kalb Says:

    Joe, the show was much better when Ellis Henican was a panelist. The show gets good when everyone is cynical about the media, like when Liz Trotta slammed Sarah Palin. I liked her take down of Anderson Cooper’s Egypt coverage. Unlike most media critics she actually reported from a war zone (Vietnam).

    My dream panel is Judy Miller, Liz Trotta, Ellis Henican, and Jim Pinkerton. All four refrain from adopting talking points and take on media figures regardless of where they fall on the ideological spectrum. Alan Colmes and Andrea Tantaros are great for political discussions but not media discussions.

  7. Ooh, Liz Trotta. Someone with actual media experience, perish the unglossed thought.
    They became a televised version of Newsbusters. If you’re talking about ‘press bias’, I don’t want to hear about people whose job it is to express their OPINION. Other than an taking an occasional shot, of course. I’m all for that. Just don’t present it as an example of ‘bias’, unless you’re gonna do the same thing with O’Reilly.
    And while we’re at it, how about having a host who knows what’s being said on another network, before taking a shot at it, hmm? Not to lionize the departed, but I can’t even imagine Burns doing that. Perhaps because he took the show seriously, and wasn’t just acting as an extended fill-in.

  8. Seems to be an extra ‘an’ in there. I’m slipping.

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