What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/07/11

What’s Hot:

Debt Crisis – It dominated the week.

Rachel Maddow Extends MSNBC Contract – MSNBC 1, Keith Olbermann and Current TV 0.

Chris Hayes – Hayes will be anchoring a weekend show on MSNBC

What’s Not:

MSNBC thinks small – Though Hayes’ show represents the first time in years that MSNBC has done something constructively new with weekends we must remember that this is MSNBC after all and there are two things to keep in mind. 1) The network never thinks big when it has the option of thinking small, and 2) Tape is just too lucrative for the network to ween itself off of, especially on weekends. Combine 1 and 2 and you get what we got: Hayes’ show doesn’t add any new live hours to the network’s weekend lineup. Instead MSNBC will now be airing five hours less news on the weekend and Alex Witt, who has been the bedrock for MSNBC’s news on the weekends, gets her hours almost halved. The fact that MSNBC is now going to brand Witt’s shift belies the truth: MSNBC took the weakest option available to it.

CNBC – Last Sunday every major news network was live covering the debt ceiling crisis except CNBC which inexplicably stayed in tape. Worse, the network sent out a press release telling viewers they could watch CNBC Asia’s coverage…if they went to CNBC.com.

CNBC – CNBC World has apparently cancelled World Business after reports emerged this week of a potential conflict of interest scenario involving FBC Media, the company which produced the show.

CNBC – Last Friday every major news network was covering the S&P downgrade except for CNBC. That made it two times in less than seven days that the network was in tape when a major business story of national importance was going down. “First in Business Worldwide”? How about “First in Business Worldwide When We Feel Like It”?

Al Sharpton – Sharpton is still not officially a permanent MSNBC host. Reports emerged this week that MSNBC is holding off on completing a deal with Sharpton because of the controversy that has erupted…a controversy which so far shows no signs of dying down.

Rachel Maddow – Maddow mistakenly claimed that a clip of Rush Limbaugh doing his birther shtick occurred this week. It didn’t. The clip was from a year ago but was posted on the internet by a conservative blogger and mistakenly labeled as being new. Limbaugh too to the airwaves to rip Maddow for “lying”. Maddow did apologize for the gaffe.


4 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/07/11”

  1. Not a good week for NBC/U, eh? Maybe Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams will “Live Jam” the NBC/U cable channel woes.

  2. jackyboy Says:

    Spud are they both supposed to be Nots this week?

    And yea not a good week for NBC/U.

  3. ^ I assumed the Spud got his Nots in a bunch and just went with it.

  4. Spud are they both supposed to be Nots this week?

    Yikes! Ok, that’s Not Hot…

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