Ed Henry Interview…

AdWeek interviews FNC’s Ed Henry…

Were you concerned about moving to a news organization that has a reputation for a conservative bias?

I know what people say about Fox and about what they say is a tilt to the right. Meanwhile, the reporters I know, like Bret Baier, are right down the middle and are tough on everybody.

Any challenge in preserving your reputation as a straight shooter since moving to Fox?

I asked tough questions of the Bush White House when I was at CNN. I asked tough questions of the Obama White House when I was at CNN and nobody freaked out. I start asking tough questions at Fox and everybody freaked out. If I was a shrinking violet at CNN and was meekly sitting in the corner and occasionally raising my hand and then went to Fox and on Day 2 started asking really tough questions, I think the case would be stronger that I had some sort of bias. I was asking tough questions at CNN, I’ll be asking tough questions at Fox.

2 Responses to “Ed Henry Interview…”

  1. Ed Henry’s experience makes a good case toward showing that much of the anti-Fox News noise is unwarranted.

  2. In spite of “Ed Henry’s experience” Fox News makes a great deal of noise worthy of being anti.

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