Still More on Haines

The New York Times’ Michael J. De La Merced and Brian Stelter write about the death of Mark Haines…

Joe Kernen, who co-hosted “Squawk Box” with Mr. Haines, said that his colleague’s influence on CNBC stretched well beyond the morning, given his presence at the network from its inception.

“His fingerprints were on everything,” Mr. Kernen said in a telephone interview.

Mr. Kernen pointed to Sept. 11, 2001 as Mr. Haines’s single most important day as an anchor, when he calmly reported on developments about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

In a telephone interview, Ms. Burnett repeated what Mr. Haines’ wife said on the air on CNBC earlier in the day: “He seemed invincible.”

Ms. Burnett said she was thankful to have had “the blessing to be able to tell him how I feel and what I think of him because we just had that goodbye,” referring to their emotional conversation on “Squawk on the Street” three weeks ago, on her last day at CNBC.


3 Responses to “Still More on Haines”

  1. It was really sad to hear about Mark Haines death today. I enjoyed watching him on the origional ‘Squawk Box’ with David Faber & Joe Kernen and was sad to see that crew split up.

    I didn’t see him as often in his new time slot with Erin Burnett but his banter with JS on MJ since EB left for CNN was a must watch. I also remember fondly Burnett teasing him about his ‘meat salads’ which were always huge and gross looking – to me anyway.

    His passing and Burnett moving on leaves a huge hole in the CNBC lineup. My first guess as to who might be in line to fill the void is Steve Liesman; who is smart and opinionated. Becky Quick has also impressed me as a quality host in waiting. There are probably others and I’m sure CNBC will take it’s time before making any permanent decisions.

  2. whitneymuse Says:

    Early morning CNBC, is just going to be real different, from now on. His tribute given by the CNBC network, given by them that enjoyed his company every day, hit the right notes; glad they let us all see it too.

  3. motownman Says:

    They’ve been using Melissa Lee on SOTS and Melissa Francis on Street Signs. They added Brian Sullivan to SS and Melissa Lee worked with Simon Hobbs on SOTS today. I’d say Melissa Lee would be the favorite to replace Erin, but replacing HER on FM might be tricker, since that isn’t an easy show to do. Bet CNBC wishes it still had Trish Regan and Margaret Brennan.
    Interesting the only ex-CBNCer who didn’t pay tribute to Haines was Neil Cavuto.

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