Why Lockup?

The Washington Post’s Jack Curry writes about MSNBC’s Lockup. If you ever wondered why MSNBC still clings to this antiquated non-sequitur of a cable news program, this will explain it to you. It’s all about the money…

The phenomenon defies MSNBC’s business model: a line-extension amortizing the expense of its NBC parent. NBC doesn’t even generate “Lockup.” Los Angeles-based 44 Blue Productions handles all filming and post-editing. (44 Blue was in town this year for its reality pilot “Potomac Fever.”) MSNBC’s reliance on 44 Blue represents the greatest amount of outsourcing by a news channel in TV today, possibly ever.

“We may be using an outside group, but, trust me, we vet it with the same standards we use on NBC News,” Griffin says.

Senior producer Elise Warner, the MSNBC staffer in charge of day-to-day supervision of “Lockup,” says,“I am very involved. I have editorial control of every minute that goes into this.”


2 Responses to “Why Lockup?”

  1. joeremi Says:

    “Lockup” is not the monster that ate MSNBC. She says, “It’s just great television.”

    No, that’s not at all depressing..

  2. harry1420 Says:

    sure it’s all about the money. why do you think fox ‘news’ programs opinion/talk/commentary shows versus reporting news…it’s all about the ratings and money.

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