Cooper vs. Hannity…

The AP reports that Anderson Cooper isn’t happy with something that aired on last week’s Hannity Bias special…

Cooper, on his CNN show, noted that he was quoted in last week’s Sean Hannity special on media bias. Fox aired a clip of Cooper saying that a former U.S. ambassador in Africa, Joseph Wilson, was “the victim of a Bush administration smear campaign.”

Cooper says that if Fox aired his full report, it was clear he was reporting Wilson’s claim of a smear campaign — not saying it himself.

Cooper says that he tries to choose his words carefully and “don’t like it when someone cuts around them to make it seem like I’m saying something that I’m not.”

Hannity’s executive producer, John Finley, had no comment Tuesday.


11 Responses to “Cooper vs. Hannity…”

  1. The irony just sings and dances, doesn’t it?

  2. Yeah, there was a lot of out of context stuff, but it was clearly intentional. It wasn’t even so much dishonest, just that they played five seconds of a clip that was supposed to be much longer. The best example is the quote of Katie Couric saying “The Gipper was an airhead.” I’ve heard that clip before but never the entire thing in context. A youtube search was fruitless.

  3. A google search was better:

    Good morning. The Gipper was an airhead. That’s one of the conclusions of a new biography of Ronald Reagan that’s drawing a tremendous amount of interest and fire today, Monday, September the 27th, 1999.

  4. So they did a show about bias by butchering clips in a biased way. There is no better example of “just giving them what they want” than that. Congratulations, Fox viewers..Fox News considers you sheep.

  5. mlong5000 Says:

    CNN was clearly supporting Wilson against Bush.

  6. CNN was clearly telling the true story of an administration leaking a CIA agent’s name because they didn’t like her husband, and that’s no excuse to put one’s words in another’s mouth.

  7. savefarris Says:

    Joe’s the one putting one’s (Richard Armitage) words in another’s (Cheney/Libby)’s mouth.

  8. ^ Maybe that sentence makes sense to you>..

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