Press Releases: 09/08/11



Republican Debate On MSNBC Draws 5.4 Million Viewers

MSNBC Delivers Highest Rated Republican Debate in 2011

New York – September 8, 2011 – The Republican Presidential Debate that aired on MSNBC last night drew 5.4 million viewers, soundly out-rating both FNC and CNN in total viewers and the key adult demographic, with 5,411,000 in total viewers and 1,728,000 viewers in the A25-54 demo, according to program data from Nielsen Media Research. Below are ratings highlights from the MSNBC GOP Debate on Sept. 7, 2011.

The GOP Debate on MSNBC delivered 1,728,000 A25-54 and 5,411,000 Total Viewers from 8-949p. MSNBC out-rated the GOP Debate that ran on FNC last month (8/11/11) among both Adults 25-54 and Total Viewers. Of the 4 Republican Debates that have occurred thus far, MSNBC’s is the highest rated to-date, including 2 Debates on Fox News Channel

MSNBC Prime (8-11p) averaged 1,370,000 ranking #1 for the night. This is the strongest MSNBC prime delivery since Election Day 2008 (11/4/08). Among Total Viewers MSNBC Prime averaged 4,356,000 also ranking #1 for the night and the best since the 2008 Election.
Following the debate, analysis with the MSNBC team delivered 817,000 in the A25-54 ranking #1 in the slot

MSNBC debate analysis delivered 2,719,000 in overall viewers also ranking #1 in the slot


3 Responses to “Press Releases: 09/08/11”

  1. Just shows what MSNBC needs is more Republicans.

  2. ^That’s good; and not too far off.

    They had a real chance last night to garner a larger audience using the debate as a lead in.

    But Phil Griffin never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity and decided, surprise!, to have Rachel Maddow moderate an all-liberal post debate show. Swell, just swell. Who wants to watch that?

    This is like Fox News trying to attract center-liberals by having Hannity on with Hugh Hewett and Mark Levin.

    Roger Ailes may be a crank but he knows what people will and won’t watch. Even he has his limits.

    As I’ve said before, Griffin deserves a lot of credit for stabilizing that network and giving it a brand name. But he’s simply not capable of taking it to the next level.

  3. No network has any actual liberal coverage of big news event coverage. They all like to bring on different people who end up doing the same old status quo of “balance”, when it really just gives into what conservatives complain about the non-existent “liberal media”.

    MSNBC did what attracts liberal viewers (the very small minority) who don’t care coverage like that anywhere else, and they are known for that. If they did end up bringing on conservatives, they would still be attacked for being too liberal. No matter what they do, the attacks won’t stop, so why bother trying to please the people who are looking for something to complain about?

    P.S. Most of the analysis from the all-liberal panel was very little criticism of the Republicans, and moreso an analysis of the rhetoric coming from the candidates. Ed Schultz even praised Rick Perry for his honesty and sticking to his base ideology.

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