Piers Morgan bans Ann Coulter for Life…

Ann Coulter was scheduled to be on Piers Morgan’s show tonight but suddenly and abruptly pulled out a day ago. We learned about this via a Piers Morgan tweet

So @AnnCoulter has just pulled out of @PiersTonight tomorrow – in Britain you get a yellow feather for that kind of behaviour. #coward

Well, the reasons for the cancellation remained a mystery until Coulter tweeted the following an hour ago…

And I’m on Hannity tonight! 9pm EST.

This did not go un-noticed by Morgan who laid the smack down

Wow. In that case you just banned yourself for life from my show. Congrats

Two very important lessons here.

1) If you cancel out on one show in order to do another show, be prepared for what comes your way.
2) Don’t piss off Piers Morgan.

29 Responses to “Piers Morgan bans Ann Coulter for Life…”

  1. joeremi Says:

    Wow, what a stupid move. Ann is great at flirting with guys who disagree with her, and Piers is a sucker for it. She would’ve had the floor for her schtick for the whole hour. Now what..10 minutes with a schmoozing Hannity? Ooo..exciting..

  2. Poor Annie. Now she’ll have to settle for 2 million viewers instead of 700,000.

  3. starbroker Says:

    I hope Ann replied with something clever like… banned for life from Pierce Morgan’s CNN show… so what are we talking here…a year or less the show has before its cancelled.

    Pierce had a whopping 502K viewers last night. Wow, big loss not appearing on that show.

    I mean come on, Showbiz tonight had better ratings than Pierce!! ha ha

  4. starbroker Says:

    Yep, Johnny Dollar and those 200K extra he got would just be conservatives tuning in to see her…

  5. joeremi Says:

    When you consider she could have gotten a solid hour with “Pierce”, then done Hannity another thousand times, it seems like a silly move. There’s plenty of CNN viewers who never see her on FNC, and may have been impressed with how pleasant she can be when not trading screeching righty talking points with another righty.

  6. mlong5000 Says:

    Morgan acting like a little baby…banning Coulter only hurts him as she’s a ratings draw and Morgan needs all the ratings he can get.

  7. joeremi Says:

    Coulter is a fringe figure to all but the hardcore right. She’s a minimal one-night ratings draw, assuming you can get FNCers to, A. know she’s on, and, B. bother to switch from Hannity. She’s not that big a deal, and she’s been banned by someone who refuses to book Madonna because “she’s an insufferable bore”. Piers isn’t worried.

  8. -Not that big a deal-

    Anyone who routinely makes it on the NYT Best Seller list before a book is available for sale is a big deal.

    If Ann Coulter actually agreed to be on his show then she should have honoured her word. But, given that she appears on programmes of all the networks, I can’t imagine why she would blow him off. I’d love to know why.

  9. laura l Says:

    Ditto Al. I like that Piers isn’t a suck-up and told her where to go. I can also imagine some sort of kiss-and-make-up, perhaps during a ratings period.

  10. joeremi Says:

    Anyone who routinely makes it on the NYT Best Seller list before a book is available for sale is a big deal.

    A lot of conservatives buy her books. Yay. Still not a big deal for a CNN booking. He’ll probably get more interest from banning her than booking her.

  11. joeremi Says:

    Btw, Coulter loses as many viewers as she gains..maybe more. If there’s the sound of one voice that sends Libs screaming from the room, it’s Ann’s. She’s not a winner for Piers.

  12. He’ll probably get more interest from…

    Probably so few care one way or the other that none of it matters.

  13. joeremi Says:

    Probably so few care one way or the other that none of it matters.

    Oh sure, take all the fun out of it..

  14. Matters to us, idiot.

  15. C’mon, this is nothing new for PIers. His ‘plan’ all along was to start fights, feuds, etc to get publicity. Coulter isn’t the first person he’s ‘banned for life’ and won’t be the last. It’s a PR stunt, Morgan’s shtick. When Joe said he’ll get more attention banning her than booking her, he hit the nail on the head.

