The Hazards of Live TV: #25,122

During the Al Sharpton show MSNBC ran some breaking news banners which left a lot to be desired. Starting with the “Breaking News” that “Republicans Duck and Cover On Rebel Victory in Libya” this was followed up with more “Breaking News”…specifically “GOP Backtracks on Libya After Rebels Topple Khaddafy” and “GOP Hopefulls Criticized Pres. Obama’s Libya Strategy”

None of this is “Breaking News” of course but it’s one of the dangers of having a news network that spends perhaps a little too much time on opinion…the two start to bleed together so that you wind up with breaking headlines which are not headlines at all in any serious news operation. It’s the kind of thing that sites like NewsBusters love to tee off on. Half the time those types of sites play up the angle too much so that the substance doesn’t justify the hype. However in this case there’s no way one can over-dramatize (or sugarcoat) this one. MSNBC never should have used the Breaking News banner in this instance.

9 Responses to “The Hazards of Live TV: #25,122”

  1. That’s. Insane. I literally can’t believe my eyes. The Breaking News banner has been up all day for the earthquake, but you can’t leave it there for revolving opinion-show banners, which is obviously what happened. Someone screwed up. Bad.

  2. The Breaking News banner is still up. Apparently it’s breaking news that the guest is named Bobby Ghosh, and he works for Time.

    Keeping the Breaking banner static while swapping in numerous titles to the right of it was a stupid decision. This is how they got screwed when Sharpton moved to the preplanned panel part of his show. Very sloppy.

  3. MSNBC is not a news network as they have NBC network news for that. It is a political affairs channel that also airs some good news programming and themed documentaries. Labelling themselves a “news” organisation gives them access.

  4. Or… the building they’re in is still being checked out for earthquake damage and the programme was being handled by a skeleton crew.

  5. Aftershock. Just a couple minutes ago.

    Anyways, MSNBC still calling this “BREAKING NEWS”… um, no.

  6. NBC4 cut out of reality TV just now for a Special Report.

    Coverage overload.

  7. At least do what FNC does and just call it an “Alert.” God, I hate whenever FNC has the red lower third with the black and yellow “Alert” in the right corner.

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