Blogus Interruptus…

Off to an undisclosed tropical location with Dick Cheney. No snorkels will be waterboarded during this trip. Blogging resumes Wednesday morning.


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  1. laura l Says:

    Be careful after he loads.

  2. joeremi Says:

    I don’t think you’re allowed to say Happy Memorial Day..

  3. Good point.

  4. chipsohio Says:

    Just make certain that Cheyney keeps his guns/ammo @ home.

  5. laura l Says:

    Here’s something that’s depressing as all hell.

  6. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ Males are just wired different. We are always (as a group) going to be more likely to get in a wide range of troubles than females are.

    Not me, though. I’m squeaky clean!

  7. lonestar77 Says:

    I can’t believe that guy took his ball & went home. What a little biatch. Unless I missed something that happened before the clip starts, what was he so angry about? It seems like he just got frustrated that he was getting destroyed in the debate.

  8. laura l Says:

    He just wanted him some sweet sweet Mediaite action. I just made myself sick.

  9. joeremi Says:

    ^ Eewww!

    To be blunt about it, this society is a PITA for men. We’re perceived as being “in power”, but are given very little tools to establish that position, then when we don’t luck out with the right connections, we’re on our own. There ain’t no support group for a guy wandering around in the wilderness, trying to figure out what went wrong, partially because we’re brought up to believe one shouldn’t be necessary. We wouldn’t seek it out, anyway. We’re men.

  10. laura l Says:

    Right. You have to listen to all the liberal BS about ‘power’, white and otherwise, while every other group is given favored treatment. And not just in education and jobs. How many ‘male’ diseases have marathons and fundraisers? Men die younger for a host of reasons, yet all we hear about is how horribly put-upon women are. We hear about how women are victims of violence, but the stats hardly put them at greater risk. I would venture a guess that more of us know of young men that died than young women, and you don’t see near the concern about it. It’s just life.

  11. joeremi Says:

    A Harley rally? The woman may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to policy or punditry, but man she is brilliant at self promotion.

  12. -PITA-

    Isn’t that a sammich?

    It is a depressing set of statistics and I’m not sure what the causes are. I did notice something about myself last night, though:
    I frequently fast-forward through much of the newscasts simply because I don’t have time to watch everything. Had the remote in-hand with images on the screen flashing through at 4X speed when I caught the briefest possible glimpse of a good-looking female form. With lightning speed my left thumb slides over to the “play” button and, sure enough, there was a 7-second interview with a chick about the disaster around her. “Why did I do that?”, I asked myself out loud knowing it was dumb reaction. Dumber still, I did the same thing a few minutes later and it turned out to be a promo with a few seconds of Shannon Bream.

    Moral of the story? Guys will be guys even when the guy has education credentials up the wazoo.

  13. joeremi Says:

    Tommy Christopher is very good at negotiating the vagaries of this stuff.

  14. laura l Says:

    I wonder if Current TV is giving out bonuses for insincere apologies.

  15. Gov. Pete Shumlin of Vermont has just signed into law legislation that will create the first single payer health system in the US by 2014; if he can get a waiver from the Obama administration from the law that now delays implementation until 2017. Obama is said to favor this waiver.

    This should provide an interesting counterpoint to all the Republican led states that want to eliminate government, as much as possible, from the provision of health care in their states.

  16. If I was a Vermont resident I would probably oppose this legislation. From a conservative standpoint, however, there is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with a sovereign state enacting its own single-payer healthcare system. Vermont is small enough that it is possible such a socialised system could work fairly well, and the state bureaucracy need not be so complicated to prevent necessary tweaks and corrections if the system doesn’t work as well as hoped.

    Fifty separate and relatively small-scale testing grounds for innovative ideas has been a major advantage that the US has been able to exploit for centuries now.

  17. joeremi Says:

    Rachel highlighted this article at the top of her show. Consider my erudite political analysis confirmed, ladies and germs. I’ll bill you.

    – “Members know that you don’t piss off senior citizens, and they know that this was handled badly, that there was no messaging, that Ryan’s not making his case and they are all looking down the road thinking, ‘Oh my God, it’s coming,’ ” the source said. –

  18. I agree that this is not going to prove much more than a small state can make single payer system work – or not.

    The real question is what happens if this works out OK in Vermont and a state like California wants to try it out. The health insurance industry probably doesn’t want to take that chance. It’s a problem for Republicans because it’s hard to oppose in Vermont what they want to do in their own states; alter Obamacare to their own purposes.

    I think that the wavier that Vermont wants is the same one that allows states to limit Obamacare (at least that’s my understanding of how it works?)

  19. That’s a funny article Joe. I LOL when I read sue Myrick’s line “There scaring old people, it’s disgusting.”

    That’s rich after the campaign against Obamacare.

  20. joeremi Says:

    Ok, there’s a good and a bad side to this: “Straight news reporter” (yes, there’s a pun in there) Thomas Roberts seems to be doing a mild version of liberal opinion as a sit-in for Ed Schultz. Not good from a journalism perspective, but…he’s WAY better this way than as a newsreader.

    Give Jansing her second hour back and give Roberts an opinion show. He’s good.

  21. California would need to find a way to straighten out its state assembly and get control of its finances before it has any hope of a successful system. A single-payer system couldn’t work there, anyway, for a variety of reasons not least of which is its size. An important factor that would greatly improve the likelihood of successful single-payer state programmes is having a larger, external economy that is not encumbered by a single-payer system. Canada’s cost control measures, for example, become worthless if the US adopts a similar system.

  22. joeremi Says:

    Gotta love LOD. He’s convinced Sarah isn’t running, and has this to say about a 1.7 million dollar mansion in Scottsdale, AZ.

    “You know what’s in Scottsdale, AZ.? Retired rich white people who want to live with other retired rich white people. You know who else lives in Scottsdale, AZ.? Dan Quayle.”

  23. She still hasn’t done anything to make me think she’s intending to run.

  24. Red Eye, I think, is the first successful late night talk show that has the host positioned screen left of the guests. Maybe it works because Gutfeld is usually standing.

    It might be the first show to prominently feature a “leg” chair, too.

