Tony Maddox Interview

Broadcasting & Cable’s George Winslow interviews CNNI President Tony Maddox…

What are some of your plans for deploying your talent and reporters for next few days for these international stories?

With stories like this, we’re constantly asking ourselves, who do we need to rotate in, who do we need to rotate out. It is like looking at chess board. Tuesday was another roller coaster ride for the financial markets, so we will probably stay with the finance story for another 24 hours and keep teams deployed throughout that period. The London riots are a tricky one. I am old enough to remember the earlier ones. What tends to happen is they blow-up quickly and they die down equally as quickly but you often don’t know how long it will take for them to die down. But we have to remain heavily committed on that story for the time being. The AC360 team is in Somalia for another 24 to 36 hours and then they start making the journey back to the U.S. We are still trying to get back into Syria but we haven’t made any progress on that yet.


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