Limbaugh vs. Maddow…

Rush Limbaugh went after Rachel Maddow for playing a clip of Limbaugh doing his birther thing a year ago…but saying that the clip came from this week. The Right Scoop has the video.

I don’t normally insert myself into ideological spats but this one is different because Limbaugh is accusing Maddow of deliberately using a clip from a year ago and lying about it by saying the clip is from this week. If that is the case, Maddow needs to explain on the air why a clip from a year ago was played this week and miscategorized as from this week when that was patently not the case.

Update: Ok, I’ll save Maddow the time and explain now what happened. Apparently someone from the right named Timothy Donovan, whom I’ve never heard of, ripped the year old clip in question from Mediaite and posted it mistakenly thinking that the clip was current (don’t get how he could assume that? watch the video). That apparently was the clip Maddow referenced on her show. The following video is from Donvoan trying to explain what happened.

What’s still not clear is why neither Maddow nor her staff verified that the clip they used was from something that occurred this week on Limbaugh’s show.

(thanks to J$ for forwarding me the link to the explanation video)


84 Responses to “Limbaugh vs. Maddow…”

  1. Yeah, Rachel is deliberately going to make a mistake any idiot can research. Apparently Rush is idiot enough to believe she would.

  2. Leaving aside that if it was ‘deliberate’ then it wasn’t a ‘mistake’, I’ll be the first one to cheap-shot her ‘obsession with the facts’, or whatever that obvious slogan was. I would also assume that it was some behind-the-scenes person who obtained the clip, but that doesn’t absolve her of responsibility for presenting it.

  3. Somebody screwed up. There’s no way it was intentional. That would be insane, and Rush is an a$$ for presuming it was without evidence.

  4. The Left has blatantly lied about racial comments that he supposedly made in the past, and I wish I knew if it was repeated on her show. Assuming a lie isn’t the least bit out-of-bounds, since it’s far from the first time.

    In this case, however, he was encouraging Trump very recently, while doing a nice little dance around the birther issue. Given that it was the main thing that Trump was known for…it’s still a pretty big mistake, but far from the biggest.

  5. Please, no one in America has less standing to complain about stuff like this than Rush Hudson Limbaugh. Less as in zero.

    Having said that, Maddow needs to correct the record and then tell Limbaugh to stuff it. If she did that I’d regularly watch her show.

    At least for a couple of minutes each evening.

  6. Then counter him with stuff that he actually says and does, and don’t make sh|t up. Especially when you have journalistic pretensions.

  7. Rush said Donavan McNabb was a mediocre quaterback given the job because he’s black. That’s pretty “racial”; in context; and it cost him his ESPN job, and eventually a shot at NFL ownership.

    It’s not “the media’s” fault. Rush got rich being a jerk, and he has to live with the collateral damage.

  8. ^Yes, correct the error but let’s not portray Limbaugh as some awful victim that has no recourse.

    He has a big megaphone to use to swat Maddow back with.

    Which he’ll do.

    In any case, I don’t view Maddow as anything more than a lefty version of Hannity.

  9. Rush said Donavan McNabb was a mediocre quaterback given the job because he’s black

    No, he said that liberals in the sports press over-rated or hyped McNabb because they wanted a black quarterback to succeed. I.e., a sort of racial cheerleading.

    It was a shot at the press and not McNabb (who was overrated in my view but not because of his race).

  10. Not surprisingly, you’re wrong about the McNabb comments. That’s also not what I was referring to, but thanks for playing.

    I’ve never portrayed him as anything approaching a ‘victim’. I just don’t appreciate people lying while trying to portray conservatives as racists. I’m funny that way.

  11. You’re right, I got the quote wrong. It’s in here with a dozen other stupid things the old race-baiter has said, which of course are TOTALLY OUT OF CONTEXT AND CAN BE EASILY EXPLAINED. I disagree with the term “racist” for Rush. With his very successful “give angry whitey what they want” schtick, it’s hard to decipher what is real and what is entertainment for his dittoheads.

  12. ^I agree about the reckless racism accusations. Been documented here. At this point I just shrug them off.

    As to Limbaugh: I’m just not a fan and that colors (ahem) my views about him.

  13. — I just shrug them off —

    Yep. Racist, sexist, bigot, h0mophobe. It’s been done.
    Make stuff up, quote it out-of-context, or quote crap that he said as a wannabee shock-jock, 40-odd-years ago. Try being honest. He’d still be around, but you might have some credibility.

  14. I honestly think he doesn’t give a damn how he makes black people feel. I honestly think he knowingly feeds whita anger at black people. Both of those qualities are a write-off in my book. You shouldn’t listen to people who do those things.

  15. Yes, hold them accountable when they blatantly lie or get facts wrong.

    But a Bill Maher or a Krugman or Matthews et al. are going to call us racists no matter what. Facts, accuracy, the truth; that won’t stop them.