  25. joeremi Says:

    Good catch,’re right about that. The ‘standing’ thing works ’cause he’s so short. When Andy fills in he has to sit down ’cause he towers over them when he stands. As for the ‘leg chair’, well..welcome to Fox News. 😉

  26. I have to go with O’Donnell on this Palin running thing; he has a pretty good track record with calling out Trump – to the day.

    I think Palin is doing a Trump here; in that she will pretend to run until it has used up it’s self promotional and moneymaking capabilities. Most pundits think her new vanity documentary is there to promote her candidacy for POTUS. I think it’s the reverse; she’s using her running for POTUS to promote her movie. The more people think shes running the more people will pay to see the documentary. I’d watch her public appearances to see how much she promotes the movie vs how much she puts out real policy statements. My guess this is a promo tour for her vanity flick.

  27. -Promoting for vanity-

    That’s certainly a negative characterisation, fritz. Show me a politician (or any celebrity, for that matter) who is not promoting his or herself for vanity reasons and I’ll ask you to throw the dirt back into their grave.

    -Red Eye-

    I’m also pretty sure that Gutfeld is the first cable news channel host to get away with screaming at the control room when the camera is on a well-endowed leg chair guest to “Take down the lower third! What an idiot! How long have you worked here?”

  28. “That’s certainly a negative characterisation”

    Yeah but still true. A fawning (by all accounts) documentary made by a supporter of the person being filmed is a vanity production meant only for self promotion and making money off the subjects followers.

    Your right that any celebrity; and make no mistake about it, Palin is a celebrity; making a documentary about themselves is self-promoting for vanity or monetary reasons; or both.

    I expect as her star fades we will see her on ‘The Amazing Race’ or more likely ‘Celebrity Apprentice’. She’d be great on ‘Survivor’. 🙂

  29. I forgot to mention that LOD said Palin, as well as Huckabee, weren’t running in April because neither had been fired, by Roger Ailes, from FNC unlike Gingrich & Santorum who were let go at that time. That theory is still valid.

  30. joeremi Says:

    I’m on the fence. I thought she was running up until a couple of months ago. My hope was renewed with this latest stunt, but LOD’s bit was pretty convincing, especially the “fire in the belly” clips. She said it four times. He’s right, that sounds more like someone setting us up for a fall, than someone truly committed to the idea.

  31. Over the past five months pretty much all of the Republican political analysts have said that they didn’t think she was running, and most are still saying that today.

    Paraphrasing what Karl Rove says about her… if you think about her in terms of being a politician who is seeking higher elected office then she’s doing everything wrong. On the other hand, if you see Sarah Palin as a politician who wants to maintain a strong influence within the conservative movement but outside of the republican establishment, then she’s brilliant at it. She may indeed run for POTUS, but not this cycle.

  32. joeremi Says:

    I used to think Sarah’s true calling was as a Fox News Chick. She’s TERRIBLE at it. I’ve yet to see anything she’s good at other than being famous. She’s the Snooki of politics.

  33. laura l Says:

    ^ THAT was fabulous. 😀

  34. laura l Says:

    The headline says it all — ”The Fake Chrysler Loan Payoff”’ I love being right.

  35. joeremi Says:

    It’s gonna take me all day to figure that numbers game out, but I take issue with the “foreign car company” propaganda. Fiat bought Chrysler, and is building cars HERE for America AND Europe. Get over it.

  36. laura l Says:

    Can’t argue with logic like that.

  37. joeremi Says:

    Rupert Murdoch owns NewsCorp. Does that mean Fox News is a foreign news channel?

  38. laura l Says:

    To listen to some people…

  39. “Rupert Murdoch owns NewsCorp. Does that mean Fox News is a foreign news channel?”

    That doesn’t make sense. Rupe is an American citizen. I hope you’re not suggesting that because he is an immigrant he’s not a ‘real’ American.

    The better question/analogy would be that Honda, like Chrysler, is headquartered overseas, but builds cars here in America as well as overseas. So if Chrysler is not a ‘foreign car company’, does that mean Honda isn’t either?

  40. joeremi Says:


  41. joeremi Says:

    When I mentioned a “Harley rally” yesterday, I wasn’t even close. Rolling Thunder is a very serious Vietnam Memorial event, and Sarah Palin is getting some backlash for “hijacking” it.

    It’s always a good thing to honor vets and MIA on Memorial Day, so I can’t criticize her for doing it, but I’m not sure it was the “brilliant” PR move I predicted yesterday. If I were the PR guy, I would have advised against it. “Palin in black leather on a HOG” looks too much like a stunt for an event like this.

  42. joeremi Says:

    Ya got me there, Johnny. I thought NewsCorp was Australia-based. I didn’t know Rupert was an American citizen.

    The “which car is American, and which is not” is murky, which is why I balk at “foreign car company”. The implication is that because Fiat took over control of Chrysler it no longer qualifies as an American car, although the offices, factories and workers remain here.

    Every automobile manufacturer is a global organization now, so country of origin is a maze. For instance, a Chinese company owns Volvo, which builds cars in Sweden. So is Volvo still Swedish, or are they Chinese now? The answer is…throwing “foreign car company” at Fiat is simplistic, jingoistic BS.

  43. joeremi Says:

    Ladies, please..ignore that I’m a lib. You clearly need new PR. Call me.

  44. laura l Says:

    Doing it in ‘Waterloo’ was never gonna end well.

  45. joeremi Says:

    After being hammered for years for calling Palin dumb, now I’m gonna take it on the chin for insisting Bachmann is smart..

  46. laura l Says:

    Eh, not from me. Anyone can have bad advance-work.

  47. joeremi Says:

    More “global car” trivia for those of you who didn’t know about Chinese Volvos, which would be everybody except maybe Josh.

    Cool British cars:
    Jaguar – Tata Motors, India
    Mini Cooper – BMW, Germany
    Lotus – Proton, Malaysia

    My Chevy was built in Canada. My old Corolla was built in Fremont, CA. Confused yet?

  48. joeremi Says:

    It must be a holiday weekend. The Factor is an extended Miller Time segment, which will play a dozen times by midnight Monday. Yippee.

