What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/21/11

What’s Hot:

Christine O’Donnell’s Piers Morgan Walkout – It may have not been that big a news item but it sure as heck did get a lot of airplay…

Market Madness – The world stock markets continued to zig zag up and down which caused everyone to focus on the economy…

Libya – Rebel forces enter Tripoli causing the cable nets to go crazy…

What’s Not:

Creative Editing – The Ed Show got in some hot water for taking a Rick Perry quote way out of context…


3 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/21/11”

  1. Hot: MSNBC oversleeps the fall of Qaddafi, and still manages to outdo Fox. In one humble opinion.

  2. Chris Jansing is better than Geraldo at anchoring stuff like this. Ratings wise, however, FNC will probably end up with the bigger bump since few people tune to MSNBC to watch breaking news on the weekends.

  3. Yes, and we’ll all sing hallelujah that exploitative crap gets ratings. Yay cable news.

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