    For people like them, I just dismiss it as so much nonsense.

  16. He’s gone off-the-beam with Obama, though. I think his advancing years, plus the talent that’s coming up behind him, plus the liberalism of the current president are all bringing out more of his least-attractive qualities. I don’t appreciate the crap that he’s said about Michelle Obama. I don’t care what he thinks she’s trying to do.

  17. savefarris Says:

    This isn’t the first time that Rachel has reported Rush saying racist things only to turn out … not so much. Guess she didn’t really mean it when she apoligized, did she?

  18. …are all bringing out more of his least-attractive qualities.

    Which is a polite way of saying the old goon has a problem with black people, and a black President with a blacker wife is bringing it to the surface. He said all the president’s policies are reparations. That’s one of the most blatantly racist things I’ve ever heard.

    The guy’s got issues, and he’s made it acceptable for his listeners to have the same ones, then boo hoo every time someone dares to question their racial attitudes.

    Spud, the mistake is obvious: It didn’t occur to Rachel or her staff that a rightwinger would get the clip wrong. They blew it.

  19. — which is a polite way —

    Bullsh|t. It’s a way for you to say something that you say ad nauseum. Twist someone else’s words to suit your prejudices.

  20. My “prejudice” is that Limbaugh is a serial race-baiter who makes it ok for his audience to feel smug about their own racial issues, and you downplay it because you like the other things he says. What he does is wrong; you shouldn’t support him.

  21. Which is a polite way of saying the old goon has a problem with black people….

    And off we go into the wild blue yonder. The world’s going to end, Limbaugh’s the anti-christ and conservatives want to destroy the universe.

    It’s never enough just to make a simple on-the-target criticism. You have to take it to the nth degree.

    At about this point it’s wise to move on.

  22. savefarris Says:

    It’s official: we’ve been downgraded! Heck of a job, Barack.

    Monday’s gonna be u-g-l-y.

  23. Yeah, Steve, it’s not enough to agree with him on one thing, you have to agree on everything, or you’re one of them. TV time.

  24. I’ll “move on” when I’m good and f***ing ready. Rush is a cold, nasty person making millions off of it. Laura is a good person, and it bothers me that she absorbs that crap. I don’t think she’s “bad” or “wrong”. I think she believes it’s not a big deal, and that I’m overly sensitive. She may be right about the latter, but not the former. He’s poison.

  25. I mean “not wrong” in the “not bad” sense. I obvously think she’s wrong about how much of a problem Rush is, but that doesn’t reflect on Laura as a person. We disagree. That’s not a big deal.

  26. I’ll “move on” when I’m good and f***ing ready.

    I said it was wise; I didn’t say you had to.

    The dog needs a walk – I’m getting “the stare” from her – and I need a run.

    In that order of importance, of course.

  27. I’m not that absorbent. I’ve been listening to you for two-and-a-half years.

  28. I used to enjoy listening to Limbaugh’s liberal-mocking act but eventually got bored of him. I don’t know about now-a-days, but that was his long-time schtick – to take the kind of things liberals regularly say and turn it around and wait a day or two for them to get all p!ssed about “what Limbaugh said.”

    If I know when he’s going to be on, I do still enjoy listening to his regular guest host, Walter Williams.

  29. Rachel apologized, then reinforced her thesis about his race-baiting by playing clips from this week. Rush said the president was going to “take the farms next”, like Mugabe “took the farms from the white people” in Zimbabwe. I dare someone to defend that.

  30. savefarris Says:

    So of course Maddow “apoligizes” by playing another Rush clip (“Barack the Magic Negro”) out of context. Why am I not surprised?

  31. UIh, I got news for you, mate: The brothas on my street don’t know any “in context” for Magic Negro. Wtf is wrong with you people?

  32. The “brothas” on your street prolly don’t pay any bloody attention to what Limbaugh says anyway. If you want to be offended at something it’s on you to learn the context.

  33. Oh, so it’s ok to to joke about “magic negroes” because my neighbor probably didn’t hear it? Take a hint, dittoheads: If your boy is making cracks about “negroes” and “taking farms from white people”, maybe you should just shut up if you’re not going to criticize it.

  34. The context of ‘Magic Negro’ has been explained a thousand times. If the Left is too precious to understand, that’s their problem.

  35. And, no, we won’t ‘shut up’. You’re wrong.

  36. Then talk to yourselves.

  37. Out of context or not, saying “Barack the Magic Negro” is wrong. That is racists and that’s no way to call the President of the United States.

  38. -wrong whether out of context or not-

    That is the definition of ignorance. Most who don’t know the context are plenty smart enough to find out if they want to.