  49. joeremi Says:

    Ah geez, Hannity and Santorum and the waterboarding and the courier who was misrepresented and years later they figured out it was a lie and this is who he really was and blah blah effing blah. By Election Night, every Fox viewer will be convinced Bush handed bin Laden to Obama on a platter. BUSH DID NOT CATCH BIN LADEN. HE GAVE UP ON HIM. Idiots.

  50. joeremi Says:

    The Anointed One! Why? Why did I watch Hannity? I give in. Time for Lockup.

  51. joeremi Says:

    Who is Gary Johnson, and why do I agree with him on so much?

  52. joeremi Says:

    I’m talking to myself. Awesome. Have a good weekend, kids.

  53. Joe, that you are an irrational liberal and can have the occasional caustic flare-up is of little consequence to any of us. But if you’re going to watch Hannity & Hannity then you damn well better expect to be shunned.

  54. laura l Says:

    I think there’s an ointment for that.

  55. joeremi Says:

    – irrational liberal –

    You say that like they’re related. I used to be a conservative. I was irrational then, too..

  56. lonestar77 Says:

    Like most negative reports involving Palin, the “hijacking” of the Vet bike rally was false.

  57. joeremi Says:

    Nice work missing the point. The PR problem is that her participation looks like a stunt to get attention, not a sincere tribute. I made no claim that she actually “hijacked” anything.

  58. Outsider Says:

    The G8 wants to give a new aid package of $40 billion to North Africa and the Middle East while their own citizens are facing government program cuts and/or higher taxes.

  59. laura l Says:

    That’s why they call it ‘wealth redistribution’. And if it ever got past the people in charge to the people who need it, you might be able to justify it.

  60. joeremi Says:

    How about a little aid to the United States, you morons.

  61. Outsider Says:

    Apparently this aid will help to grow their economies. Tried that before and it didn’t work. It only made them more dependent. Every donor nation that is facing budget issues are wasting their money. Only disaster relief aid is helpful not these so-called economic development aid packages.

  62. Outsider Says:

    Isn’t the US facing a debt crisis? Cut funding to the UN too. Americans put so much into that joke and 2/3 of the members trying to harm America. Americans should be aware that they’re the largest source of funding to the UN. It’s essentially aiding your enemies.

  63. joeremi Says:

    Who’s the airhead now? Greg Jarret asked Heather Childers what her holiday plans were, got a detailed response…then asked again 10 minutes later..

  64. laura l Says:

    ” Ad lib. A tease.. ”

  65. Texas, with its low taxes, added nearly 3/4 of million private-sector jobs over the ten years ending this past April. That’s more jobs than California lost. That’s a record Gov. Perry could run on.

    Greg Jarret isn’t just an airhead. Even worse, he’s an attorney.

    No offence intended to J$.

  66. joeremi Says:

    I always intend to offend Johnny.

  67. laura l Says:

    But Al, if you rich people would just shut up and pay your taxes, then California would be just fine.

  68. joeremi Says:

    Huh. Laura IS always right.

  69. laura l Says:

    Damn freedom screws-up liberalism every time.

  70. Most of the rich people moved to Texas or other lower-taxed places. Those who stayed do pay them but those higher taxes come right out of what they would have reinvested, so less net revenue for California.

    Damn eighth-grade math screws up liberalism every time.

  71. mlong5000 Says:

    Liberal icon Larry Flint has joined the growing list of Sara Palin haters to openly go after her son Twig who has Down’s Syndrome…he said

    “She did a disservice to every woman in America. She knew from the first month of pregnancy that kid was going to be Down’s Syndrome. It’s brain dead. A virtual vegetable. She carries it to all these different political events against abortion, she did it just because she didn‘t want to say she’d had an abortion. How long is it going to live? Another 12, 15 years? Doesn‘t even know it’s in this world. So what kind of compassionate conservative is she?…”

    Wow something isn’t it?….hey Joe your our head Palin hater here maybe you can explain why so many of your fellow PDS sufferers think going after her son and her other kids is a effective tactic to use against her?

  72. jackyboy Says:

    I don’t even know why critics of Palin go for the kids. I like Palin but even a supporter like me knows there is a lot for people to offer valid criticism about Palin. I mean this is the best that can be done?

    I think it’s due to the fact that regardless of whatever has been said, and regardless of all the time criticisms about Palin have been in the media, she’s still here and it doesn’t look like she is planning on going away anytime soon. I guess it means certain detractors of hers have to go to the “last resort” and offer pieces of garbage like that.

    Be it boredom or a last resort method Flint’s whatever-you-want-to-call-it is low and a disgrace.

  73. jackyboy Says:

    Oh and Schultz is an idiot and a hypocrite.

  74. lonestar77 Says:

    “The PR problem is that her participation looks like a stunt to get attention, not a sincere tribute.”

    To who? Not to me. She was invited and she accepted.

  75. joeremi Says:

    I don’t hate Palin, I just think she’s a narcissistic dunce, albeit a hugely entertaining one. I have no idea why anyone would ask me about Larry Flynt. I have no idea why anyone would care enough to quote him.

  76. laura l Says:

    Larry Flynt is a living being whose physical-presence utterly matches his personality. That is all.

  77. joeremi Says:

    The Indy 500. Kid’s first year in the race. Last lap. Last corner. Unbelievable.

  78. jackyboy Says:

    ^It happens, tragic.

    I do think Palin is narcissistic but who isn’t in politics? As for dunce I would disagree but I don’t care enough to debate it. All I know is if she runs it would certainly be the most bizarre political season possibly ever and I would be delightfully entertained.

  79. joeremi Says:

    I hope you know my “dunce” is a bit hyperbolic. She’s a PITA without the intelligence required to discuss policy, so she spouts talking points. She’s not literally dumb, just in over her head. And doesn’t seem to mind.

  80. laura l Says:

    A little history. He didn’t sound a thing like George C. Scott.

  81. I’m convinced that Palin is out to have a good time, make some money to support her family, push for policies that she favors, and irk the MSM. She doesn’t want to be President.

  82. jackyboy Says:

    ^At this point if she does not run she will be the Republican nightmare we will all want to forget. I don’t need another conservative pundit spouting meaningless talking points, those are a dime a dozen. The only reason I put up with a lot of her crap is that I know there is potential for something good. In my opinion if she doesn’t run it would truly be a tragic waste of talent.

