Business TV Ad Wars

The New York Daily News’ Richard Huff writes about an ad skirmish that’s broken out between FBN and CNBC…

CNBC would never willingly sell ad time to FBN, but Time Warner did, where the spots reached metropolitan area subscribers.

Word is, FBN bought the time to run over the next week. However, by Monday afternoon, the “gone fishin'” promos taking a jab at CNBC were gone.


5 Responses to “Business TV Ad Wars”

  1. starbroker Says:

    Not bad but the gone fishing part was stupid.

    They should have put what CNBC was airing on the weekend. PAID INFOMERCIALS, Suze Orman and American Greed. That really puts into perspective how bad their weekend programming at CNBC is….

  2. “Gone fishin'” is a familiar and memorable phrase to anyone running a business and it works on several levels. Thanks to the internet, it reached an audience far larger than the targeted metropolitan area. Perfect.

  3. “Gone fishin” should never be used as a negative attack. Have you ever read those words and not thought, “Yeahh..”

  4. Too snarky for my taste. They’ll get the hang of it soon enough hopefully.

  5. harry1420 Says:

    too bad cnbc doesn’t put ads on fbn…but who’d see them… cnbc pr isn’t as childish as fox.

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