The Hazards of Bob Beckel…er…Live TV: #25,127

4 on 1 The Five with another gem…(via J$)


8 Responses to “The Hazards of Bob Beckel…er…Live TV: #25,127”

  1. Beckel acts like Beckel, the world yawns. Remember when I said this show had promise when it started? No? Me neither.

  2. Yes, it IS the four on one. As much as I hate liberal doctrine and am glad to see conservative points put forth four times more, I almost feel sorry for Beckel at this point. He’s almost likeable when he’s being ganged up on.

    Maybe they should change the format to “3 on 2”. This “4 on 1” thing is a little too much piling on.

  3. Too much like the view. I guess that makes Bob Beckel the left’s Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

  4. I think the right got the better deal on that one..

  5. ^ Not if we were looking for a conservative who can actually carry forth an argument. That may not be what you were looking for,

  6. I couldn’t tell ya..Hasselback is “the girl on Survivor” to me. I’ve never seen The View.

  7. And I could just be arguing over buncha BS. Caffeine will do that.

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