MSNBC and Al Sharpton: A Marriage Made in Hell…

Well it’s happened. MSNBC hitched itself to Al Sharpton. Great. The network deserves every potentially bad thing that could happen to it because of this.

– Any time Sharpton does anything off air that could be remotely tied to the network, it deserves the attention.

– Any time Sharpton gets in the news for something controversial that could be remotely tied to the network, it deserves the attention.

– Any time Sharpton gets into a conflict of interest situation that could be remotely tied to the network, it deserves the attention.

– And of course any time Sharpton gets in trouble on the air, it deserves the attention.

This is worse than Eliot Spitzer joining CNN. Spitzer had one problem…he was a disgraced former governor who got caught with his pants down. Sharpton is not a one trick pony like Spitzer was. No, Sharpton can cause all manner of headaches for MSNBC because he’s such a lightning rod with a ready, fire, aim approach. If the network thinks Sharpton will stay quiet and out of trouble when he’s not on their air, boy are they dense…

MSNBC was warned. I warned it. Lots of people warned it. Now, it’ll get what it gets and it will get no sympathy if or when things go south.

17 Responses to “MSNBC and Al Sharpton: A Marriage Made in Hell…”

  1. lonestar77 Says:

    I agree with all those points but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I know it’s easy for someone like me to take pot shots at MSNBC so I don’t really know how to put this but…I don’t think MSNBC cares much about having a serious reputation. I think they’re content with the viewers they have who like the hard left approach of Matthews, Schultz, LOD, Bashir, etc. With almost every hire, they seem to keep moving in a more extreme direction. I think they’re happy to be the channel for the angry left.

  2. CHEAP SHOT!!!

  3. lonestar77 Says:

    Haha. I was trying to word it in the most diplomatic way. I really didn’t want it to come off as a cheap shot. I honestly think they just don’t care. They seem more intent on throwing bones to their base than anything else. And, it’s pretty clear they chose Sharpton because of the “all-white” criticism they faced. But, there are plenty of capable black lefties out there they could have chosen over him. They shoulda stolen Lemon away from CNN.

  4. I don’t think MSNBC cares much about having a serious reputation.

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t stomach this kind of ignorance. All of a sudden because there is one channel even remotely pushing a strong, consistent progressive point of view, they don’t care about their reputation.

    So, when Fox News stacks it’s entire morning and primetime programming with anti-liberal conservatives (while calling itself “fair and balanced”), it’s all fine and well to counter the fake “liberal media”, but let’s ignore the fact that this network with supposed “hard-left” anchors has a 3-hour block hosted by a former Republican congressman who calls himself the most conservative man in America.

    And it’s not like he has any liberal positions, because he loves bringing on plenty of his conservatives friends to agree with him… but that doesn’t count because he’s not conservative enough, right LS?

  5. lonestar77 Says:

    I’m just giving you my opinion. With the recent hires, the fact that they run Lockup, To Catch a Predator and the lottery drawing, I just don’t get a sense that they care about having a reputation as a serious news organization.

    I don’t watch Morning Joe because it’s way too early for me. I don’t care about Scarborough one way or the other. But, he is the type of “conservative” that liberals like. And, I don’t care what he calls himself. I’m the most awesomest awesome person in America, so there.

  6. Megyn Kelly is a freaking idiot.

    “The Washington Monument may be tilting”

  7. Er my laptop’s going bonkers.

  8. As for Sharpton, what was MSNBC thinking?

  9. I think LS is right up to a point. MSNBC is trying to cater to a niche audience and it really could care less about journalistic integrity as long as their core audience continues to watch. This can be seen clearly when breaking news happens: CNN’s ratings jump dramatically, FNC’s ratings increase by varying degrees, but MSNBC’s ratings usually stay the same.

    MSNBC not caring about journalistic integrity is not a bad thing considering NBC News is the main news hub, it’s just that having a channel with a strong progressive force is all fine and dandy, but let’s not try to make it something it’s not.

    And we can we PLEASE stop bringing up Fox News or anything else that doesn’t do with the hire of Sharpton?!

  10. lonestar77 Says:

    “up to a point”

    I’ll take it!

  11. “can we PLEASE stop bringing up Fox News…”

    What, you don’t see the relevancy of defending MSNBC by pointing out those extreme right-wing ‘anti-liberal conservatives” like Bill Hemmer and Jenna Lee that have taken over the entire morning schedule at Fox News? Don’t you know the answer to every MSNBC embarrassment (just check Spud’s twitter feed for the latest) is to point to FNC?


  13. I have an idea: Bring back Road to the White House. This show sucks.

  14. Why they didn’t put Melissa Harris Perry or Thomas Roberts on is beyond me. Melissa Harris Perry absolutely dominates the news desk when she fills in.

    Harris Perry, Roberts, Veronica De La Cruz, Rehberger and Lynn Berry are so underused it’s not even funny — yet we’re still stuck with Contessa Brewer on dayside.

  15. mlong5000 Says:

    All joking aside the fact that MSNBC has put a man who has got people killed on their network says more about their lack of concern for their integrity then anything else .

  16. I think, by putting Mr. Sharpton on, that MSNBC is simply being honest about its brand. It’s a commercial endeavour so if he doesn’t produce sufficient revenue for his timeslot – without damaging the channel’s overall market share – then he’ll be gone.

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