  83. What she’s doing is expanding and encouraging a voting base that can benefit whoever the eventual nominee turns out to be, provided that person isn’t a moderate, of course. While most were already conservative or conservative-leaning, a fair number of those tea party folk weren’t regularly involved in the political process. It was the fight against federal intrusion into healthcare that got their attention, but it’s largely Sarah Palin who has been keeping them engaged.

    I’ve also found it quite odd that she and Michele Bachmann have been pretty much taking turns getting in the headlines over the past year. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that they talk and… umm… strategorise… regularly.

  84. joeremi Says:

    Bachmann seemed annoyed by Palin’s latest round of “golly, I might just run for president yet” silliness last week. Besides, Sarah only strategizes with Todd, and that strategy always involves What Can I Do To Get Attention Next. I don’t see her having anything to say to Michele other than “Will you go away already?”

  85. laura l Says:

    Bachmann is the real deal. Sarah Palin is ‘running for President’ like a ballplayer angling for a higher salary by considering other teams. She’ll probably get another book out of it.

  86. joeremi Says:

    Here’s an interesting “alternate reality Sarah” article. I’ve seen glimpses of this one, but they’re few and far between. She seems to lapse into combative/defensive at the drop of a hat. It’d be interesting to see what happens if she ever breaks that habit.

  87. I thought Rep. Bachmann seemed annoyed about the way questions to her were being framed. Sarah Palin also serves as the lightning rod keeping liberal attackers somewhat away from Michele Bachmann. They can attack her policies, but if anyone goes after her or her family personally in ways similar to how they’ve been attacking Palin, that will backfire big time.

  88. lonestar77 Says:

    That %*&* Sarah Palin. How dare she force CBS and others to follow her around the country. She needs to put away the magic wand and stop casting spells.

  89. joeremi Says:

    The media needs to put their d***s away and stop chasing that skirt.

  90. jackyboy Says:

    ^Love her or hate or or whatever you may think of her, she’s interesting and apparently whatever she does she sends the entire media’s libido into overdrive.

  91. lonestar77 Says:


    How come I don’t care about this stuff? Not this story in particular but if a congressman did send a pic of his package wrapped in underwear, I just don’t think I’d care. I guess I’ve become desensitized to it. People do so many stupid things, especially using all this newfangled techienology, that I just don’t care anymore.

  92. laura l Says:

    The press is a divining rod and she’s Lake Huron. That, or they just have no self-control.

    Agree about Weiner. Politically, I’d love to see him bounced, but I doubt that he occupies a swing-district, so it’s hard to see the gain.

  93. joeremi Says:

    The most irritating thing to me about “Weinergate” is Dana Loecsh’s behavior on Twitter Saturday. She had a story with extremely flimsy evidence, and screeched all night about “where’s the media on this?” As I recall, the NYT and KO looked liked idiots trying to stick John McCain with a sex scandal without much confirmed information.

    The most interesting thing I’ve heard today – now that it IS all over the MSM – is that it could be a REAL private photo that got hacked. That might explain Weiner’s reticence to directly deny it’s him. Love that Twitter..

  94. laura l Says:

    I have to say that watching all that in real-time was also rather off-putting. They wanted that story to be ‘Breaking News’ on a Saturday night on a holiday weekend, based upon the august reporting of Andrew Breitbart. Now, maybe he’s right, but I wouldn’t want my reputation riding on his word.

  95. lonestar77 Says:

    Sorry…didn’t mean to start a “Weinergate” conversation. I’m just disappointed that, even if it he is guilty of whatever the worst case scenario is, I just don’t seem to care. My standards for government officials is that low.

  96. laura l Says:

    ^ I prefer that to the outrageous outrage express elsewhere.

  97. laura l Says:

    All I know is that the same people raving about this would scream bloody murder if it was a left-wing ‘provocateur’ going after one of ours, with the exact same evidence. It may yet be valid, but I’d want some double-checking before it goes wide.

  98. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ I haven’t really followed the story so I don’t know exactly how it’s been covered or by whom. I saw some mediaite posts on it but lost interest after a sentence or two. Judging by the headlines, I guess Breitbart is on it. Whatever. I don’t care.

  99. laura l Says:

    I followed it without actually reading it. That would’ve required too much effort.

  100. joeremi Says:

    I followed it by being dumb enough to “follow” Dana. I follow Laura and the Red Eye crew, which tells Twitter I would LOVE lots of suggestions for righties to follow. Suggestions I take them up on, then wonder what I was thinking. Did you know predictable talking points are really boring..?

  101. I follow people but don’t really pay that much attention to them.

  102. laura l Says:

    That’s my general impression of ‘followers’. Most of mine could disappear and not be missed.

  103. joeremi Says:

    Remember how I said Sarah’s Harley ride was a brilliant PR move? Before I said it was a stupid stunt? Much crow, I shall eat..I was right the first time. The bikes, the bus, the vets, the way she has a hapless media chasing her like desperate paparazzi while she denies them a route sheet..effing brilliant.

  104. laura l Says:

    Twitter pickings.

    Ha! RT @NolteNC: BREAKING: Rep. Anthony Weiner offered primetime co-host slot at CNN. Working title: “Weiner/Spitzer: Around the World.”

  105. Rep. Weiner is using the same question deflection tactics for this embarrassing problem as he does when he’s defending some parts of his liberal agenda. O’Reilly calls him a “stand-up guy” but I see him more as a dishonest, end-justifies-the-means type person.

    If he sent the dumb pic he should just say, ‘Yeah I did, so what?” and if he didn’t he should straightforward say so. Beyond that, I don’t much care. I’d think that his wife, Huma Abedin, would be able to identify if that’s the Weiner she married, though.

  106. laura l Says:

    — same question deflection tactics —

    Uh, yeah. Put another way, ”flaming @sshole” is less useful as a PR-move than a as political-tactic.

  107. “flaming @sshole”? Could turn out to be quite the Weiner roast.

  108. lonestar77 Says:

    Some of these Palin haters are nuttier than squirrel poop.
    Or, does he have a point? Maybe we should put her in prison?

