Halperin: Repeat Offender?

An emailer clued me in to the fact that Mark Halperin has used questionable language (and therefore questionable judgement) in the past. This adds a new context to Halperin’s “Richard” comment (think about it) yesterday.

In 2008 Halperin associated Obama with a feline on a Sirius radio program. Ok, not really a feline but you know what I really mean. And yes, Halperin was characterizing John Edwards’ thoughts of Obama but he didn’t have to go this route…

HALPERIN [discussing John Edwards’ potential endorsement of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama]: I can tell you, he’s really skeptical of her ability to be the kind of president he wants. But, he kinda thinks Obama is…he thinks Obama is kind of a pussy…He has real questions about Obama’s toughness, his readiness for the office.

Halperin issued a statement a few days later apologizing for the comment…

I’m sorry. In a live radio interview this week, I used a word I shouldn’t have. The fact that I was conveying other people’s words is no excuse for my lapse in judgment. It won’t happen again. — Mark Halperin


7 Responses to “Halperin: Repeat Offender?”

  1. Suffice it to say I am really beginning to like this guy.

  2. Mark Halperin may be a very smart man. See, in one comment he called the president a p(uttie-tat) and in another he called him a d(man’s name). he was simply setting himself up.

    In 2012 Mr. Halperin will combine the two and tell the president to go f(not a duck) himself.

  3. joeremi Says:

    Halperin got caught talking like everybody talks. He needs an hour on MSNBC. Now.

  4. He also published a picture of Mary Landrieu titled “There’s something about Mary”, and it showed her hair stuck in the air, like Cameron Diaz’s hair was in the film. For those of you who have seen the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about, and what he meant to convey.

    He’s a bit of a clown with his strange and immature antics… I was personally kind of meh about him becoming a political analyst for MSNBC, so if he ends up leaving the network, I’m not going to lose any sleep.

  5. lonestar77 Says:


    Also, from NB’s, that loon that founded the Daily Kos thinks that Halperin is a Republican and Scarborough is the real President of MSNBC. D-e-l-u-s-i-o-n-a-l.

  6. […] Inside Cable News was alerted to an incident three years back on a Sirius radio show where Halperin called Obama “a p*ssy” while describing Sen. John Edwards’ opinion of the then-candidate. […]

  7. […] which also goes to the criticism that Halperin is superficial. As the blog Inside Cable News pointed out quickly, Halperin has covered both ends of the genitalial spectrum where Obama is concerned, and was forced […]

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