Free for All: 06/20/11

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21 Responses to “Free for All: 06/20/11”

  1. lonestar77 Says:

    It’s interesting to see the same media who, for over a decade, labeled GWB as a radical conservative now suddenly calling him a “moderate”. Their agenda, of course, is to make all of the Republican POTUS candidates seem like crazies. The amazing part, to me, is that the media continues to think that the average person out there is a moron; that they don’t see through the agenda that’s being driven.

  2. Ed Henry leaving CNN, will be Chief WH correspondent at Fox News. And in an instant, he’s become a partisan, Republican propagandist. 😉

  3. ^ What happened to the current Chief WH correspondent,; who’s name I don’t remember?
    replacing Henry maybe a landing spot for John King if his show is dumped?

  4. I believe Major Garrett went to National Journal last I heard. There was no replacement named; Wendell Goler and Mike Emanuel have been sharing that duties. Both have been promoted to new (to them) positions).

  5. lonestar77 Says:

    Good for Ed. He’s getting called up to the big leagues. 🙂

  6. missy5537 Says:

    TVNewser’s got a whole write-up of the new assignments for the FNC -DC group.

  7. Josh Kaib Says:

    What happens to Jim Angle, the current Chief Washington Correspondent. James Rosen is getting that job, so what is Jim Angle getting?

  8. laura l Says:

    I honestly do not care what the President wears on his feet. All I want to say is, is there anything less ‘manly’ than an inherently female item with ‘man’ added as a prefix? I liked Sex and the City as a TV-show, but It’s. Over. God save us from the creepy, fashiony buzzwords.

  9. joeremi Says:

    Jon Stewart’s comment about Bill Sammon was edited out of his FNS interview, which means Chris Wallace advocated for his employer while said employer doctored the segment to lessen the criticism of itself. Fox NEWS Sunday? That’s not news.

  10. jackyboy Says:

    It wouldn’t be Monday or any other day without joe finding something new to complain about regarding Fox News. Maybe tomorrow Hemmer will over enunciate a word! Stay tuned!

  11. joeremi Says:

    Chris used the interview to defend his employer, which was a bizarre choice. To then have the guest edited in a further defense of same is stunning. This story should be bigger than it is.

  12. jackyboy Says:

    No it shouldn’t. Wallace didn’t bring Stewart on for Sammon appreciation hour. Whatever the reason it was edited out It really did not take away anything from the interview which last I recalled was about Stewart. Interviews are edited all the time and the only thing wrong about the edit was that it left you high and dry on Sammon criticism.

  13. laura l Says:

    How long before this one is cast on Fox as ‘Democratic Strategist’?

  14. joeremi Says:

    You’re purposely ignoring the obvious, Jacky. Wallace staged it as an “us against them”, then someone at Fox diluted “them”. Chris Wallace is just as much of a propaganda hack as the rest of ’em

  15. jackyboy Says:

    It was staged as an “us against them”? No. It was staged as an interview where Wallace had Stewart as a guest and asked him questions. Simple as that. If it looked like us against them is because Stewart does tend to criticize FNC a lot and it is completely fair of Wallace to bring it up.

    Now about Sammon, like I said before it didn’t take away from the interview. I get where you’re coming from on a matter of principle, but it’s not a big deal. It’s like if a robber steals a penny from me. I may be down one cent but in the grand scheme of things it’s pretty insignificant.

  16. It was staged as “Fox brings on a critic so they can refute the criticism”. I could see O’Reilly doing it, but I’m amazed that a supposed journalist went to such lengths to tag “everybody else” as liberal, then admit that FNC is “a counterweight”, destroying the myth of “fairness”. It was a bizarre performance.

  17. jackyboy Says:

    That’s not Wallace’s MO. Stewart and Wallace both have respect for each other and when Wallace is on Stewart’s show he gets the same kind of bantering. What is FNC supposed to say to criticism? They are right and move on? No they invite on the guests and (mainly on O’Reilly) they debate it. Stewart is a critic of Fox News and Wallace brought it up. Simple.

    Are you telling me that joe, with you being a liberal, can never be fair? Or I can never be fair? Or any human being on this planet with an opinion can never be fair? Yes Fox dos offer a different perspective on the news but that does not mean they rule all other perspectives. Aren’t there many sides to any story?

    This was just an interview with Wallace asking Stewart questions, that’s it. Stop looking for some underlying conspiracy to undermine the credibility of Wallace. It really is not fair.

  18. You’re missing my point. I think lefties and righties can fairly report and comment. In fact I prefer it on the table like that. But this is not what I’m discussing.

    I don’t think the moderator of a Sunday news show should be playing defense for his’s below his pay grade. I also don’t think he should be implying that the rest of the media is liberal, then give away the fallacy of “fair and balanced” by admitting that what it really means is “conservative, to balance the scales”.

    Wallace played the “conservatives as victims, fighting back against that evil MSM” to a tee. it was an embarrassing display.

  19. jackyboy Says:

    I think you are blowing something very insignificant out of proportion. You are going to judge the entire career of Wallace and the credibility of Fox News on one comment? John Stewart criticized Sammon, Wallace offered his own defense. Sammon wasn’t screaming in his ear to protect his good name. I don’t like Sammon but maybe Wallace does, so why not defend him?

    I like how you make it sound that Wallace starts every FNS show by stating the MSM is biased and we are the victims. Stewart criticized Fox News during the interview, and Wallace vetted him. Stop making it sound like a petty affair. Stewart stuck to his narrative and Wallace wanted answers, that’s it. Again you’re making unnecessary mountains out of molehills.

  20. joeremi Says:

    I like how you make it sound that Wallace starts every FNS show by stating the MSM is biased and we are the victims.

    I did no such thing. I clearly stated that this was a single bizarre performance, one which revealed Chris to be much more conventionally plugged into the conservative “MSM whine” than I expected. He usually hides his victim status better.

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