Erin Burnett to CNN?

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter scoops that Erin Burnett looks to be jumping to CNN…

The CNBC anchor Erin Burnett is poised to sign a long-term contract with CNN, according to three people with knowledge of her plans.

The signing will represent a shift to general news anchoring for Ms. Burnett, who has shown interest in branching out beyond business news, CNBC’s specialty. It is unclear what time slot she will occupy at CNN.

The only way this move makes sense is if an opening occurs during CNN’s dayside. Prime is locked up. Early prime is not but putting Burnett in at 7pm untested in a hard news format is probably too risky to contemplate for CNN. The one possibility I see here that makes sense is that Burnett slides in to Ali Velshi’s slot because Velshi will join American Morning full time.

Update: Actually there’s another option which didn’t occur to me even though it was staring me in the face. CNN is using the three headed monster format on American Morning. Burnett could join Velshi and Chetry at that show. That’s another possibility.


29 Responses to “Erin Burnett to CNN?”

  1. whitneymuse Says:

    She’s a great personality as Hain’s (CNBC) sidekick; she needs more than that role.

  2. I think 7 is a great idea. How could it be worse than JKUSA?

  3. clindhartsen Says:

    Kind of surprised Erin would be leaving CNBC though, I mean, she does have two shows and three hours on tv.

  4. ^ Yeah, but if she’s ever gonna move past “business reporter who was The It Girl five years ago”, she’s gotta get on a cable news channel.

  5. Bad move for her….. She has a serious aversion to being a “babe” and showing her legs…. Not the best move for her, watch her on Today and you will see what I mean.

  6. Well, this is certainly shocking news to me.. Mainly because I figured she’d jump to FBN!

    DONG! This has been a tongue-in-cheek alert.

    Not sure why she’d want to jump to CNN to do DaySide. Besides, I’m sure they have to pay her a pretty penny.. to do DaySide?? (Speaking of the roles formerly held by Collins, Harris, etc.)

    Maybe Chetry is leaving and Burnett will take over.

  7. “Maybe Chetry is leaving and Burnett will take over”

    That’s what I was thinking as well. She would be a big improvement on AM and if paired with Ali Velshi would make the show almost watchable. It would have a more business oriented focus which would be different than the F&F and MJ. I don’t know if it would work ratings wise but they can’t be much worse than they are now.

    As for Chetry you could move her to Ali’s PM slot.

    As bad as John King is as a host and JKUSA is as a show; I don’t see that time slot working nearly as well for Burnett.

  8. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    Wow this is EXTREMELY shocking news!
    I thought she is (was?) doing a fantastic job on CNBC, and she seems to fit in so well. In fact, once Maria left the network I’m pretty sure they would have built CNBC around Erin, the way they have with Maria.
    CNN is a good network, no doubt, but when you see what has happened to the likes of Campbell Brown, Paula Zahn, Connie Chung and so forth, I don’t understand how Erin Burnett sees this as a step-up.

    …but now that random Brian Sullivan hiring makes soooo much more sense. Sullivan to Street Signs, and perhaps Simon Hobbs to Squawk on the Street.

  9. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    Kiran Chetry leaving? Never thought about that, but I’m not sure why she’d be leaving…unless CNN is pushing her out? She seems to be an asset to the show – it’s the format that is the big problem IMO.

  10. I seriously doubt Chetry is going anywhere. Her profile has been elevated a bit since Roberts left for FNC. And she’s in London for the Royal Wedding. CNN wouldn’t do that if it was planning on either moving her or dropping her.

  11. whitneymuse Says:

    I’ve been a steady consumer of CNBC’s since the flash crash and the economic recovery/repair and it doesn’t make sense to me; but, I like us all am just a consumer.

  12. I wouldn’t make much of sending Chetry to ‘the Wedding’. She’s a pretty obvious choice from the limited CNN talent pool. No one predicted John Roberts would head off to FNC either. If it’s a choice between Chetry and Burnett on AM it’s a no-brainer. At least for me.

  13. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    ^ True.
    And let’s not forget that HLN sent Brooke Anderson over to cover the wedding – and she’s leaving very soon as well.

  14. Maybe she could get Kyra Phillip’s spot since her fiance is a turncoat.

  15. It’s not complicated, people. CNN is a higher-profile platform than CNBC, and they do non-business news. She can’t progress away from a niche business-only persona at CNBC, and her star is fading. The time to jumpstart things is now.

  16. I wouldn’t go that far Joe. She was being groomed for bigger things at NBC – see her recent appearances on MTP & Today.
    BTW, this is still a rumor as far as I know. She may not be going anywhere.

  17. If she doesn’t get Viera’s job – and there isn’t a chance in hell, she’s not made for that chit-chat format – then cable news is the only place to go. With John King, Spitzer, and Piers all tanking, there’s plenty of opportunity at CNN.

  18. ^ I don’t see her in CNN prime time Joe. She doesn’t have the gravitas yet. But who knows with the right EP she could do well.

    I think she needs a foil to play off, like Haines or JS. Aside from Velshi or Cooper I can’t see anyone at CNN being that partner although Spitzer would interesting. She would certainly be better than Hill.

  19. She was being groomed for bigger things at NBC – see her recent appearances on MTP & Today.

    The operative word in your sentence Fritz is “was”. That grooming hit a brick wall a couple years ago. Her off CNBC appearances have gone way back from when she first started getting her push.

  20. dwpender Says:

    I’ll believe this when and if I see it actually happen. For now, I suspect Erin’s people leaked this info to enhance her position in negotiations with NBC/CNBC.

  21. whitneymuse Says:

    FBN is the kiss of Death for all the personalities that made that move; they aren’t carried by the most prolific cable providers; and, I frankly will not chase providers for FBN’s shows.
    I like Burnett; anyone who played field hockey is my kind of person.

  22. capricex Says:

    That’s good for NBC IMO. I think she was a Zucker favorite, like Glick and that’s why she was on subbing for Today. I don’t dislike her, but I don’t think she’s what she’s boosted to be. I could see her as weekend Today material but not weekdays. Hall and Robach are the same, in that respect.

    CNN’s AM used to be a great show and the way their producing it now is such a waste of what can be a great brand. I used to love the theme music, graphics and the sets up until the Roberts/Chetry era. American Morning could be an amazing hard news brand with the right people involved. Now it looks like CNN airport morning news. They were stupid, and let Brown go, -a velshi/brown team would’ve been great. The real estate for that kind of show acouple of years back was wide and open until Morning Joe poached it. Now Joe is a great brand. But they need to move Chetry to dayside, she brings nothing to the table personality wise. But the set and graphics they use now for AM have to be the cheapest looking setup. Doesn’t even look like CNN in interested in what they do. There’s so much you can do with that brand and it looks like no one upstairs is letting anyone do so.

  23. whitneymuse Says:

    Watched CNBC’s morning market show; it really happened, everyone teared up and she said goodbye to everyone at CNBC; it was apparent that her colleagues genuinely will miss her as will regular market watchers at that time of the day.
    She’s got great energy and reports earnings and business strategy as well as anyone I’ve watched.

    I didn’t think this was going to happen, until it did, today. (5-6-2011).
    Believe Cramer had the final good bye from CNBC.

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