What’s Hot/What’s Not: 07/17/11

What’s Hot:

MSNBC’s 15th Anniversary – 15 years ago, I’ll bet nobody would have thought things would turn out like this.

All things Murdoch and News Corp. – Regardless of where you come down on all the details or the coverage thereof, it’s been one of the biggest stories this week.

Kiran Chetry out at CNN and rumors of more changes comingChetry an un-named source told TVNewser that she has an exciting opportunity ahead. In that same story TVNewser suggested that the future of American Morning may be in doubt and if it goes other talent may go as a result.

Andrew Ross Sorkin – He joins CNBC’s Squawk Box full time starting Monday…

What’s Not:

Martin Bashir – Bashir misquoted Sarah Palin and said that Palin called Barack Obama a “Sugar Daddy”…

The Five – The show should be retitled “4 on 1” or “Watch us beat up on Bob Beckel” although Greg Guttfeld has been a pleasant surprise so far.

Fox and Friends – The segment where they discussed the News of The World hacking scandal – where someone tried to compare the hacking of businesses to the hacking DONE BY News of the World – was farcical bordering on pathetic. Hey Fox and Friends…read tonight’s WSJ editorial. That’s how you push back.

Ann Coulter – Coulter cancelled out on Piers Morgan, apparently so that she could appear on Hannity. Morgan saw this and banned her for life.

Uygur out, Sharpton in? – It’s not certain yet but it appears that Cenk Uygur’s 6pm duties have come or will come to an end. The leading candidate to replace him? Al Sharpton. Don’t everyone cheer at once…Hello? Anybody there?

Johnny Dollar – Because…well, just because…


9 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 07/17/11”

  1. Gutfeld a surprise? He’s the same as on Red Eye..what’s surprising about it?

  2. Not Hot: The ‘four on one’ nature of “The Five” still puts them one-up on Fox and Friends.

  3. missy5537 Says:

    What’s the big deal about Morgan banning Annie “for life”? Most viewers have banned Morgan for life as well!

    And J$ IS hot! But Casey Anthony is NOT!

    How much more will we have to put up with this Casey Anthony fiasco? As one editorial cartoon pointed out, in the last three years, about 1,000 U.S. warriors have been killed in Afghanistan, yet we know not one of their names. But CA? We know EVERYTHING about her! Enough is enough.

  4. Josh Kaib Says:

    Come on, Spud. You trashed The Five from the beginning as Strategy Room on TV. It is better than you expected, right?

    As for the unbalanced nature of the panelists, maybe this week some other personalities will appear who are more in line with Beckel’s viewpoints. That could make the show better.

    It looks to me like the show is less about political balance than it is personality balance, plus you don’t want too many liberals/progressives in Beck’s slot.

  5. terance Says:

    Missy, the ‘good news’ is we KNOW the ‘real’ story of Jessica Lynch. And I’m not talking about the initial propaganda pushed out about her getting injured after emptying her gun, eh?

    I think all the coffins should be shown on cable news. Oh wait. We all know the ‘patriots’ in this country only care about soldiers that can still fight. Otherwise we wouldn’t have so many homeless veterans along with the Walter Reed (rats, mold) fiasco.

    Nothing but hypocrites I tell ya!

    On a related note: Remember Pat Tillman? Initially they said he was killed by a terrorist or something, right? Funny how that changed to friendly fire.

  6. imnotblue Says:

    What the heck are you talking about, Terrance? How is all that relevant to anything at the moment?

  7. Blue, the audacity that cable news is going to cover dead soldiers (with rolling coverage) if they weren’t on Casey Anthony is awfully funny.

    The examples were about soldiers’ both dead and alive that have been propagandized. Its not as if these news channels actually do any real reporting regarding these matters. Its more like just spewing whatever the White House says.. and that’s regardless of the party in power.

    So, can we agree lying about a soldiers fate is unpatriotic and embarrassing to America? Right. I knew we could see eye to eye!

  8. imnotblue Says:

    Okay… I just couldn’t see where you were going with all that. The sarcasm was a bit thick.

    Oh, and I’m very proud of my Tillman jersey. In fact, it’s my only jersey.

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