Don Imus Gripes About his TV Ratings…

…and takes a shot at his own audience…

13 Responses to “Don Imus Gripes About his TV Ratings…”

  1. Spud, you buried the lede. He took a shot at Dobbs. “It’s unwatchable.”

  2. Sometimes its hard to tell when Imus is being serious. He’s praised Lou Dobbs before. I don’t remember exactly what he said but he basically said Dobbs is one of the best TV hosts out there.

  3. And did Imus even know he was on the air? They certainly weren’t acting like it.

  4. That’s The Imus Show’s schtick, they always act like that. It’s a “we just happen to catch them talking” vibe. I loved the “illegal aliens” line.

  5. Yeah, Imus even makes fun of Dobbs when he’s interviewing him. Imus is probably the only guy that can get away with insulting his guests and still have them back on.

  6. They need to start having on the republican candidates for President that’s what’s going on right now. Imus needs to be interviewing the contenders. NYC radio in the morning- audience voters hello. Maybe their poll numbers would improve. It certainly didn’t hurt Gov Chris Christy.

  7. I wonder what the “huge numbers” for Lou Dobbs are? Does he crack 100,000 total viewers?

  8. If you don’t get the Fox Business Network, DEMAND IT!

  9. ^^^ Thank you Neil…

  10. “Don Imus gripes about….(fill in the blank).”

  11. Missy has Imus’ number. 😉

  12. He’s Mikey’s grandfather.

  13. […] that’s Imus himself, whose ratings have plunged sufficiently that he’s now jumping ugly on his […]

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