  109. jackyboy Says:

    ^They are running out of things to criticize her about so why not make sh!t up?

  110. paminwi Says:

    Chuck Todd this morning on the Daily Rundown talking about the Weiner story “he did nothing illegal, right?” Larry Craig did nothing illegal, right? or is tapping your foot under a bathroom stall illegal? Chad Lee did nothing illegal, right? or is taking your shirt off, snapping a picture so you can troll for dates while married illegal? Where are these folks right now? Run out of office. While Joan Walsh over at Salon says it’s Breitbart’s fault for all of this? Is that his weiner that is plastered all over the internet? The latest twist also from Chuck Todd is that Weiner’s from New York so the tabloids will go crazy but the public just won’t care. Because you know, it’s New York after all and anything goes there!

  111. joeremi Says:

    Chuck’s assessment (didn’t see it) of Weiner’s current status may be correct: He won’t face any legal action, and the public at large may not know or care enough about him to follow his career for much longer. But he has no longer term future in politics – such as being mayor of New York, for instance – if it becomes apparent that he sent that stupid pic to a college girl. Which, as if this moment, it’s pretty certain he did.

  112. joeremi Says:

    Oh yippee, Weiner’s gonna take another run at the press today. Let’s see if he’s worked out the two options for a yes-or-no question..

  113. joeremi Says:

    – Martin Bashir –

    Uh, Martin, calling the bus tour a branding opportunity intended to generate publicity and cash isn’t exactly an original thought, nor a particularly negative one. Entertainers – which is what Sarah is – use these same buses to ferry them to concert venues for precisely the same thing. Calling it illegal because there’s a flag on the side is silly. Toby Keith probably has one on his bus, too..

  114. lonestar77 Says:

    “Oh yippee, Weiner’s gonna take another run at the press today.”

    I wish Megyn Kelly could take a day from maternity leave to ask Weiner a question. The mere sight of her sends him into crazy mode.

  115. joeremi Says:

    The mere sight of her sends him into crazy mode.

    I know the feeling.

    Counting the minutes until Weiner complains about the elite lamestream media with their gotcha questions..

  116. lonestar77 Says:

    How long until Weiner plays the “well, I’m just not going to Tweet anymore and I’d advise everyone else in government to follow suit. We are trying to do a service to the people but it’s just not worth it, blah, blah, blah”. Or, maybe he already has & I missed it.

    The Congressmen is being enough of a jacka$$ that I’m beginning to care about the weiner story. If he ain’t guilty, he sure is doing a good job of acting like one.

  117. lonestar77 Says:

    “Counting the minutes until Weiner complains about the elite lamestream media with their gotcha questions..”

    Well, they gave him a 5 day pass to try and get his sh!t straight. They tried to help him but it appears as if he’s unwilling to be helped. I’m sure they woulda done the same for a conservative…bahahahaha.

  118. laura l Says:

    Uh, they ”gave him a five-day-pass” because it happened on a Friday night of a holiday-weekend. Having said that, you woulda thought he’d have had time to get it together.

  119. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ maybe that’s the reason but I don’t have a lot of faith that the timing changed anything.

  120. joeremi Says:

    Yes, the timing changed much. If everyone – including Weiner – had been in town, Weiner would have been asked about it earlier, and his strange response would have unleashed the pack earlier, as well. At this point, Breitbart’s accusations can’t get a story into the mainstream press; his track record is awful. It’s Weiner’s bizarre response that propelled it.

  121. joeremi Says:

    There’s one thing righties with a severe case of “liberal MSM” ALWAYS miss: Reporters like a good story. Whether it’s a black guy generating massive crowds as he steams past the presumptive (boring) nominee, or a politician deep-sixing his career with a pic to a college girl, political ideology is NOT the first thing that comes to mind for most journalists. They live for the story. Period.

  122. joeremi Says:

    Why did Sarah Palin have pizza with Donald Trump last night? That was a bizarre move in an otherwise brilliant publicity stunt.

  123. laura l Says:

    I enjoyed the ‘Jon Stewart’-monologue on the subject, but what no one seems to suggest is that the johnson in question might not be his, but he sent it anyway. How difficult could it be to crop-out a pic like that? Not sure how much honor there is in tweeting dong-shots.

  124. savefarris Says:

    “political ideology is NOT the first thing that comes to mind for most journalists. They live for the story.”

    If only that were true. While they do eventually cover both sides, the MSM shows by their enthusiasm levels which ones they’re really pulling for and which ones they try to help go away.

    Compare yesterday’s meltdown (with Bash all but apologizing to Weiner for asking a question and complimenting him on his “optics”) vs. the question shouting feeding frenzy at Vitter’s 1st post-hooker presser. (

    You don’t see a difference in voracity?

  125. joeremi Says:

    Geez, MSNBC has having massive troubles getting their Weiner interview audio out. Apparently he’s saying he didn’t send it, but “can’t say with certitude” it’s not him. Which brings me back to my earlier theory: What if the pic exists of him in his private account, and somebody hacked it?

  126. joeremi Says:

    You don’t see a difference in voracity?

    No. Dana Bash doesn’t shout, and certainly did not “apologize”. Her AND her producer hammered Weiner mercilessly.

  127. paminwi Says:

    joe: just got home and saw the Luke Russerrt interview. Ok, to me it sounds like he DOES take pictures of himself in whatever state we are calling it now. Luke says “there is a distinct certitude the picture could be his” and Weiner does not confirm or deny if the picture is him.

    Weiner will not be bringing in the Capitol Police and the investigation will be done by a private security firm THAT HE IS PAYING FOR! Think they may have a vested interest in not having the complete story coming out? No Capitol Police says he really doesn’t want ANY public record of this incident that someone could do a FOIA request on.

  128. lonestar77 Says:

    “There’s one thing righties with a severe case of “liberal MSM” ALWAYS miss: Reporters like a good story.”

    Another example of liberals living in the land of theory while the rest of us live in the land of reality.

    I guess that’s why it took a guy named Matt Drudge to break the Lewinski scandal, the Nat’l Enqr to break the John Edwards affair and the NYT & NBC to break the non existent McCain affair.

