Free for All: 08/09/11

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48 Responses to “Free for All: 08/09/11”

  1. What a difference a year makes. Can you say “revise and extend”?

  2. jackyboy Says:

    At least it’s still catchy.

  3. This story reads oddly like a parody, yet I’m sure it’s unintentional.

    Police urge holster use after man shoots his own penis

  4. ^ Ah, fiancĂ©e’. How much you want to bet she calls off the wedding?

  5. Shot in the stash with a pink pistol. Will the indignities never end?

  6. savefarris Says:

    Re: SuperO — They had me until “stop the trains”. That’s the only form of transportation he DOESN’T want to stop.

  7. missy5537 Says:

    Al, the term “fiancee” in today’s vernacular simply means “shack up”, unless an engagement ring and wedding date are involved.

  8. Silly me. All this time I thought “shacking up” simply meant her toothbrush is in the holder next to mine.

  9. The woman. Is. Amazing. Anyone else would have played the ‘victim’ card; lashed out at “the MSM”; and sold more copies of the now utterly irrelevant Newsweek in the process, while Tina Brown laughed about her intentional “controversy”.

    Every time I start to doubt that Michele Bachmann can go all the way, some leftwing idiot attacks her, and she responds perfectly while being humanized by it. She’s got more teflon than Ronald Reagan.

  10. Joe, I think her reaction has Ed Rollins fingerprints all over it.

    He is one of the best strategists in politics and Bachmann stopped being called a far right crazy and started to be taken seriously the day he started running her campaign. Hiring Rollins was the best decision she’s made in the campaign to date.

  11. I agree, but Rollins couldn’t harness Perot’s crazy. Bachmann learns fast.

  12. Perot’s crazy was 100-proof. Bachmann knows she has things to hide.

  13. Interesting. LOD just did his final segment with Dana Milbank on how Ed Rollins is the reason Bachmann has sounded rational in the last month or so. Nice to see he reads my comments here. 🙂

  14. ^ Send him a bill, Fritz.

  15. Yep, LOD hit the “she listens” mark, too, and Dana called her a formidable candidate. I was listening in my car and laughing my arse off.

  16. Ed Schultz is hosting “The Last Word”. Uh..why? Lawrence came on at 11 to intro the show, then handed off to Ed.

  17. missy5537 Says:

    Wow – that Sharpton clip was great! You MUCH , I mean you MUST, I mean maybe you MUCH see it!

  18. I don’t watch Al Sharpton on MSNBC..I ain’t watching him here.

  19. The violence is coming here because…American streets are furious over British police shooting a guy? Yep, he’s still got it..

  20. The same shysty county is stalling again. Stay tuned for the surprise extra Republican votes in the trunk of a car soon.

  21. I thought that sort of thing never happened. Guess I heard wrong.

  22. You’re confusing voter-led voter fraud with government-official voter fraud. The evidence of vote rigging by single individuals is miniscule. Mysterious “extra ballots found” has a long history.

  23. Waukesha County, WI smells fishy right now.

    I’m going with “Voter fraud”.

  24. We went from The Ed Show with Ed Schultz, to The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell with Ed Schultz, to The Rachel Maddow Show with…Rachel Maddow. That makes all kinds of sense..

  25. Reminds me of the deal last year during the Iraq withdraw when they went from MSNBC Live with Keith Olbermann to Hardball with Keith Olbermann to Countdown with Keith Olbermann to The Rachel Maddow Show with Keith OIbermann back to Countdown with Keith Olbermann then to Rachel Maddow again.

  26. Outsider Says:

    Funny how UK politicians are condemning the riots yet are condoning it through their actions. They’re refusal to use water cannons and refusing to call in the army after two days is a clear indication their government is not capable of governing. Refusing to do anything effective is pretty much the same thing as allowing it. The fact that police there seemed to have done nothing though it’s probably because the pols are trying to please the so-called “human rights” lawyers. Luckily this type of governing isn’t popular on our side of the pond, hopefully.

