Rebecca Diamond out at FBN…

I don’t recall ever seeing anything about Rebecca Diamond leaving FBN. I got this from an emailer who claims this came from Rebecca Diamond’s Facebook page…which I don’t have access to and therefore cannot verify…

Hi everyone, the twins and I have a routine now; I’ve lost all but 5 pounds of the baby weight; and I have my new home office all set up (a MAC that I need to learn the ins and outs) …. so… I’m now ready to get back to work. But not at Fox!! I’m not going back to FBN. Instead, I’m going to launch my own media biz. More details to come but you will be seeing and hearing a lot more from me. Stay tuned!!!!

In the “For what it’s worth” column a check of the FBN bio page shows Diamond is not present. If this is true and she’s out at FBN you have to think Diamond’s fate was sealed after the Eric Bolling script tampering incident.

Update: Diamond is still listed on FNC’s website however.

Update 2: It’s now confirmed by a commenter that Diamond did indeed post that on her Facebook page. Which obviously means she’s done at FNC and FBN. It also means another error on the FNC bio page needs fixing (see: Huddy, Juliete). Maybe I should go work for them? I seem to find them all..

Update 3: Diamond posted this on her FB page yesterday…

As I prepare to launch this new venture, I would love your input. What would you like to hear, see and read from me? Obviously, it would be business related. But it could also include “inside media” stories, my personal life, trends, live chats, video updates, stock picks, etc. What do you think?

Update 4: FNC confirms Diamond’s gone by deleting her bio from their website the day after I noted that it was still up.


40 Responses to “Rebecca Diamond out at FBN…”

  1. I’m friends (in the Facebook sense) with Rebecca Diamond and I can confirm she posted that.

  2. foxywatcher Says:

    I think everyone saw the writing on the wall for her after Happy Hour was cancelled. She was probably riding out her contract after that.

    She wasn’t very knowledgeable when it came to business. She was there for one reason.

    After the “cougar” Gomez got a guy almost 10 years younger, then her flirty self wasn’t the same. Then she went from being the fun, single party girl to “we’re going to our house in the Hamptons”.

  3. Rebecca is a good TV personality, but she was more the “Fox & Friends” kind of personality, not so much financial news during market hours. I thought she was great on Happy Hour but clearly FBN wanted to move in a different direction (one with bigger ratings).

  4. whitneymuse Says:

    I was going to say, I don’t know who she is; then the good old Wikipedia came through; her name was Gomez and she just got married. To a Diamond.
    We know what happens to these anchorettes who want to make a home and family. and Mr. Diamond probably doesn’t have the stuff for it.
    Besides, FBN is the kiss of death; once htere no one ever hears from you again.

  5. I think when she published pictures of her in a bikini on her honeymoon kind of undercut her credibility as a serious FBN correspondent. Gomez got a Diamond in more ways than one.

  6. whitneymuse Says:

    Oh, don’t forget to contribute to Wikipedia’s support; they have a Pay-Pal account and they thank you for your contribution; better than some candidates for public office;

    My email came within that same day and it’s tax deductible, too.
    These guys perform a useful service and that’s why I take the time to say this, now.

  7. icemannyr Says:

    What undercut her credibility was tampering with scripts.
    Some feel that was the beginning of the end for Happy Hour as neither of her co-hosts wanted to work with her anymore.

  8. whitneymuse Says:

    Congratulations on your twins and the shedding of the baby weight, too.

    I did not know about the other FBN issues you raised. FBN isn’t seen in my area of Cox and i’m not messing with my cable service since it took me this long to get it working correctly.

    Besides Cavuto is my least favorite of all the fox newsers; oh and Beck and Geraldo, so I’m skipping through a few of their lineup as it is.

  9. I like Neil.

  10. laura l Says:

    ^ Whitney just likes to go on. Neil is like a god to some of us..

  11. whitneymuse Says:

    Thanks; thought Laura was the god on this thread. Need the “help” link for this thread…not really, just pile into it.
    Remember Wikipedia.

  12. -Update 4-

    Spud’s proud of himself. Apparently no one at FNC noticed her missing, either, until the Snorkleman, himself, pointed it out.

  13. No. They probably took her bio down from the FBN side but someone forgot to check the FNC version I guess.

  14. She’s lucky Fox let her ride out her contract after tampering with Bolling’s scripts. I bet her “web venture” lasts until there’s an opening for a traffic reporter on NY1.

  15. What exactly is she accused of doing with the scripts?

  16. Wall St Cheat Sheet report, excerpted from ICN blog entry post 4/2/*2010:

    The suspension allegedly resulted after Diamond had been caught tampering with the editorial scripts of Happy Hour co-host Eric Bolling.

    Don’t know why she (allegedly) did this but we all know Eric Bolling to be a bit of an ass. Perhaps Ms. Diamond sought to hide from her viewers just how much of an ass Mr. Bolling really is.

  17. yeah … I’m sure that’s exactly why she did it …

  18. at least nobody see’s what an ass bolling is because being on the fox out of business network and no one watches it

  19. ^ Syntax requires so little effort. Would it kill you to try a few capital letters and periods once in a while?

  20. whitneymuse Says:

    Few times I’ve seen Bolling when they let him on FNC shows that snip a 12 second comment from him; one can hear his personality permeate the words and he’s got conviction.
    Not exactly the gentile Bill Griffith from CNBC.

  21. laura l Says:

    – gentile Bill Griffith –

    If you think I can let that one pass, you’re wrong..

  22. I meant “Oy vey.” What can I say, I’m a gentile. Or is that gentle …?

  23. whitneymuse Says:

    It’s gentile. But Griffiths’ a master of the understated prose.
    It’s nice to hear their commentary on what will prove to be a devestating market.
    Spending my Sunday evening figuring on ways to “hide”….but gold and cash seem to have the least immediate downside risk.
    Protection from downside risk?
    Those puts can be expensive to own.

  24. laura l Says:

    Ah. I think you meant ‘genteel’. Sorry for being a smartass, in any case.

  25. whitneymuse Says:

    Clear communication: try “Genteel” that should do.

  26. As would a sense of humor. Whitney, I know the difference between gentle, gentile and genteel.

  27. Such genteel, gentle gentiles among us here.

  28. Good thing Terance isn’t around.

  29. whitneymuse Says:

    Think they missed that missed that I missed what Laura pointed out. I had a CVA, and my fingers will miss their targets. That’s the background.

  30. Well then. I guess it’ll be good to know that the next time I make fun of you for misspelling something.. 😉

  31. whitneymuse Says:

    Thanks, Strokes are a bitch, but I give it the best effort. typing beats trying to write it.

  32. whitneymuse Says:

    Can’t figure out how to start a topic…wanted to put up Maureen Dowd’s analysis of Gingrich basically following his “little head” in trashing his campaign.
    It’s so spot on…the besotted Gingrich following his “head” over the cliff.
    Would you just put it up?
    It’s her NYT in the usual place…

  33. laura l Says:

    You should see some of the crap I’ve posted on Free for All. Sometimes I embarrass myself.

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