Al Sharpton Profile…

The New York Times’ Alan Feuer has a must read profile of Al Sharpton. Feuer achieves must read status for this part which sheds new light on the MSNBC/Sharpton relationship…

“I’ve known Phil Griffin for a long time,” Mr. Sharpton said. “He said, ‘You can’t do partisan politics unless we’re aware of it and we talk it out.’ I said, ‘My activism is not affected?’ He said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘You do advocacy on education, police brutality, all those things — we have no problem.’ ” (Mr. Griffin agreed with this summary of events.)

In an e-mail, David McCormick, vice president for standards at NBC News, said that Mr. Sharpton’s activism would be acceptable so long as his employers knew what he was up to: “He may participate in such events with prior approval from the network president.”

Of course you know that this means. It means that if Sharpton goes to MSNBC and gets approval from Griffin for some activist event and then goes off the rails at the event and creates controversy…Griffin and MSNBC will get grilled hard on why they let it it happen. As they should be.

But it also means that any activist event Sharpton does will be presumed to have been cleared by MSNBC. So you can expect those that follow Sharpton’s antics will spin anything Sharpton does as “MSNBC sanctioned”. And why not…MSNBC had to have given approval to Sharpton in order for him to appear there. There really is no upside for MSNBC here other than ratings. It’s almost all downside.

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  1. […] to keep him happy and on board with the network. When he was hired there was lots of talk about how MSNBC would handle Sharpton and his activism. So far we have yet to see or hear of any instance where MSNBC said no to Sharpton and his causes. […]

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