  27. Outsider Says:

    ^Clearly someone should have proof read that before posting

  28. Made sense to me. Deciphering tweets makes you pretty good at putting in the missing words.

  29. Made sense to me, too.

    They think different in Europe. The expectation is that everyone will fall back in line once the realisation of their disorderliness sets in. They expect such behaviour from the former colonists, but not smack-dab in jolly old London. And as it is, at least the rioters have the courtesy of waiting until after tea time before getting all mardy about the place.

  30. The “artificial tears” girl is starting to freak me out.

  31. ^ Because you see her more than twice a day, every day?

  32. ^ Yes. The crazy alien eyes are starting to get to me.

  33. Ah. They do look like CG…

    So I guess you realise her real eyes are real lies.

  34. Dude..

  35. Like, trippy man.

  36. That post might have been easy to understand but that sentence, “the fact that police there seemed to have done nothing though it’s probably because the pols are trying to please the so-called “human rights” lawyers” could have been better.

    Best quotes from a BBC article interviewing some profs on how to stop riots:
    -“symbolically, to have water cannons on the streets and baton rounds looks like the end of the world”
    -“the government would be reluctant to make such a move as it would indicate “a serious state of emergency”‘
    -“symbolically in Britain people have never been comfortable with the idea of militarised force on the streets and no UK prime minister would want to be remembered as the one who broke this decades-long tradition”

    Apparently riots spreading across England doesn’t look like the end of the world.

  37. We like to think that we’re all civilized people, but we’re not. There’s always a percentage that’s kept in check by the prevailing will of the larger number, or what they think is a larger number. When something cracks that illusion, you see the savage that you didn’t know existed. An illusion is a tough thing to rebuild.

  38. Especially if you’re unwilling to get out there and break some heads.

  39. Whoa. That was pretty profound, Laura. Seriously.

  40. Kung Fu with an Uzi, for all you older boys and girls.

  41. mlong5000 Says:

    Well the Republicans won they keep control of the Wis Senate…this is a big loss for the Dems,Unions and MSM(mainly MSNBC who actively supported the Dems to win) and a vindication for Gov Walker whose really taken unfair shit from those 3 groups.

    And the real story is despite all the anger directed at Walker by the Left for his policies quietly in other states even controlled by Dems are doing many of the same things they vilified him for.

    As for the England riots is nothing more than your typical young punks taking advantage of an incident to start trouble and the British Police need to take a more forceful approach.

    As for the chances of it happening here…well while it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything like what’s happening in Europe….there however has been many under reported attacks by so called flash mobs and attacks by many young people on others like in Wis just a week or so ago…..but the reason these attacks have receive so little attention by most of the MSM is because most of these flash mob attacks are young Black people targeting Whites and the MSM doesn’t have the guts to call them what they are…Hate Crimes.

    It doesn’t fit the narrative the MSM has been trying create for 3 yrs…that it’s the Tea Party that is a violent racist and now terrorist group that’s the threat not a bunch of angry young Black people being egged on by self appointed Black leaders like Sharpton.

    Now I’m sure now I’ll be accused by some as being a Racist for this…which is laughable if you knew anything about Me or my family which I choose not to share.

    But back to the Wis recall…..when at what point dose MSNBC start getting treated like FOX dose for it’s clear cut bias?….MSNBC entire coverage was so one sided it wasn’t even trying to hide it heck even FOX lets a few token Liberals on but the whole coverage last night was just out and out cheerleading for the Dems.

    Oh and Sharpton…..they’ll really going to give him a show after that performance last night? HA!!

  42. savefarris Says:

    I can’t believe that Sharpton clip is getting lost in the shuffle. It’s a certified comedy classic. “Resist We Much!”

  43. Where’s your “black flash mobs” documentation, Mlong? Considering I haven’t heard about them on any channel, you may want to clue me in.

  44. There, did it for you. So is this a national race war, or a sh/tty inner city during a horrendous recession? You decide.,1

  45. The Wis recall election results can indeed be considered a big loss for public-sector unions and does demonstrate an astounding collapse of their political clout. But these results are also no great victory for Republicans and certainly can’t be counted as vindication for Gov. Walker, either. The Repubs would have had to win everything to legitimately make that claim because the voters knew full-well this was a referendum on his policies.

    I think it is safe to say that the state’s voters have chosen to side with the governor for now, and waiting to see what happens.

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