Joe Kernen Interview

The New York Daily News’ Phyllis Furman interviews CNBC’s Joe Kernen…

Q: Give us some examples of how you see business people portrayed in the media.

A: There was a study done of TV which looked at hundreds of hours of prime time. You were four times more likely to commit a crime if you were a CEO than if you were a drug dealer or a gang leader.

How about “WALL-E”? The company that ruined the world was called Buy n Large (a fictional version of Walmart). So the entire planet was ruined by, as far as I can tell, Walmart.

Think about the guys who have created wealth in this country. Walmart not only held down the consumer price index, but I think there are a million employees at Walmart.

Q: How much have your views been shaped by your years of grilling business leaders on “Squawk Box?”

A: A lot of it, obviously. I was also a stockbroker before that. I guess I have always been pro-capitalism. A sportscaster doesn’t have to like the teams, but at least you have to like the sport.

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2 Responses to “Joe Kernen Interview”

  1. paminwi Says:

    Love Joe Kernan! He brings some fun to Squawk!

  2. iamfirmin Says:

    JOE is the the show.. .I will read his new book!

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