  16. It is the first time he’s banned someone because of something they did to him. He banned Madonna before the show even launched.

    To further poke holes in $’s already swiss cheese theory, $’s analysis is predicated on the idea that Morgan somehow got Coulter to cancel her appearance. Since she didn’t fire back on Twitter last night after Morgan called her out for cancelling – and we all know she would have because, like Morgan, Ann never backs down or ducks a good food fight – it’s safe to assume Coulter’s decision to duck Morgan’s show had nothing to do with anything Morgan did. Therefore Coulter’s withdrawal was unprovoked. Ergo, Piers did nothing to start this.

    I agree that Piers is an agitator and he has started stuff to get publicity and he’s got no shame about doing it either. But in this case this wasn’t his doing. You can make points about relative viewership levels between Morgan’s show and Hannity’s but in the TV world cancelling out of one show for another is the kind of thing that people are loathe to do because it gives them a reputation and for someone who does need booking gigs off of FNC, Coulter can ill afford to alienate non FNC channels.

  17. Coulter was just on Morgan last month, so though they did generate a few sparks and a little press because she wouldn’t talk about herself, I’d actually be very disappointed if he’s having to turn around filler this quick.

    Otherwise, using TVNewser’s ratings and without bothering to look at who were the guests, we see that the ratings for Coulter’s June appearance were actually lower than the night before and the night after. There’s not a huge difference in the demo, but in total viewers, the numbers for her appearance were off by more than a 100k.

    IOW: For Morgan, she’s no real loss.

  18. “$’s analysis is predicated on the idea that Morgan somehow got Coulter to cancel her appearance.”

    The man of straw. I said no such thing. Obviously Coulter cancelled on her own and opportunistically PM seized on it to give himself a burst of PR. Is that anyone’s normal reaction when somebody cancels an interview–to go online and declare them ‘banned for lfie’? No, it’s a Piers response designed to get attention. It worked (under different circumstances) with Madonna, and it worked with Coulter.

  19. The man of straw. I said no such thing.

    Talk about Straw Men, I never said you said it. I said your argument is predicated on it. Without it your argument would make no sense. Which it doesn’t.

    Is that anyone’s normal reaction when somebody cancels an interview

    Um, you’re leaving out one tiny little detail that changes everything. Morgan didn’t ban her for cancelling on him. He banned her for cancelling on him AND then showing up on Hannity for that very hour. The two are not the same and you know it Mr. Prosecutor. If he had banned her for only cancelling on him, you would be right that it is just a publicity stunt because it would be an over-reaction. We can argue about whether this is an over-reaction or not but Morgan has a lot more reason to be peeved about Coulter dissing him to be on Hannity than he would for her only cancelling on him due to other reasons.

  20. Of course if you’re a person of the tinfoil hat wearing persuasion you could argue that it’s possible that Coulter had accidentally double booked herself and cancelled out on Morgan and told him why, which he kept to himself until it was publicly revealed, and then threw out the ban to score points. But until evidence for that shows up – and it hasn’t yet – that’s just too conspiracy theory ridden an argument for me to give any credibility to.

  21. Since when has Ann Coulter ever been anything but a raving idiot & an old crone? She personifies the ugliness and vapidity of the Republican Teabaggers! And Miss Ann is sooo “last campaign” that most won’t even notice the change! This old ogress & gorgon has nothing relevant to say. Ever!

  22. -ugliness and vapidity-

    Pot, meet kettle. ^

  23. laura l Says:

    I’m sure hers’ pays better, and rates a higher quality of co-commenters.

  24. joeremi Says:

    Let me just say that..oh never mind..I can’t follow “Teabaggers”. Michael clearly took the wrong offramp in Blog World..

  25. He’s like one of those people whose comment hits my inbox three months after the blog-posting.

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