Market Turmoil Causes Biz TV Boom…

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter writes about how market turmoil is benefiting the biz channels…

Through the first two weeks of August, CNBC, a unit of NBC Universal, had on average 378,000 at-home viewers during the New York market hours of 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., up sharply from 224,000 in July.

Fox Business, a unit of the News Corporation, had an average of 107,000 viewers at those hours, up from 76,000 in July. Bloomberg Television is not publicly rated; private ratings indicate that it too had a surge in recent weeks, though its audience is smaller than that of Fox Business.

It is exceedingly hard to estimate the reach of the business networks. CNBC, despite being dominant, flatly declines to talk about ratings because it says Nielsen’s sample does not count out-of-home viewing or affluent viewers, exactly the kinds of viewers it says it attracts.

4 Responses to “Market Turmoil Causes Biz TV Boom…”

  1. -out of home viewing-

    During the day I suppose that’s true. Turn that around, perhaps there’s not enough potential viewers for them to bother with night or weekend coverage no matter the scale of business-related crisis.

  2. starbroker Says:

    As usual its very telling what SPUD decides to highlight. More useless whining from CNBC about viewers not being counted.

    If thats the case then FNC should never talk ratings. All their viewers that aren’t counted…whether its gyms, grocery store tvs, offices etc…


    “Fox Business broke even for the first time in the fiscal year that ended June 30. ”
    If people listened to most of the posters around here, FBN is a broke network that will soon be off the air…. but wait…THOSE CLUELESS ONE’s DON’T KNOW JACK!

    FBN is ahead of schedule on break even! Wasn’t supposed to happen till 2012!

  3. Wasn’t supposed to happen till 2012!

    That’s so exciting!

  4. That despicable Spud. There he goes again, commenting about aspects of the cited story just because they relate to his recent posts. Somebody give him a wedgie.

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