Network War Idiocy…

Mediaite’s Frances Martel writes about CNN covering FNC’s Fox News Watch not covering News of the World and News International’s phone hacking scandal.

There are many legitimate questions to be raised about the way news entities for whom the News of the World was a sister publication should and is covering the scandal, but this report doesn’t raise too many. Using Fox News Watch, a Saturday afternoon grab-bag talk show, to evaluate how the network has covered the scandal doesn’t quite make sense, even if it is the one show on the network that describes itself explicitly as a media show. CNN did not evaluate its own coverage of the scandal by counting how many mentions the News of the World has gotten recently on Reliable Sources, but by the whole network’s output. And the fact that Todd goes out of his way to emphasize that Fox has covered the scandal, Sky News has done so even more, and that both the Wall Street Journal and the The Times are covering it do take away from the “much ado about nothing” feel to the piece.

I’ll go further than Martel does and say this is nothing more than CNN tweaking FNC, and rather obviously too. All it’s going to do is provoke FNC to pull a similarly asinine stunt to rub CNN’s nose in it over something or another. What’s worse, CNN is on incredibly shaky ground talking about Fox News Watch not covering News of the World when Reliable Sources devoted just a few scant sentences to the firing of Octavia Nasr last year. Glass houses CNN…glass houses.

5 Responses to “Network War Idiocy…”

  1. joeremi Says:

    My only problem with FNW not covering it is – prepare for the right’s “double standard” to be used to hoist them on their own petard – if it was Comcast in a similar predicament, Jon Scott would have lost his mind over it.

  2. I think the media is covering the scandal quite well, for the most part, and assume that the FNW panellists think the same. If that’s the case, what would they argue about if the programmes did cover it?.

  3. laura l Says:

    And what did they discuss instead? Mark Halperin, Casey Anthony, and DSK. That one was actually worth something. CNN may be stretching, but what the hell.

  4. joeremi Says:

    The NOTW story has nothing to do with media bias. Neither does MM’s tax exempt status, yet it got two segments. And Tina Brown got hassled for the Newsweek Pricess Di cover, ’cause..honestly I have no idea where the “bias” was there.

    FNW grabs whatever liberal straw man they can find, with little respect for their stated goal, then completely ignores a huge scandal in their own backyard.

  5. alonso…

    […]Network War Idiocy… « Inside Cable News[…]…

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