  39. This is easily known. The Left chooses not to know it, because it undercuts the smear. I’m quite sorry that black people believe what the Left tells them, but that isn’t actually Rush’s fault.

    ” The magical Negro is an archetype which was first applied to presidential candidate Obama by movie and culture critic, David Ehrenstein, in a Los Angeles Times op ed column of March 19, 2007. According to Ehrenstein, the magical Negro is a non threatening black hero in the popular media, usually the cinema, who was invented to ease feelings of white guilt over slavery and racial injustice. He is noble and devoid of sexual motives, and appears suddenly, out of nowhere, to magically solve the problems of white people. ”

  40. ^ It didn’t take me a minute to find that. You believe what you want to believe, as does your precious Rachel.

  41. I’d love to hear how that makes “haul out the Magic Negro” ok.

  42. While you’re at it, you can explain how ‘out of context’ “take the white farms like Mugabe in Zimbabwe” is.

  43. savefarris Says:

    She’s too busy “finding disparate facts and then finding their cohenence.”

    I’m telling you, that commercial is a goldmine!

  44. The problem isn’t that you guys don’t know Rush uses derogatory racist language. The problem is, you don’t mind.

  45. No, the problem is that you guys make crap up, so anything that’s vaguely legit gets ignored. Stop lying, and maybe people will believe you.

  46. The stuff I presented is not “made up”.

  47. McNabb and “Magic Negro” are BS, and your side will spout them until the end of time, much like “Drugster”. If you don’t like him, don’t fking listen. Beyond that, no one cares.

  48. It’s the interpretation of “the stuff” that is made up. Since I know you to be reasonably smart then it must be that you are intentionally choosing to be ignorant.

  49. They’re not “BS” to the people directly affected, and I resent that white people think they have the right to say “no one cares”. You’re don’t care. You listen to that gasbag compare the president to a black leader who “took white farms”, and it’s okidoki. It’s not, and if a black radio guy was using white racial terms against George Bush, you wouldn’t like it. You would call it race-baiting, just like your references to Al Sharpton.

  50. And our “not liking it” would have about as much effect as your “not liking” Rush Limbaugh. And please God don’t start talking about what was said about George Bush. Your side has no standing whatsoever when it comes to whining about rhetoric. Thank You for reminding me about that

  51. Al, it’s becoming clear to me that most conservatives have no idea what racism is. I heard someone recently say that it barely exists; now I understand. What I call “racist” or “racially charged”, you simply don’t hear.

    The comment about the media “wanting a black quaterback to succeed, even though he’s not that great” was extremely demeaning to blacks. I don’t care who wrote the original article, a white guy with a history of racist remarks joking about “the magic negro” is demeaning. Comparing Obama to a black leader stealing “white farms” is demeaning.

    You. Do not. Understand.

  52. You create a “history of racist comments” based on figments of your imagination, then everything he says from that point forward is judged on the basis of this figment.

    We. Do not. Believe you.

  53. Laura, I honestly didn’t know about Al Sharpton’s past until I read it here a couple weeks ago. I knew the name Twana Brawley, but didn’t know the story. The only thing I knew about him was that he got in a fight on Morton Downey’s show.

    His show sucks, anyway, so I don’t watch it, but I don’t sit through him being a guest anymore, either. You’re wrong. I don’t put up with racists because they’re on “my side”.

  54. I published those “figments” earlier today. The Mugabe crack was this week. Rush has a history of racially charged language, and you shouldn’t put up with it.

  55. Someone on Maddow’s staff obviously flubbed-up, if they took the audio from this fellow’s blog and I see no reason to not believe that’s what happened, but Mr. Donovan also has to get called-out because he spends most of his portion laying the blame on Mediaite.

    Mediaite is one of the frequently-updated blogs that I keep open all day in an instance of Chrome, so that I can use them as sort of a “commercial break” from other tasks. Perhaps there was a database malfunction that I didn’t notice, but the best explanation for Donovan’s confusion, I can come up with is that the clip appeared in an Outbrain box because that’s not always current.

    Maybe he could be given some kind of bye for being unfamiliar with the Outbrain product, but Donovan really should’ve checked the date before claiming it as current; he shouldn’t be trying to offload so much blame for his own ignorance onto another site and somebody at the Maddow Show should have double-checked the source because they have a higher degree of credibility at stake than a random blogger.

  56. I don’t know if this relates to Outbrain, but the site always has sorta-related old stories under current ones..sometimes very old. If he grabbed it from that source, he’s an idiot.

  57. I save my outrage for real racism. Those who look for it under every rock or shine a spotlight onto every perceived slight, even those imagined, degrade the word’s meaning and give ammunition to the miscreants of society who truly do intend hurt upon others for the colour of their skin.

    I live in a multi-racial neighbourhood, work in multi-racial environments in multi-racially-owned practises, and enjoy the richness of a multi-racial extended family. I know what racism is, Joe. Blow it out your bum.

