What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/28/11

What’s Hot:

Yikes! We just blew through the satellite uplink budget for September and it’s not yet Semptember! – The battle for Tripoli, an Earthquake on the east coast, followed by a hurricane on the east coast; all in one week.

Heather Childers – Childers was named a permanent anchor for weekend afternoons on FNC.

Al Sharpton gets 6pm on MSNBC – Let the fireworks commence…

Hazards of Live TV: Keeping me busy this week…

EEOC Herridge FNC lawsuit dismissed – Judge in the case sides with the network.

Gawker vs. FNC – This week was Chapter One: The pre-emptive strike. Chapter Two has yet to be written.

What’s Not:

Contessa Brewer done anchoring at MSNBC – We’ll never know for sure what could have been. We do know that everything that could have been done wasn’t tried.

Irene-mania – Some think the hurricane overhype scenario is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. Others disagree. There’s points to be made on both side. What shouldn’t be debatable however is when it became obvious that Irene didn’t quite live up to forecasts, particularly when it reached New York, that’s the time to think about throttling back and/or otherwise adjusting your coverage. Some networks did just that. Some did not.


17 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 08/28/11”

  1. -Hazards of Live TV-

    Perhaps you missed Piers Morgan interviewing the governor of Virginia and asking him how worried he was about the damage that the hurricane could do to the skyscrapers of New York City.

    Gov. McDonnell handled that as tactfully as he could.

  2. Veronica De La Cruz at 11am tomorrow — did MSNBC answer my prayers?

  3. Herridge: Leaving aside the details, because I really couldn’t give a crap, she had no case. Fox News doesn’t discriminate against women, they discriminate amongst women. She didn’t have the stones to argue that because that’s not who you want to be in life.

    The bottom-line is that if Fox wants to run their network like Hooters, they have every right to do so. The rest of us have the option to seek-out networks that treat women with a modicum of respect, and don’t have them run through on a conveyor-belt, both before and behind the camera.

  4. missy5537 Says:

    “that if Fox wants to run their network like Hooters…”

    It sure seems that they do, doesn’t it? I STILL can’t get over what they did to Julie B!

  5. -Julie B-

    Despicable, they are. Replaced her with an older woman! How low can Fox News go?

  6. missy5537 Says:

    No Al, it’s just that Julie did great in both the program w/Jarrett, and with the Fox Report. It seems senseless to replace her without cause.

  7. An “older woman” with no experience and no personality. Way to miss the point.

  8. -No experience-

    Harris Faulkner was a local anchor over twenty years ago and is a six-time Emmy winner. Hardly a “Hooters” replacement. For all we know Julie Banderas may have wanted less air time.

  9. Yeah, I’m sure Childers is Barbara Walters in the making. All of them are. Please.

  10. Julie B. still files reports to the shows she was dumped from. So you’re saying she’s happy to still be at work, but with less time in front of the camera? That doesn’t make any sense.

  11. More work, less ‘face’ time. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  12. I’m saying I don’t know… I know she had a baby about a year ago and has been doing reports I think exclusively from NYC since then.

    I have no idea why they hired Childers. Can’t put my finger on “why”, but I can’t stand watching when she’s on. I feel about the same watching Jarrett.

  13. She went back to her job after the baby, then got shipped to New York a few months later. So we could have two new Blowup Dolls. Yay news!

  14. I don’t know why Childers was hired either. Don’t get me wrong she seems like a nice lady but FNC already has a good number of anchors with better talent and more charisma. Oh well.

  15. What do you mean she was shipped off to NYC? Wasn’t Julie in NYC before? That’s where she anchored from!

  16. Sorry Johnny, I don’t follow news studios much. I knew she was shifted to “reporting from a New York studio”, which sounded like a location move to me. Which is entirely irrelevant to the discussion of why Julie Banderas lost her job to two women who show no measurable news-reading ability that Julie wasn’t already producing. She got dumped so someone else could shout the news at me. Awesome.

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