Kiran Chetry out at CNN…

Brian Stelter slow handed the following big news on Twitter…

Some CNN news: Kiran Chetry, the “American Morning” co-host, is leaving the net at the end of the month. (CNN’s been revamping “Morning.”)

Wow. With Ali Velshi not permanently attached to American Morning, Christine Romans not permanently attached to American Morning and now the permanently attached Kiran Chetry getting un-attached to CNN, the question should be asked: Is CNN going to kill off American Morning and relaunch something else in its place?

Update: Page Six, which first reported the story, has more details

Kiran Chetry’s time at CNN is coming to an end, say sources who claim the “American Morning” beauty was seen packing up her desk today. Chetry has told colleagues that she plans to leave the network at the end of the month, and Ali Velshi and Christine Romans will continue as interim anchors on the low-rated morning news show.


20 Responses to “Kiran Chetry out at CNN…”

  1. starbroker Says:

    The post had the story up long before Brian tweeted it:

  2. Yeah, I know. Now.

  3. Stelter usually sources his tweets. Odd that he didn’t source The Post.

  4. joeremi Says:

    I couldn’t sleep last night, so tuned into AM for a few minutes. Hoo Lordy it was bad. Velshi and Chetry were aaawkward together. Kiran isn’t the one I would have dumped..

  5. terance Says:

    Saw this one coming from a mile away. Kiran didn’t look very happy the other morning and Jautz is cleaning house! In the near future it should become ever so clear (even with Chetry, Spitzer out and the prime time shakeup) that he is serious about fixing CNN.

    Question is, will it work? Well, it can’t be worse than the crap Klein threw up against the wall.

    Re: Velshi – Once again, that dude should be hawking flowbee’s or something else.

  6. Not a Chetry fan but I don’t think she’s been the problem for American Morning. Maybe the thing to do is get rid of it and start anew.

  7. I know I’m not alone in thinking that Morning Joe would be a better fit on a network like CNN than it ever has been on MSNBC.

  8. ^ I disagree. MJ’s is a fringe audience (meant in the non-pejorative manner) that MSNBC has already pretty much captured. CNN’s morning show should be the cable alternative to what the broadcast nets offer which is light banter, entertainment fluff, recaps and updates on yesterday’s news, and the ability to seriously cover a breaking story when necessary.

    American Morning< is just too bloody stuffy for a morning audience.

  9. joeremi Says:

    CNN’s morning show should be the cable alternative to what the broadcast nets offer which is light banter, entertainment fluff, recaps and updates on yesterday’s news

    Ugh..I hate that crap.

  10. Move Robin Meade’s show to CNN

  11. Ugh..I hate that crap

    Exactly, and you aren’t CNN’s target audience.

  12. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    What a surprise – it only took her 5 years to see the writing on the wall. AM needs a drastic, top-to-bottom redo because CLEARLY whatever they’ve got now is not working. Yesterday’s 68k demo, along with a string of embarassing 4th place finishes over the past few years, probably sealed the deal.

  13. MSNBC is the only cable network she hasn’t worked for, so she could end up landing there, at some point. And seeing as how she wasn’t happy with her small and depleted role at CNN, she might want to go somewhere that will give her more exposure. I doubt there is any broadcast network that would want her, either. She’s not on that high of a demand. We’ll see.

  14. Then again, now that I think about it, it doesn’t seem like MSNBC really has any room for someone like her, either. It’s obviously not easy to just get her in there because she’s available. Gotta clear up room first. I’m always up for seeing a new face at the network I enjoy watching, though.

  15. whitneymuse Says:

    good catch; I may have seen one of the final Chetry hosted shows, today (Thurs). Irony she purportedly wanted her competition at FNC gone. CNN, moving fast and faster. We’ll see. Competition it sets up at the others is good.

  16. Wondering what those who thought that Fox made a mistake in not giving her Gretchen’s job are thinking now.

  17. […] Last night I suggested that CNN appears to be heading towards killing off American Morning. This reinforces that […]

  18. I, for one, do not understand why she was pushed out. There are so many others need to be… But then what do I know.
    My personal opinion is the show in its current presentation leaves a lot to be desired. I prefer the two person format, rather than the 3.
    That is the reason I had been watching CNN in the first place.

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