Tony Maddox Interview…

Politico’s Keach Hagey interviews CNNI Executive Vice President Tony Maddox…

In the U.S., CNN may be kicked around by everyone from Jon Stewart to Jay Rosen for tending to present both sides of the story and then just “leaving it there,” but on the international issue of human trafficking, the broadcaster has decided to make a stand. Earlier this year, at the urging of CNN International executive vice president Tony Maddox, it launched “CNN Freedom Project” to shine a spotlight on modern-day slavery stories in the course of CNN International’s programming. Last week, Maddox, who was recently also put in charge of domestic newsgathering for CNN, stopped by George Washington University to take part in a panel on human trafficking. He sat down with POLITICO for a few questions about nonpartisanship, domestic primetime ratings, the economic downside of the Arab Spring and why he’s glad to see the rise of competitor Al Jazeera English – even if he finds its programming a bit “worthy.”

Read the interview at Politico…including Maddox taking a pass on talking about Octavia Nasr’s firing…

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