  58. @joeremi: Outbrain is that “You might also like” box which appears at the bottom of the posts, right above the comments. There’s always three in-site posts and one paid placement, which is another way the site makes income. When a user clicks on a paid placement, Medaiite (or whichever site you’re on) gets a cut.

    As far as I’m aware, the Outbrain is the only place showing non-current links on the Mediaite site. My interpretation based on what I’ve seen from the product is that it puts all or most of its egg in the keyword basket. I don’t even think dates are a factor at all, but that’s just an assumption.

  59. Yep Magistar, that’s the place. You gotta be pretty stupid to grab a quote from that section. There’s a story about some chick some football player sexted that has been there forever.

    Al, the article with the “Top 10” quotes had some seriously racist stuff in it, and the Mugabe quip – where Rush accused our President of taking things from white people – was very racist. You don’t care. I do. There’s plenty of conservatives I disagree with who you don’t hear me telling people “don’t listen”. I disagree with them, so what? Rush is different. He’s vile, and feeds a white anger that doesn’t need any help. You shouldn’t be supporting him.

  60. @joe – The sexting football player is probably a big money-maker.

  61. I don’t support Rush Limbaugh. As I’ve said many times, he bores me and I seldom listen to him. But there’s been decades of liberal lying about what he and others say so I don’t believe anything liberals make up about him any more. Especially when they intentionally or ignorantly take things out of context to do so.

    You care about how things make you feel. You don’t care that you give strength to real racism.

  62. I gave you multiple examples you can read on a screen. “Years of lying” has nothing to do with what’s been presented today, and to claim I’m giving strength to racism by complaining about it is absurd.

  63. For those who were of age during the days of marches, the morning mirror is enough to remind of what’s wrong in the world. Their children feel it to a much lesser extent but they, too, sometimes struggle with an unfair, self-conscious… almost “shame” about something they had no part in and no control over.

    There are young children alive today who feel none of this. They certainly know of what happened then and now, at least a little bit, because the stories are rightly being passed on in church or around the dinner table at home. Then they go out to play with their best friends, many of a Caucasian complexion. And nobody cares.

    What should our gift, mostly to them but also to each other, be? I suggest Shut The Bloody ‘ell Up About It! Save it for when it’s patently real and blatant, lest others yawn and ignore from all the cries of “wolf.”

  64. When the most powerful voice in conservatism is teaching racial division to millions of listeners, somebody should say something, starting with “stop listening to that jerk”.

  65. Unless he has dramatically changed his persona and I’m unaware of It, it is your premise on what he’s teaching that is flawed. You still refuse to get the “Magic Negro” thing.

    Call Limbaugh a “blow hard oaf” or something similar and I’ll agree.

  66. No, I don’t get “the Magic Negro thing”. I don’t think it’s funny; I also don’t think it’s nearly the most egregious example. The “white farms” deal from this week is massively offensive, and tells me whatever problem he has with blacks is still prevalent. This is from the same guy who said all of Obama’s policies are reparations. That’s disgusting. The man is a pig.

  67. […] According to Inside Cable News, conservative blogger Timothy Donovan ripped the audio from none other than Mediaite and posted it, assuming that the clip was from this year. His video was the one Maddow’s research team happened upon, and when they saw he dated it 2011, they unfortunately assumed it was recent. Donovan explained the whole thing in a YouTube video posted Friday. […]

  68. […] According to Inside Cable News, conservative blogger Timothy Donovan ripped the audio from none other than Mediaite and posted it, assuming that the clip was from this year. His video was the one Maddow’s research team happened upon, and when they saw he dated it 2011, they unfortunately assumed it was recent. Donovan explained the whole thing in a YouTube video posted Friday. […]

  69. We have a President of the United States who is presiding over America’s decline, but by all means, let’s obsess over a talkshow-host. His words are so much more important.

    — I don’t think it’s funny —

    Then don’t listen.

  70. “Don’t listen” is a copout. The man is a jerk fomenting racial hatred for ratings. It’s wrong for people to support him.

  71. I’ll counter lies as long as your side keeps telling them.

  72. But for this particular thread, I’m done. You can have your precious ‘last word’, since you think it makes a difference,

  73. I haven’t told a single lie, and I’m not “the left”. Rush Limbaugh is a hateful, race-baiting jerk pushing anger and division to line his pockets. You shouldn’t be listening to that crap.

  74. […] According to Inside Cable News, conservative blogger Timothy Donovan ripped the audio from none other than Mediaite and posted it, assuming that the clip was from this year. His video was the one Maddow’s research team happened upon, and when they saw he dated it 2011, they unfortunately assumed it was recent. Donovan explained the whole thing in a YouTube video posted Friday. […]

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