Free for All: 08/26/11

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12 Responses to “Free for All: 08/26/11”

  1. Dear Hurricane Irene,

    Screw off.

    The American East Coast

  2. As the fall approaches i thought I’d rate my view of this summer’s substitute hosts at MSNBC. Others can deal with CNN and FNC – if they want.

    On top of my list are Melissa Harris-Perry and Ezra Klein.

    Melissa Harris-Perry showed a natural ability in front of the camera that I predict will get her a show in the next wave of host changes – if not sooner. She reads the teleprompter well, has a great smile and a self deprecating sense of humor that reminds me of Maddow at her best. All that and she’s smart too! A+

    Ezra Klein was a bit stiff but showed potential and would fall into the class of host that is better informed than most of their guests. This works well in some cases (Chuck Todd) and not so much in others (Dylan Ratigan). A

    Chris Hayes already has his show and is getting better in front of the camera. He’s earnest and has the time learn the job with an early weekend morning timeslot that will not put him under any pressure to produce ratings. B-

    Chris Cizilla is a cross between Ezra Klein and Chris Hayes. He has the political smarts of Klein & Todd and the enthusiasm of Hayes. He has some potential but I don’t see him getting a show anytime soon. C+

    Ron Reagan is comfortable in front of the camera but I don’t see him going further as he is only an average interviewer and spouts a lot of Democrat talking points in his dialogue with guests. C

    Michael Eric Dyson looked uncomfortable and stiff and I see no future for him as a host. Given that they hired Al Sharpton he’s probable assured a show on the network soon. D

    Al Sharpton is bad – very bad. I and others have discussed his show in earlier posts so I’ll leave it there. F-

    Craig Melvin looks like a solid host and appears to be getting Contessa Brewers slot. I haven’t seen enough of him to give him a grade. UNC.

    Matt Miller is also someone I haven’t seen much of but although he’s better than Ratigan so is Joeremi. UNC

    Deserving a shot are Michael Steele and perhaps Luke Russert in the future. I see him as the replacement for Brain Williams when he finally decides to retire many years down the road.

  3. I guess Qaddafi had a missile for Condi, and it wasn’t shoulder-fired.

  4. Hey kids, I had a comment on the Contessa video that got scrubbed along with everyone else. It was a criticism of MSNBC that could have been misinterpreted as being about her. For anyone who may have read it, I’m sorry she’s leaving, and I wish her wewll. I won’t comment further on the matter.

  5. Jansing in the Hardball slot. Can we get her at 6:00?

  6. Martin Bashir just had on Ray Nagin to discuss Hurricane preparedness…….? MSNBC does it again.

  7. Joe, if you’re DVR’ing the Cup race, you might want to set up the DVR to run ESPN2 from 7:30 EST to 11:30 EST as well. Hearing NASCAR may move the race to ESPN2.

  8. Cup race? What Cup race? I’m still recovering from my Indycar ride this morning. Oh my Lord that was intense.

    It even had TV news content, although not cable. I hung out all morning with Frank Sommerville, the main anchor for KTVU Channel 2 in San Francisco. He kept telling me how FAST I was gonna go. Thanks, Frank! By the time I climbed in the car, I was truly terrified. Rightfully so..

  9. ^ Did you see “stretching kitty” on Red Eye last night? Greg was beyond smitten.

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