What’s Hot/What’s Not: 09/18/11

What’s Hot:

Wall St. Journal vs. CNBC – WSJ Deputy Managing Editor Alan Murray took a sing at CNBC in a New York Times interview. The only thing more amazing than Murray’s swing was the media’s indifference to its occurrence…

American Morning done? – Page Six and TVNewser reported rumors that American Morning may get cancelled and replaced with two shows; one with Soledad O’Brien and another with Ashleigh Banfield.

Chris Hayes – Hayes new MSNBC show “Up” debuted this weekend.

What’s Not:

Alex Witt – Hayes’ success comes at Witt’s expense.

14 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 09/18/11”

  1. Haye’s show would be better later in the day. Why not Noon-2PM? Oh, wait, then they couldn’t air “Runaways: San Francisco” or “Lockup.”

    For some reason I watched the Runaways show on Saturday. Should be on TLC or Nat Geo, not MSNBC.

  2. “…American Morning may get cancelled and replaced with two shows; one with Soledad O’Brien and another with Ashleigh Banfield…”


    These two have never proven to be ratings successes. Why not just bring back Aaron Brown before closing down the network altogether?

  3. I miss Aaron Brown.

    Up doesn’t need to be on later, most people will DVR it.

  4. It Aaron is looking for his fan club, it be right here.

  5. I watched Chris Hayes new show today and it was pretty good for an second show. It has the feel of Morning Joe with a leftest POV and minus the whiny co-host. The red desk top was a bit jarring and he and Maddow can sound like giddy teens at times but most of the discussion was smart and informed. The end segment ‘Need To Know’ seemed a bit too much like MJ’s ‘What We Learned Today’ but in general the show and host are good and they should get enough ratings to succeed.

    It looks like Alex Witt gets a named show ‘Weekends With Alex Witt’ in exchange for giving up a few hours of her old unnamed show. She seemed happy with the exchange and does get a couple of extra hours of sleep without a pay reduction.

    On the show names I think calling the show ‘Weekends With Witt’ has a better ring to it than adding her first name to the title but I have no problem with calling the Hayes show ‘UP with Chris Hayes’. It seems to work and the graphics are good.

    I also like the new Chuck Todd promo. It’s different and it works well – at least for me.

  6. Yup – Aaron Brown fanclub = Joe, plus AB’s mom.

    And fritz, what do you mean like MJ with a “leftist POV”. The entire MJ program is leftist POV! Joe just says he’s a conservative – a true RINO.

  7. ^ That is Joe Scarborough, not our Joe

  8. Hey, Aaron Brown is one of the pioneers of “let’s do the news with a touch of sarcasm” along with Lisa McCree, then Thalia Assuras, on ABC World News Now. Linda Ellerbee on NBC’s Overnight, too. Good stuff.

  9. Does the McGinnis book and all the resulting coverage qualify for NOT? Don’t we all love how that nice, liberal boy has served-up a steaming pile of rumor and supposition, along with a little extra color to make things interesting? I only mention that aspect after listening to Mike Tyson’s reflections on the matter. Less said about that, the better.

    I can’t help but think that the story was told in order to taint her in the eyes of supposedly ‘racist’ Tea Party members. Instead, it’ll evoke similar comments from people with equally poor impulse control. What a guy.

  10. Missy: Spare us with the typical NewsBusters spin at making Scarborough less of a conservative. Just because he’s not cheerleading for GWB and loves Rushbo doesn’t make him a RINO. That’s Sean Hannity, in a nutshell.

    A real conservative who criticizes the current path of the Republican party is the true conservative of old, and the current batch of conservatives are ideological gasbags embarrassing the rest of them.

  11. Hey Josh! You’re a liberal so you love Republicans like JS. Conservatives like myself want a true conservative who actually is not afraid to state a conservative point of view. The crap JS lets guests get away with saying about Republicans (and I am not saying all) with no comeback is disgusting from my point of view.

    State to me the last Republican, from Governors, to Congressmen to Senators that JS said something good about! I know from your point of view there would be none, but if JS is a truly a conservative he should be able to point put some positives about someone! They are not all ” ideological gasbags”.

    I actually received an email from Joe after I complained for many days in a row about stuff he let go from his guests saying I needed to stop being so vitriolic. Bullsh**! When someone has the facts wrong he needs to correct them! IMO he is more worried about his personal relationships with these people than he is about having a great debate. I think he has found he likes living on the upper east side and to be accepted there as a Republican you just need to smile to get along. Or did you never see the segment that Willie Geist did during the 2008 election when he wore a McCain/Palin t-shirt on the street on the upper east side. The vitriol was overwhelming – even Willie was surprised at what people had to say to him.

  12. @prog is absolutely right. Joe Scarborogh is exactly a Republican, because those on the left say he is! Just like Zell Miller, Joe Liberman, Alan Colmes, and so on have ALWAYS been Liberals… and nobody on the left would ever dispute that, even though they’ve sometimes done things against the mainstream Liberal establishment.

    And really, who else is better to point out “ideological gasbags” who only go along with the main elements of the party, other than Prog? A poster who famously admitted to defending Keith Olbermann’s terrible behavior and lack of integrity, simply because he was a powerful voice on “his side.”


    Joe isn’t a Republican, but nor is he a Democrat. He’s a Centerist with no strong leanings (at this point) either way. He’ll attack the right and the left, depending on the issue at hand. And let’s face it, someone who is so wishy-washy political-side-wise, just had a hard time building a fan base. The left like him when he attacks Republicans, but hate him when he attacks Democrats. And the right hates him for being on MSNBC and for allowing himself to be used as “the token,” and exploiting his former “Republican” title.

    Personally, I think the only people Joe really cares about these days… are the people named Joe Scarborough.

  13. “Centrist” isn’t wishy-washy, it’s a POV different from hard left or hard right. I’m sick of a complex, thoughtful approach to issues being condemned by simplistic absolutists. Extremism is for dunces.

  14. ^ Well, I half agree with you.

    “Centrist” can either mean someone who has a moderate POV, or someone who sometimes takes the Republican and sometimes takes the Democrat’s.

    But that’s not really what I was talking about. In the context of television, it’s very difficult to appeal to “the center,” because those folks don’t necessarily have a strong opinion one way or another, and it’s hard to argue such a nuanced position, and get an audience. It simply doesn’t work.

    Television personalities don’t necessarily need to be extremists, or go along with the party 100% of the time… but if you have to tune in daily to see “what’s they’re opinion going to be today,” you’re not going to be able to build a very strong following.

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