Here comes Olbermann: The Sequel…

In a must read, The New York Times’ Brian Stelter writes about Keith Olbermann’s Current show debuting tomorrow night. I’ll just leapfrog a bunch of paragraphs to get to the really juicy parts…

Few of Mr. Olbermann’s producers or regular guests from MSNBC are joining him on the new show. His entreaties to MSNBC employees sparked something of a bidding war, according to people involved in contract negotiations who insisted on anonymity to avoid distressing executives at MSNBC or Current.

“The threat of Keith’s new show meant that MSNBC had to spend a little bit of extra money — and Phil was willing to do that,” one of the people said, referring to Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC.

And then there’s this headline grabbing tidbit that Stelter inexplicably buries…

Guest bookings are also important because popular guests can become full-time hosts. Mr. Hayes, for instance, is a frequent substitute for Lawrence O’Donnell and for Rachel Maddow, two MSNBC anchors. Now MSNBC is developing a show for Mr. Hayes. Mr. Uygur was groomed the same way.

Where is there room on MSNBC’s schedule for another show? Start speculating. Better yet, let’s put up a poll question…

16 Responses to “Here comes Olbermann: The Sequel…”

  1. joeremi Says:

    The Situation With Tucker Carlson started out at 11est.; I can see them ditching the rerun at that hour again.

    I wish FNC would do this for Red Eye. Still late enough for “late night irreverance”, but a lot more viewers would be introduced to Greg, Andy and Bill.

  2. starbroker Says:

    Probably because it it started at 11:00 pm ET that would be 8:00 pm PT.

    That’s why the show needs to be moved to FX. Dump Andy, Pinch and Bill and put the show on FX (which has 2 feeds) and air it at 11:00 pm or Midnight.

  3. I think Hardball should lose one of its hours.

  4. laura l Says:

    — Dump Andy, Pinch and Bill —

    Right. And while you’re at it, have the women wear nun’s habits. That would be brilliant.

  5. Josh Kaib Says:

    MSNBC ought to develop some original weekend programming that doesn’t involve prisons. I won’t be holding my breath.

  6. terance Says:

    I was going to vote but didn’t see this option:

    Do you know who Chris Hayes is without doing a google search?

  7. stevemg Says:

    Do you know who Chris Hayes is without doing a google search?

    Washington editor of The Nation.

    What do I win? A copy of Das Kapital autographed by Katrina van den Heuvel?

  8. starbroker Says:

    How does Chris get a show before Katrina?

  9. Josh Kaib Says:

    Katrina has an NPR voice. In other words, like Diane Rehm or Terry Gross, she puts you to sleep. That is not fitting with MSNBC’s desire for hosts that can actually host a show without boring the audience to death. CNN already has that market cornered.

  10. How does Chris get a show before Katrina?

    Are you serious? Have you ever seen Katrina get interviewed. No Doze couldn’t prevent me from falling asleep…

  11. starbroker Says:

    When has talent ever mattered at some of the networks?

    She’ll be on Morning Joe tomorrow spewing her hate.

  12. laura l Says:

    Ya know, I never watch Rachel Maddow. Yet I can say, with some certainty, that what she ‘spews’ is liberalism, and not hate. One may ‘hate’ to hear it, but that’s a different thing.

  13. joeremi Says:

    StarTroll was talking about Katrina van den Heuvel, actually, but the sentiment applies. Neither Rachel nor Katrina are paricularly hateful. They’re grownup, intelligent liberals, one of whom has a perceptible sense of humor, and is entertaining..

    I think a Chris Hayes Show is a bad idea, but I thought that about LOD, too, so we’ll see. i hope they don’t dump Cenk. That show is growing on me.

  14. missy5537 Says:

    Spud, you left off a choice: “Who is Chris Hayes?”

  15. There is no way Cenk loses his show… that would be disasturous for MSNBC, in my opinion. People can make fun of his name and his weight all they want, but he’s a valuable asset to the network, and attracts younger viewers, just like Hayes would.

    My guess is, as others have agreed in the poll, that he will definitely take over one of Matthews’ time slots (which is way over due). He should definitely get the 5pm, right in between Ratigan and Cenk, and he’ll do great.

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