Gawker vs. FNC…

Politico’s Burgess Everett writes about the recent back and forth between Gawker and FNC. It all seems to boil down to this…

“I have for several weeks been working on a story about a Fox News personality that Fox News really does not want published! Fox knows what the story is, because I’ve asked its PR department for comment (they refused). Tune in next week to see what the story is,” Cook wrote.

Depending on who this purported Gawker expose is about this could get very ugly…

8 Responses to “Gawker vs. FNC…”

  1. I saw part of that Steve Doocy takedown on F&F this morning and wondered at the time why they were doing a hit job on what is basically a gossip site. Now it makes sense.

    As the Gawker spokesman says in the article they live off feuds so what FNC hoped to gain by this action is beyond me. Now i; and lots of others; will be checking out the site to see what this story is all about. If Gawker’s audience is really declining then this FNC reaction is the best news they could hope to hear.

  2. Sometimes FNC is rather self-destructive. They can’t win this fight so why wage it?

  3. I also heard Doocy talking this morning about Gawker.

    Then I wondered why he was pounding them when the NYPost pushes lots of hit pieces.

    Anyway, I’ll be on the lookout for the latest FNC dirt!

  4. Gawker needs to ditch the frames because it makes for a crap web surfing experience.

  5. Gawker paid a guy to talk about his date with Christine O’Donnell and what she looks like without underwear. Classy!

  6. The BW’s live! Ainsley must be nearby..

  7. Ainsley is co-anchoring some of FNC’s coverage I think. Overnight I hope!

  8. harry1420 Says:

    good grief! the people at fox are always whining about someone talking about them. if Fox would focus on REAL NEWS and leave the trash talk to the tabloids Fox could possibly be a REAL NEWS channel.

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