Morning Joe EP Chris Licht Leaves for CBS News…

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter writes about Chris Licht jumping from MSNBC to CBS…

Chris Licht, the behind-the-scenes member of the “Morning Joe” band, is leaving MSNBC and becoming the vice president of programming at CBS News.

Mr. Licht’s hiring was announced by CBS News on Thursday morning. At CBS, he will try to inject new energy into the network’s long-troubled morning show, “The Early Show,” and develop other programs and projects. Though the morning show will be his “first focus,” Mr. Licht said in an interview, “I will be doing whatever I can to help.”

And then there’s this little unrelated nugget Stelter tosses in regarding all those Joe and Mika are shopping themselves rumors…

The end date of the contracts is unknown. Mr. Scarborough and Ms. Brzezinski recently started working with the Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, of William Morris Endeavor, according to two people with knowledge of the relationship. Asked to confirm the relationship last week, Mr. Emanuel wrote in an e-mail message, “No commitment,” and declined to elaborate.

You don’t bulk up with a super agent like Ari Emanuel if you don’t have big designs of some kind.

Stelter also reports that MSNBC has named Alex Korson the new EP of Morning Joe with Ann Edelberg named as Senior Producer…

32 Responses to “Morning Joe EP Chris Licht Leaves for CBS News…”

  1. paminwi Says:

    Where in God’s name would they go? Are they a team that can’t be broken? Knowing that Ari is Joe’s agent makes me understand better why Joe is becoming more and more left leaning everyday.

    And, I am truly serious about where would they go? Someone please give me serious responses!

  2. The rumor is that CBS would pick them up. Yeah, like that will ever happen. But who knows, maybe they will get the fifth hour of the Today Show.

  3. joeremi Says:

    The rumor – reported here – is they’ll folow Licht to The Early Show, whichis sorely in need of some buzz. The last time anybody noticed it was when Phyllis George hosted.

  4. Knowing that Ari is Joe’s agent makes me understand better why Joe is becoming more and more left leaning everyday.

    Yeah, Joe was being very “left-leaning” when he attacked Gingrich for hurting Paul Ryan’s feelings. Please.

  5. joeremi Says:

    It’s hopeless, Prog. Scarborough gets the same constant ream of crap for being a Not Crazy Righty on MSNBC that Kirsten Powers gets for being Not Crazy Lefty on FNC. I like them both, and it pisses me off.

  6. The problem for Scarborough is that the elites love him. That, more than anything, hurts his right-wing street cred. I don’t think it’s fair, but that’s the way it is.

  7. joeremi Says:

    What, exactly, are “elites” people who think before speaking? Every time I hear a righty derisively use that word, I think, “ entire political party devoted to the ‘dumbass’ vote.”

    In spite of Sarah Palin’s best efforts to prove otherwise, being stupid is not a good quality in a politician, or a pundit. Elites in ’12!

  8. laura l Says:

    As opposed to entire political party dedicated to ”If only people were smarter, they’d agree with us”. Or the always impressive ”It’s a ‘messaging’ problem..”

  9. joeremi Says:

    ”If only people were smarter, they’d agree with us”.

    Hey, I didn’t say ours worked, either..

  10. “Elites” are those who aren’t smart enough to realise that their fortunate station in life does not qualify them to know what’s best for everyone else.

  11. joeremi Says:

    Every politician, and every pundit, thinks they know what’s best for you. It’s a requirement of the jobs: you don’t sign up for public service, or to tell people your Deep Thoughts on TV (sorry, the telly), if you don’t think you can improve people’s lives with your POV.

  12. Regarding many medical issues, I truly do believe that I can know what’s best for you. But I am also smart enough to know that I can be wrong and that I have no business insisting that you follow my instructions. Thus, I am not an elitist snob, I am merely a “snob” doctor.

  13. joeremi Says:

    Listen to your pal Joe, my little righty friends, ’cause he knows what’s best for ya: I don’t care how much you believe in the concept, NEVER say “the elites”. You sound ridiculous.

  14. laura l Says:

    ”Arrogant snot head” is much better.

  15. joeremi Says:

    “Git er done” is out, too. Don’t even think about it..

  16. laura l Says:

    I prefer ‘You can’t fix stupid”.

  17. “Bald-headed fart”.

  18. Merriman-Webster version:

    Elitists: A group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category, esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth.

  19. laura l Says:

    ‘Considered’ by each other, often as not.

  20. ^ Very true. Liberal elitists have been trying for some time now to make the term “uncool” for use because polling shows voters are turned “off” to candidates labelled as such (i.e.: John Kerry).

  21. joeremi Says:

    Yeah, it’s The Liberals’ fault that you sound ridiculous talking like that..

  22. laura l Says:

    ”The Elites” sounds ridiculous to people who desperately want them in charge. Not so much to others. To quote some old movie ”I don’t think it means what you think it means”. Or something.

  23. joeremi Says:

    Must be that lamestream media at work again. I actually saw a clip of Palin using that phrase again yesterday. The woman is impervious to ridicule.

  24. Sarah Palin: “Dear Mr. President, please allow our ally, PM Netanyahu, to respectfully arrive through the front door this time. Thanks, Concerned Americans.”

  25. Call me nuts, but I’m thinking “Morning Joe” might do fairly well on CBS. They may need to change it a little, but there’s a new generation of old people watching morning telly nowadays.

    OK, my wish for MJ success on CBS is selfish. I want retirees to stay home longer in the mornings. When you can sleep in and do things anytime throughout the day, why in the bloody ‘ell do you have to ALL show up at the coffee shop when I’m trying to get my bum to work?

  26. laura l Says:

    The bald-headed farts should stay home and watch TV, eh?

  27. laura l Says:

    Oh, I forgot. ”Nuts”.

  28. […] Morning Joe EP Chris Licht Leaves for CBS News… « Inside Cable News […]

  29. “the elites” Is that like “the blacks”?

  30. Note that it was an elitist who said, “the blacks.”

  31. laura l Says:

    I noted that. Hmmm.

  32. how to regrowth hair naturally…

    […]Morning Joe EP Chris Licht Leaves for CBS News… « Inside Cable News[…]…

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