MSNBC Weekend Debt Crisis Coverage Plans

MSNBC is expanding its regular news programming this weekend to cover the debt crisis. As of now MSNBC will be live until 3pm Saturday and 2pm Sunday but that may get extended depending on how events unfold. In related news, The Ed Show will air live tonight at 10pm with Thomas Roberts filling in.

Related: TVNewser’s Alex Weprin reports that FNC’s Neil Cavuto is in Washington D.C. where he will anchor coverage tomorrow…

10 Responses to “MSNBC Weekend Debt Crisis Coverage Plans”

  1. ^ Yep, sure enough. Though that is kinda what he does..

  2. starbroker Says:

    Thomas Roberts filling in on the Ed Show. That sounds just about right. Him or Contessa.

  3. savefarris Says:

    I sure hope Mr. Roberts has a degree in economics! Otherwise, Contessa is gonna be p###ed!!!

  4. Josh Kaib Says:

    Roberts filling in for Ed is like Bill Hemmer filling in for Hannity. MSNBC needs to make a better distinction between anchoring/commentating.

  5. joeremi Says:

    When pigs fly, Josh. MSNBC is crap in this category.

  6. They’re only “crap” at it if they claim to be primarily a “news” channel, which they aren’t or they’d simply use their NBC news bureau staff and run Dateline-type programming at night. MSNBC seems to really be a “current events/opinion” channel with some pretty good news sprinkled in.

    I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. If a cable channel isn’t really a “news” channel, does it matter much if a “news” guy fills in on an opinion show? That’s assuming, of course, that Mr. Roberts refrains from putting too much of his own opinions out there.

  7. joeremi Says:

    Roberts freely puts his opinions into this role, and is quite good at it. They’re wasting his talent having him attempt “straight” (sic) news on dayside. He’d be great at 6.

  8. bushleaguer Says:

    Joe – Ditto that on Roberts at 6. He would be a lot better than either Sharpton or that Chris Hayes guy.

    As for MSNBC’s coverage this weekend – pretty pathetic. The other channels will be on top of the breaking news on Sunday night and MSNBC will be rolling with Lock Up.

  9. Josh Kaib Says:

    Roberts is good at TV. Sharpton? Not so much. But keep in mind that LOD wasn’t very good when he started out.

  10. here…

    MSNBC Weekend Debt Crisis Coverage Plans « Inside Cable News…

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