What’s Hot/What’s Not: 09/25/11

What’s Hot:

Lester Holt gets Dateline – Holt will succeed Ann Curry at the show.

Cenk Uygur to Current – Maybe not so hot since it was so obvious a move. But it did generate some press, so…

Chris Jansing – Sort of. Jansing’s interview of Representative John Fleming burned up the internet this week and wound up on The Daily Show, though to be fair it was Fleming’s responses to Jansing’s questions that made most of the news…

FNC and GOP Debates – Killing it. Just killing it…

What’s Not:

Chris Hansen – Prior to his recent scandal as revealed by the National Enquirer, Hansen had been the odds on favorite to get the Dateline anchor position. After all, Hansen was the most visible of Dateline’s correspondents.

Michael Holmes leaving CNN|Backstory – Backstory had been Holmes’ baby since it launched. It will survive without him but it won’t be the same…

One too many trips to the well – HLN, hoping to capture lightning in a bottle yet again, announced that it’s going to go gonzo over the Dr. Conrad Murphy trial. Good luck with that…doubt it works this time.

2 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 09/25/11”

  1. There’s more water in that well. Don’t underestimate the attraction of all things Jackson. I’ll be following the trial where I did not follow that of Casey Anthony. Could be because I have Jackson on my iPod but nothing from her.

  2. I couldn’t watch it for one minute because I am just not interested this time round – why – mostly because I do not want to be forced to listen to loud-mouth Jane Velez Mitchell all day – enough already! It’s not enough she’s yelling every evening on her show, now HLN thinks it is necessary to have her on during the day commenting on every aspect of the case.

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