The “New” FNC…

In a must read, The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz writes about FNC and Roger Ailes in Newsweek as the 2012 Election season heats up…

Fox, of course, still has its share of Obama bashers. Hannity’s show uses a logo that asks, “Can You Afford Four More?” Ailes calls him “predictable,” but Hannity says he’s not a party man: “I’m a registered conservative; I’m not a registered Republican.” O’Reilly, who chatted up Obama during this year’s Super Bowl, occasionally defends the president against harsh attacks. Ailes says O’Reilly has “moderated” his views and that “Beck scared him”—meaning Beck was so popular on the right that O’Reilly had to find a different niche.

For his part, O’Reilly says he supported most of George W. Bush’s policies and gave Obama’s economic plans a chance for 18 months—before opposing them as unworkable. “I took flak from the far right all day long. They attacked me viciously,” he says. He waves off any talk of moderation and insists he never worried about the now-departed Beck: “He’s a performer, I’m a journalist.”

(Ailes seems to relish the feuding among his stars, saying, “O’Reilly hates Sean and he hates Rush because they did better in radio than he did.”)

Ailes keeps a wary eye on anchor Shepard Smith, who occasionally backs aspects of the Obama record: “Every once in a while Shep Smith gets out there where the buses don’t run and we have a friendly talk.” And Ailes likes to tease O’Reilly: “You gonna suck up to Obama so you can get another interview at the next football game?” Democrats have noticed the change. Says former Obama aide Anita Dunn: “You have the sense that they’re trying to at least appear less of the hyper-partisan political network they had been.”

13 Responses to “The “New” FNC…”

  1. When I see a FOXNEWS commercial with Shep Smith at Hoover Dam, staring at a rock off-camera, yacking about the wonders government can accomplish, I’ll start to get worried.

    Shep, it’s HOOVER DAM, not FDR damn!

  2. Larry; I think the point of Maddow’s statement was that Hoover Dam; or Bolder Dam as it was originally called; was a bipartisan project completed under three presidents; two Republican, one Democratic.

    If Obama proposed building it today the Republicans would dismiss it out of hand and a stimulus project.

    I don’t see it as all that surprising that Ailes and FNC are giving the most conservitive Republican nominees a hard ride. The FNC policy is not to nominate the most conservative candidate but rather defeat Obama in 2012. Only Romney and Huntsman; if he could ever get nominated; are capable of doing that. Perry and the seven dwarfs have no chance of winning the big prise. It’s why conservatives are desperate to get Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, or some other white knight into the race.

  3. prise > prize sorry

  4. If Obama would propose Hoover Dam today, it would be as shovel ready as the rest of his proposals. By the time all the regulations and environmental concerns were satisfied, Maddow will have lived long enough to smarten up and become Republican.

  5. Larry, You may be right about building Hoover Dam today but we are now in the process of removing hundreds of dams, built in the late 19th and early 20th century, because they were constructed without regulation or environmental concern.

    The Republican and Tea Parties are OK with returning the US to the lax environmental polices, work space & safety conditions, wages, and education opportunities of 1900. Most Americans are not.

  6. Most Americans want jobs and are willing to live with a few less Spotted Owl.

  7. On the other hand, who among us dare to speak for the American people as if we just did a Vulcan mind meld?

  8. “Most Americans want jobs and are willing to live with a few less Spotted Owl.”

    ^True, but most Americans are not willing to live with no Spotted Owls. Most Tea Party & right wing Republicans can not only live with less Spotted Owls but no owls of any kind. In fact the only birds they place any importance on are ones they can hunt or eat.

    But in reality owls have little to do with dam construction or destruction; fish, particularly salmon, do.

  9. JUst not true.

    You’re as bad as I am about making generalization about one group or another. Must they want to destroy all owls to meet your expectations?

  10. I like that Fox has shifted toward the middle a bit. NSNBC shows how slanting entirely to one side of the political spectrum to the level of propaganda is unwatchable to all but the most devoted. Roger continues to provide a good network.

  11. Roger provides a rightwing clusterf*** presented by Playmates. Which, of course, gets ratings. What a country.

  12. here’s a the news and show the commentators..analyzers…opinionators the highway. ahhh..that’s right the ‘news’ is boring……

  13. Nice to see a mainstream media critic (particularly for a left-of-center website such as Daily Beast) give a very fair and balanced critique of Roger Ailes, the man the left loves to hate.

    Howard Kurtz captures the programming genius of Roger Ailes and shows why the once fledgling news network has dominated both CNN and MSNBC over much of the past decade.

    No matter what you think personally of Roger Ailes, no one can deny his TV programming genius.

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