  129. joeremi Says:

    Your Drudge and Edwards examples don’t apply. Those are instances of non-traditional news sources willing to run with unsubstantiated rumors. They’re obviously going to go public sooner than a real journalist who needs to get some facts nailed down. You know better than that, but nice try.

  130. joeremi Says:

    So did a drunk Anthony Weiner take a pic of his junk, and another drunk idiot grab his BlackBerry and send it? He’s treating it as a bunch of yahoos screwing around on a holiday Friday night, and doesn’t want to make a “federal case” out of it.’s a question: Does he remember what happened?

    Someone needs to ask his wife if hubby was home Friday night, or out with the boys.

  131. laura l Says:

    That interview just gets worse every time you see it. This may be the first time I’m seeing the whole thing, you should pardon the expression.

  132. lonestar77 Says:

    I don’t remember how Drudge found out but if he was able to, I’m sure the NYT had the resources to discover it. Same with Edwards. Somehow, the Nat’l Enqr is able to uncover the story but not any of your “traditional” news sources? Uh huh. If you think the traditional media doesn’t go after stories with different levels of veracity depending on who the target is, you’re living in a dream world.

    I would imagine that you also think Hollywood isn’t liberal & that they don’t actively push a liberal agenda and blacklist conservatives:–3086

  133. lonestar77 Says:

    “Someone needs to ask his wife if hubby was home Friday night, or out with the boys.”

    The picture suggest he was definitely spending time with “the boys”.

  134. laura l Says:

    The Lewinsky-story was compiled by a reporter named David something and scotched by Newsweek. But I’m sure that it was just a coincidence. That John Edwards was scum was clear to anyone with any sense, but I’m sure it was just a coincidence. The only evident ‘bias’ is that which you choose to see.

  135. joeremi Says:

    The National Enquirer situation is well known. No one had concrete facts until they staked out Rielle’s hotel room. You have a bizarre delusion that everyone not called Fox News is in on some great conspiracy to protect all liberals. That’s nuts..people don’t think that way. Hell, FNC is a rightwing propaganda machine, and THEY wouldn’t skip a good story, EITHER. You guys kill me sometimes..

  136. joeremi Says:

    That interview just gets worse every time you see it.

    The Dana Bash one, I presume? It’s excruciating.

  137. lonestar77 Says:

    John Edwards was a used car salesman in the bad part of town wearing a fancy suit and getting $600 hair cuts. The fact that the MSM loved the guy is proof enough that they live on different planet than most of us.

    And, Clinton having an affair? Whouda thunk it? It’s undeniable that the vast majority of journalists are liberals. But, the left would have us believe that they are robots capable of casting their left wing biases aside in the name of objectivity. Yeah, sure. What Joe continually calls “coincidences”, I call obvious proof.

    Also, the fact that Obama was black AND liberal is why they loved him. The left, including the media, hates black conservatives more than they hate conservative women. They wouldn’t push a black conservative candidate no matter how awesome his abs were.

  138. joeremi Says:

    John Edwards was a trial lawyer who fought for victims of malfunctioning equipment, preached help for the poor, had a wife dying of cancer, and had already lost a son. A lot of people considered him something other than the sleazeball he turned out to be.

    You damn well better have the story nailed before you tell his dying wife her presidential-hopeful husband threw it all away to have a kid with some bimbo.

  139. laura l Says:

    And your ‘bizarre delusion’ is that everyone but Fox is absolutely fair. Another pointless argument.

  140. joeremi Says:

    They wouldn’t push a black conservative candidate no matter how awesome his abs were.

    Tell that to Herman Cain. He’s getting a lot of good press on MSNBC.

  141. lonestar77 Says:

    I should have said they wouldn’t “promote” a black conservative. They’d push one alright, right off a farking cliff.

  142. joeremi Says:

    And your ‘bizarre delusion’ is that everyone but Fox is absolutely fair. Another pointless argument.

    That is inaccurate. I think they’re a lot more fair that the right admits, and I often point out when they’re not. You guys have a massive liberal MSM conspiracy in your heads that does not exist. Most reporters on both sides try to be fair, and like a good story. The problem with FNC isn’t the boots on the ground, it’s their bosses.

  143. lonestar77 Says:

    “John Edwards was a trial lawyer who fought for victims of malfunctioning equipment, preached help for the poor, had a wife dying of cancer, and had already lost a son. A lot of people considered him something other than the sleazeball he turned out to be.”

    They loved him before they knew of his wifes condition. “A trial lawyer who fought for victims of malfunctioning equipment”. Haha. That may have been the lefty media narrative but he was nothing more than an ambulance chasing shake down artist.

    Whatever. None of the crap the media pushed about him convinced me. I knew he was a smarmy, lying sack of dung from the beginning. It was pretty obvious to anyone with a functioning set of eyes & ears.

  144. lonestar77 Says:

    “You guys have a massive liberal MSM conspiracy in your heads that does not exist.”

    Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist but I also think water is wet.

  145. lonestar77 Says:

    Riddle me this, Joe. The left (as a whole) basically hates everyone and everything that they don’t perceive as advancing the left-wing cause. But, they constantly defend the MSM. See a correlation there?

  146. joeremi Says:

    Dude, it’s hopeless with you. Rush and FNC have trained you that only they can be trusted, and there’s nothing I can do about it. You are bereft of independent thought, including knowing that Edwards defended a girl who was disemboweled by a hot tub. I gotta work. Tootles.

  147. lonestar77 Says:

    I was aware of the bias in the MSM well before FNC was around. I had pretty much stopped watching the news altogether. I remember the first time I heard about FNC. My brother told me about it and said “they actually let conservatives talk”. I still didn’t believe him and it was another month or two of him talking about FNC before I finally decided to give them a try. That’s how disillusioned I was with the MSM.

    You think FNC is right-wing propaganda right? Well, imagine if your only options were FNC A, FNC B, FNC C, & FNC in print. You’d be a little disillusioned too.

  148. laura l Says:

    I guess it’s ‘hopeless’ with me, too. One of the first times that I watched Special Report, I was shocked to see an attractive, intelligent, pro-life-representative. But I guess I was just imagining all the negative stereotypes that I was accustomed to, and God knows I can’t think without having previously consulted Rush Limbaugh.

