CNN Morning Changes…

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens writes that CNN may be killing off American Morning. If it does, Ariens writes that CNN may split the 5-9 am block in two with Ashleigh Banfield anchoring the first two hours and Soledad O’Brien anchoring the second two hours. What do you think of this idea?

Update: Page Six was the first to report this story…

Soledad O’Brien may return to CNN’s “American Morning.” Sources say the CNN special correspondent — who anchored the show from 2003 to 2007 with Miles O’Brien and was replaced by Kiran Chetry, who was recently axed — may be back in the anchor chair from 7-9 a.m. with an ensemble cast. Sources say Soledad, who fronted documentaries “Black in America” and “Latino in America,” is a favorite of CNN Worldwide President Jim Walton. Former MSNBC host Ashleigh Banfield is being discussed to take over the 5-7 a.m. slot on the morning show. Sources say the changes could come as early as next month. A CNN rep declined to comment.

11 Responses to “CNN Morning Changes…”

  1. The mere fact that Robin & Co. is spanking American Morning should tell ya its the format, stupid! Also, no canned pieces whatsoever.. That sorta stuff is for the broadcast nightly news crowd.

    Bringing Soledad back is probably a bad idea since she’s already failed once. However, if she’s on solo it might work out alright.

    Splitting the 5-9am hours up – Wasn’t this already done with Day Break/Carrol Costello?

  2. Everything old is new again.

    Both are experienced and talented morning show hosts who can do the job. I think the format and who they play off with on set will tell the tale as to whether or not they succeed.

    Do they stay with the format they have now; a warmed over F&F; go in a more political direction like MJ (unlikely) or follow in the footsteps of Robin Meade on HLN. I think a mix of the the Meade formula and the current American Morning format is the way it will play out. Whether or not it will produce better ratings is doubtful.

  3. Splitting the 5-9am hours up – Wasn’t this already done with Day Break/Carrol Costello?

    No. Daybreak got replaced by a repeat of AC360

  4. Banfield seems to get recycled as often as her hair color, I first saw Soladud at the launch of MSNBC. Trying the same othe things over and over hoping for a differene result is the definition of, well, you know.

  5. Ya know Soledad hosting ‘The Site’ on MSNBC was a good show!

    Btw, I wouldn’t bet against Ken Jautz.. He’s done wonders for HLN’s ratings whether you agree with their current programming or not.

  6. Soladud? Really? Who talks like that? I like her, and hope she comes back. I’m sick of her being the designated ‘ethnic’ for every damn doc that isn’t about a white guy.

  7. American Morning clearly isn’t doing it for them despite its numerous variations so I’m looking forward to giving this a try. Worse that could happen is it might fail.

  8. Ya know Soledad hosting ‘The Site’ on MSNBC was a good show!

    No it wasn’t.

  9. Why would Ashleigh Banfield want to be on at 5 AM on CNN. Unless ABC doesn’t want her she should stay there. Or is working and failing at CNN her way of getting a show on I.D. like Paula Zahn.

  10. And apparently I never heard of question marks.

  11. I prefer news in the morning versus the yack fests of the other shows. HLN succeeds in the morning because it is a fast paced news program. They give the news and move on and not all the yacking and analyzing. But CNN can’t be a duplicate of its sister channel. American Morning is good at what they do but sorry it might not be a big ratings getter that they want.

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