  149. lonestar77 Says:

    I couldn’t decide what to have for lunch today and Rush wasn’t available so I didn’t eat. I hope he gives me some guidance soon or I might starve to death.

  150. lonestar77 Says:

    The reason the argument that “the MSM is left-wing” works is because it’s valid. Just because Rush Limbaugh agrees with me doesn’t make it wrong. If Rush says “Fox News channel is a left-wing organization”, I’m not going to suddenly say, “Gee, you know what he’s correct. They are left-wing. How did I not notice that before?”

  151. joeremi Says:

    Yes, you’re hopeless. You guys imagine a conspiracy that doesn’t exist. ‘Im the bag for Obama’ and all that crap. It’s ridiculous.

  152. laura l Says:

    You’re the one who keeps mindlessly repeating ”conspiracy”. It’s a ridiculous response to an inarguable fact.

  153. laura l Says:

    Weiner! Up next, on Fox!

  154. lonestar77 Says:

    “You guys imagine a conspiracy that doesn’t exist.”

    Believing that the MSM doesn’t promote left-wing candidates & causes is a conspiracy theory.

  155. laura l Says:

    Dare I say that I was premature with that last prediction?

  156. paminwi Says:

    “Yes, you’re hopeless. You guys imagine a conspiracy that doesn’t exist.” Same topic different situation: Mediaite reports that Vivian Schiller of NPR fame is in negotiations with NBC.

    They (Mediaite) asks the question: “If NBC bring her on, will it see a backlash over its suspected political leanings? Put another way: Is Schiller a controversial asset for any potential (supposedly nonpartisan) employer?”

  157. joeremi Says:

    This crap goes all the way back to Nixon and Agnew and “nattering nabobs of negativism”. The right wing is one huge victim of a big bad Liberal Media Complex. You’ve been trained since children to believe this crap..and you believe it. Like children.

  158. mlong5000 Says:

    Watching the MSM trying to weasel around the truth of the Weiner story is priceless and like the EdWards story it’s understandable they prop these guys as great Liberal hero’s taking on those evil Republicans and it turns out their scumballs.

    Listen here’s what happen the very married Weiner is chasing after this 23yr old..sent a picture of his junk hit the wrong button and exposed himself to everyone…and now he’s trying to claim it’s a joke someone hacked him and so on….but if that’s so then the Feds should be involved because this is a siting Congressman who has access to Government secrets and if someone hacked him what else have they done?

    Weiner can’t just let it slide if that’s truly what happen he as a Public official has to let the Feds find out who did it or tell the truth and admit that he got caught trying to cheat on his wife…and the MSM has got to stop trying to protect him and do their job to find the truth.

  159. joeremi Says:

    …and the MSM has got to stop trying to protect him and do their job to find the truth.

    I swear to God you people make up your own conspiracies. What is WRONG with you? The MSM is DESTROYING Weiner this week.

  160. paminwi Says:

    mlong: Weiner IS NOT going to let the feds in. As I mentioned before he is going to hire HIS OWN security company to do the investigation about what happened. If the Feds get involved there will all kinds of FOIA requests from the media and he can’t allow that to happen!

  161. The difference between a federal investigation and a private security inquiry boils down to this: subpoena power. The FBI can have a subpoena in 15 minutes for twitter to turn over the IP addresses of everyone who posted to that account at the time in question. A private investigative firm has literally no power whatsoever to force twitter or anyone else to give up that information.

    Draw your own conclusions.

  162. mlong5000 Says:

    Which is why Weiner can’t be allowed to just say it was hacked but He’ll handle it….if he’s a private citizen fine but not as a sitting Congressman…their are other issues if a Congressman has been hacked that just can’t be handwaved as no big deal.

  163. joeremi Says:

    No one is “allowing” Weiner to “get away with it”. If he sticks to the “hacked, might be me, don’t want anyone busted it for it” story, he’s doomed politically. Right now – according to his statement to Wolf – he’s just trying to hold onto to his new bride. I give him a week to admit the whole thing. Afer that, the voters will decide.

  164. joeremi Says:

    Well, THAT’S interesting. I don’t understand most of the technogeekery here, but apparently you don’t need to hack Weiner’s Twitter account to slip material into his yfrog stuff (whatever that means). This makes Weiner-obsessive Dan Wolfe’s involvement as the ONE person who seemed to be aware of the tweet as it happened highly suspicious. This explains Anthony Weiner’s response..not at all.

    I found ths on Andy Levy’s Twitter feed. He’s a fair guy, and this will surely come up on Red Eye tonight.

  165. lonestar77 Says:

    “You’ve been trained since children to believe this crap..and you believe it. Like children.”

    Yeah, cuz seeing & hearing it with our own eyes and ears is just out of the question. We just don’t have the brainpower of you libs.

    You still haven’t addressed why the party of angry (libs & dems) find the MSM acceptable while complaining about everyone & everything else. If they didn’t carry the water for the left, the angry left would hate them as much as they hate every body else who doesn’t agree with them.

  166. joeremi Says:

    The “angry left” yells at EVERYBODY. ALL THE TIME. Your fantasy of a United Liberal Media Empire is laughable.

  167. lonestar77 Says:

    Except I don’t have a fantasy of a “United Liberal Media Empire”. I understand that the vast majority of journalists are liberals as has been demonstrated by polls & surveys. I understand that they let their bias cloud their coverage. Can you name a single conservative policy that MSM has promoted and not mocked? Abortion? Illegal immigration policies? Lower taxes? Limited government? Medicare reform? Affirmative action? Gun laws? Uh, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope & nope.

    Do you honestly not know where the MSM as a whole stands on every single issue? You don’t have to be Ms. Cleo to predict how the MSM is going to cover stories.

    You live in an alternate universe that isn’t supported by facts or basic common sense. No rational person thinks the MSM plays it down the middle. Not a single one.

  168. joeremi Says:

    There’s an entire universe of “rational persons” who stand in awe at the madness you believe in, son.

  169. savefarris Says:

    “The MSM is DESTROYING Weiner this week.”

    A. Even noted long-time Weiner buddy Jon Stewart admits that the press, CNN in particular, isn’t doing their due dilligence on this story.

    B. Only if you don’t count the first 72 hours (Fri-Mon). Or the first part of Tuesday, where the NYT and MSNBC coverered it only as a piece of larger internet security stories. They only started really grilling Weiner (…sorry…) after the ‘jackass’ press conference yesterday afternoon.

  170. laura l Says:

    That’s because that ‘universe’ benefits from it. I know that, because I used to be one.

  171. laura l Says:

    Not that I have not criticized the press for this particular item. And I believe that Jon Stewart’s criticism centered around the fact that there was some exculpatory evidence found by a particular blog, and not by a ‘mainstream’ press whose job it is.

  172. -Left bias of media vs. conspiracy-

    As I see this ongoing argument, both sides are partially right and both are partially wrong. The more outspoken conservative pundits, politicians, and programme hosts most definitely hype this as a conspiracy even though it certainly isn’t. At the same time, only a fool would fail to see that the news media, both as a whole and in the majority of its individual parts, chooses stories and reports on them from a mostly liberal perspective.

    That the established news organisations didn’t jump on the Edwards story is a good thing, and they all did once it became verified. Would they have been quicker to jump had John Edwards been a conservative? Probably not, but there’s an abundance of liberal groups out searching for dirt on conservatives so the “newsworthy” threshold might have been reached faster. That’s not a liberal bias; it’s simply reality in our society. And Weiner is a big story that they are covering only because it evolved into one, not all that different from the NY Repub who posted his pecs on Craigslist – of course they’re going to report it.

    The left lean of the news media is a result of that being the predominant mindset of those who work in the industry and it is constantly reinforced because it is the primary frame of reference within the circles that they associate with. It’s not that they are actively pushing a liberal agenda, it’s that it just does not occur to them to look at things from a conservative standpoint. I doubt anyone on this blog would agree with me, but I see left tendencies with many of the Fox News field reporters just as I do with reporters of all of the networks. The difference, I think, is that Fox actively attempts to observe and present stories in a non-liberal way… which makes them appear conservative since they’re the only one that even tries.

  173. laura l Says:

    Hmmm. ”Note that I have not”, that is.

  174. joeremi Says:

    Gimme a break, Farris. The ‘grilling’ began as soon as the press and Weiner got back to work Tues. morning. Up until then, it was nothing more than Breitbart, Dana Loesch and Dan Wolfe howling at the moon. There is SERIOUSLY something wrong with some of you paranoid people.

  175. lonestar77 Says:

    “The left lean of the news media is a result of that being the predominant mindset of those who work in the industry and it is constantly reinforced because it is the primary frame of reference within the circles that they associate with.”

    I think that explains the majority of the bias in the MSM. But, in 2008, they actively campaigned for a candidate (Obama).

  176. lonestar77 Says:

    I don’t know why I put the parentheses around “Obama”. Everyone knew who I was talking about.

  177. lonestar77 Says:

    I don’t know why I put the parentheses around “Obama”. Everyone knows who I was talking about.

  178. missy5537 Says:

    Rep. Chris Lee was forced to resign for a picture ABOVE the waist, yet Weiner will probably skate for his “photo op”.

    But as someone just told me, the standards for democraps are lower.

  179. joeremi Says:

    Ooh goodie, “in the bag for Obama” again. I’m talking to air.

  180. joeremi Says:

    Chris Lee wasn’t “forced” to do anything. He quit almost before the story was out. There’s plenty others who rode out bigger storms than this and held on at least until the next election. You’re changing history to make “democraps” look different.

  181. If Rep. Weiner requested an FBI investigation he’d get one and they’d get to the bottom of it very fast. Would I do that if I was a member of Congress? Hmmmm…. nope. Well, maybe I would after consulting with a high-priced attorney familiar with federal investigations. Answer something wrong or incompletely and you might end up being prosecuted. A completely unintentional slip can easily appear to be something said on purpose.

    Question: Has Rep. Weiner ever in his past tried to impress a lady by… ummm.. advertising a particularly proud part of his anatomy.
    Answer: He’s guy – so probably.

  182. Outsider Says:

    Left-wing bias is not isolated to the US. It’s even worse outside of your borders and it’s more blatant, at least where I live. Here, most outlets promote absolutely no restrictions on ANY abortions (contrary to the majority of Canadians), the Vatican=flat-earthers, softer than soft on crime policies, the long-gun registry saves lives (even though there is no scientific evidence) and our PM has a hidden far-right agenda. When it comes to US politics, this is how they present it: Christians and the GOP=Satan, Dems=saints
    From the UK:

  183. mlong5000 Says:

    Joe you’ll never admit the left leaning views of the members of the MSM even if they said they were Pro-Dem to your face…me I’m honest to admit FOX leans right.

  184. joeremi Says:

    There’s obviously left-leaning people in the media, and many of them manage to report the news quite fairly in spite of it. There is no vast liberal tilt in mass news media; it’s selective, as with most things.

    The problem with one news orgainization in the mainstream media is that it’s actually run by a political operative, and run as a political operation. FNC manages to get some news in in spite of Roger Ailes and Bill Sammon, but there’s a whole lotta agenda-driving going on there.

  185. lonestar77 Says:

    “There is no vast liberal tilt”

    Good Gawd.

  186. joeremi Says:

    Suck it up, LS. There’s a real and complex world out there beyond your simplistic black-and-white vision. Your “they’re all against us” version is EASY.

  187. joeremi Says:

    Enough outta me today. These interminable “liberal MSM” debates make me sad for the state of “what people think is true” in this country. The advent of internet comment sections, and my subsequent exposure to what MILLIONS of conservatives perceive as The Truth, is truly disturbing for me. I do not like it, I am tired of hearing it. Good. Night.

  188. laura l Says:

    BREAKING: @RepWeiner announcing the launch of his “Violet Torpedo of Truth” tour.

  189. […] to an undisclosed tropical location…unfortunately the same undisclosed tropical location as last year. This time, however, snorkels will be in jeopardy. Remember to kill each other behave yourselves in […]

  190. domestic solar power…

    […]Blogus Interruptus… « Inside Cable News[…]…

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